Michelle Murnin Paulson

Medium & Author Michelle Paulson - Spiritual Medium
Silicon Valley resident, Michelle Murnin Paulson is a spiritual medium. Michelle brings through messages from loved ones in spirit, spirit guides, guardian angels and even your own soul.

Offering comfort to those who grieve while also creating a stronger faith in the afterlife is something that she strives to provide to her clients.

Michelle has experienced spirits since she was a young girl and has continued to encounter them on a daily basis. She is not a psychic, however she is gifted with being able to deliver messages from the other side.

Above all else she loves her family, friends, books, writing, converse and coffee.
Sep 17, 2023
Michelle was amazing. She connected me to many loved ones and gave me great comfort.
Sep 16, 2023
I just wanted to hear from my dad. I have friends who have done readings and I was so excited and nervous. She calmed me down right away. I tried my best to not "give" information right away and had relatives I wasn't even expecting to come through. Even my deceased son. I cannot wait to schedule my next reading. Oh, and my dad was first.
May 19, 2023
Health Services
Following-up on a previous reading-I had a reading and I couldn't figure out who one of my spirits was. My daughter went to see Michelle a few months later, and the same spirit came through and provided Michelle more information. After looking at my ancestry lineage, I sent Michelle a photo of my great grandmother, who I never met, and Michelle verified it was her that has been with me since I was a baby.
There are lots of other connections Michelle made for my daughter and her mother who had past. I could go on and on and about it.
Thank you Michelle for not only connecting Meghan and myself to our loved ones, but also confirming my own connections to spirit. I am far more open and aware of spirit now!
Apr 7, 2023
I have met with Michelle twice now. I try to schedule appointments around the time of my husband’s passing each year. There is always something that amazingly strikes home. Something that one could only know from a contact with that person’s spirit.
This last visit when I felt a presence in the room with us, I asked if it could be my husband. His message through Michelle was that yes, and I was wearing his wedding ring. I had it on, in fact, that day. Several months ago I started wearing his gold wedding band on my right hand.
There have been many other connections that have me believing there is something real about a spirit world. I am still open minded, trying to make sense of how this could be, but at peace with feeling I have a connection with those I loved that have passed through Michelle.
After my first visit, I remember when leaving thinking “wow”.
Apr 7, 2023
Our visit was myself, my mother and my 2 daughters. Michelle made the comment when we entered " well you brought an entourage with you today!" My daughters went in very skeptical, I a little less, and my mother is very open to spiritual messages from the other side. Michelle brought through several of our passed family members and her spot on descriptions and communication of each was amazing. My "handsome" father ( he insisted she kept telling us how handsome he was ) was the cherry on top with both his personality and acknowledgement we were only there to see him. I highly recommend a session with Michelle - her gift is truly a gift for all. THANK YOU MICHELLE!
Apr 7, 2023
Health Services
I was referred by a friend, and while was not a sceptic, Michelle's connection to my loved ones was right on point. She was kind and caring! I already have a personal connection to my late wife, but Michelle shared what my wife is experiencing on the other side. And she is doing amazing!! it was so gratifying to here. I have thus referred my daughter to Michelle. Can't wait to hear her experience too.
Apr 7, 2023
My session with Michelle was a gift from my sister in law and I really wasn't sure what to expect. Michelle was amazing and has a gift beyond what I can comprehend. Three of my family members came through to me and Michelle actually went beyond our allotted time frame to accommodate that. She was professional and caring and her work as a healer is a special gift.
Mar 25, 2023
Extraordinary, the most life changing experience, it truly was incredible! Michelle's gift is very special and I wish that everyone has an opportunity to experience it. Michelle made me feel completely comfortable. I was able to connect to multiple loved ones, all had very specific messages that were deeply touching and I will cherish forever.
Aug 3, 2022
Michelle is amazing. My dad passed away this year and I was wanting to connect with him more. Michelle exceeded my expectations and it was like I was having a conversation with my dad while I was in session. It was truly magical. Thank you Michelle!
Apr 19, 2022
General Manager
Since my son passed in December, my heart has been heavy with questions and saddness. My time with Michelle was incredible. My son's personality shined through and I felt truly connected with him once again. Nothing takes away the pain of grief, but Michelle gave me hope and awareness that my son is still around me especially during the difficult times. Thank you Michelle for bringing light to my sadness.
Apr 18, 2022
Michelle was nothing short of amazing. Made me feel very comfortable and gave me so much information. Knowing details there is no way she could know. As my loved ones confirmed they see everything going on in our lives here. I’m very thankful for her time spent with me and my loved ones. I cherish what they shared and she passed on to me.
Apr 18, 2022
My Mom and I visited Michelle in hopes of connecting with an extremely special loved one who recently passed. I can't thank her enough for providing the peace I needed to just be able to breathe a little better knowing she connected so strongly to the other side. Knowing my loved one is at peace and with me at all times was what I needed to be able to go throughout each day after my devastating loss. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who has lost a special person. Thank you Michelle. I am forever grateful for your special gift.
Mar 20, 2022
Michelle's gift is extraordinary. I was connected to Michelle early on in my spiritual journey through one of my closest friends who published Michelle's book. I had no idea of the connection my high school friend also had with Michelle. My spiritual journey has changed my life. Michelle's story told so beautifully in her book has and will continue to help generations of readers to truly understand the beauty of death. She is a bridge person- 'someone who creatively bares their most vulnerable thoughts and experiences in order to offer peace and comfort to others,'

Michelle read both my son and then me and my mother just a few days later. What Michelle does not know is that I reached out to her for a gift certificate for a reading for my son the morning of my Father's death. When she got back to me two days later (between my Dad's death and funeral), I decided to also get my Mom and I on her waiting list. Our readings were exactly 3 months from that week. Because she had just read my son, she recognized my Dad when he came through again for me and Mom. My hope was that my Mom would hear the messages she needed to hear to help her in her grieving. The experience has left her with with so many tools to feel and experience the light and peace of my father's soul that is still beside her (and bumping into her) every day. I will be forever grateful for this gift she gave to my Mother.
Mar 8, 2022
Michelle has an extraordinary gift! She can connect with Spirit as easily as I can breath! She connected me to family on the other side- Mom, Dad, brother and children. I do not exaggerate to say she changed my life for the better! I am so much happier now. She also improved my relationship with my daughter. Who I love to the moon and back!

I had my daughter sit in on the session. She did not believe, but wanted to sit in to make sure I wasn't taken advantage of. Believe me when I say, my daughter now is a true believer in Michelle! My relationship and communication with her is so much better! I am profoundly more joyful! The realization that you are loved is priceless! Michelle enabled me to see how loved I am. It is beautiful and mind boggling.
Because I was unable to have my own children (3 late term miscarriages, and 2 failed adoptions), I blamed myself! For 36 long years, I made up stories in my head as to why this happened to me. What awful things did I do to deserve this?
The funny thing, is that since I was a little girl, the only thing I knew for sure, was that I wanted to have and Love children! My daughter is genetically my husband and mine because of a selfless act by my sister, who lovingly carried her for us! My beautiful daughter just turned 21!

In my meeting with Michelle, I found out some life changing information from my sons, that I had lost through miscarriage!
Now, I am truly at peace with my life! I am grateful to Michelle and my family for telling me "my story"!

No matter what happens in life your team (ancestors, Angels, counselors, teachers, spirit guide, spirit animals friends and family) on the other side LOVE YOU very much and want you to love yourself and others, and realize we are all connected! They want you to succeed in knowing your life purpose!
Connect with Michelle, you won't regret it!

That is my story, what's yours? Jen

Thank you Mommie for leading me to Michelle, Love You!
Feb 21, 2022
After losing my Mom 2 years ago, I have been missing her so much and also feeling like she is near me. Michelle was not only to connect me with my Mom but also my loving Grandmother, whom I was so close to also.
She not only was instrumental in connecting me with them but made me feel uplifted , at the same time.
Michelle is very loving , kind and a giving person. I will definitely go to see her again and tell my friends. If you are thinking of a loved one, don't hesitate to make an appointment, You will be so thankful.
Feb 12, 2022
Last year was rough for me, Lost many loved ones that were extremely close to me and I also became a mom for the first time. After speaking with Michelle and connecting with my loved ones I have a sense of closure, peace and happiness knowing they are with me and ok! I now feel like my happiness and positivity radiates to my little Boy! I’m looking forward to future sessions with Michelle to check in on my loved ones and see what they are up to!
Dec 9, 2021
Michelle was AMAZING!!! She connected me to my loved ones, as well to my inner self. My reading with Michelle was uplifting and just what I needed going into the next chapter of my life!! Thank you again Michelle for sharing your abilities with the world!!
Nov 10, 2021
I had no idea what I was walking into or what to expect when I booked a session with Michelle. I’d never been to a medium and was afraid to get my hopes up. A friend said it’ll be ‘life-changing’ — which is a really high bar! Well, it actually was. Michelle put me at ease and then put me in contact with my loved ones. Not in the order I had anticipated, either - which made it much more interesting. I cried, laughed, even rolled my eyes at some of the comments from the ‘other side.’ I left with a sense of peace .. and relief. Michelle’s gift is one to be celebrated and shared. If you’re on the spirit-seeking fence, like I was for so long, I recommend you book some time with Michelle. You’ll be so glad you did. Me? I’ll most definitely be back!
Jun 23, 2021
Michelle is so kind and gentle to be around. I am mesmerized by her composure while she is in between two worlds. Experience with her is truly out of this world. She connected me with my brother and my grandmother, and what she had to say was truly insightful. I didn't think this communication is ever possible, but Michelle made this dream come true!
May 15, 2021
I booked a 2 person session with Michelle for my mom and I for her birthday/Mother’s Day and she had an amazing time. Michelle is the real deal. She was able to describe our loved ones so perfectly, there is no way she could have known any of what she knew and the way she conveyed the information to us was so genuine. I am so happy with and grateful for the experience we had.

Thank you Michelle <3
Apr 26, 2021
It was one of the best experiences and although I am a believer she confirmed it. Michelle is easy to talk to and she conveys messages so clearly. She described each persons personality in such detail, I knew exactly who was talking to her. Michelle has a gift and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to sit with her and I will definitely go back.
Apr 25, 2021
There absolutely are no words for the amount of talent Michelle has. My reading left me feeling with a sense overwhelming comfort, like a weight has been lifted off my chest and so at peace. To be able to feel so close and connected to loves ones that have passed is a feeling indescribable. Michelle has a way of relaying their messages exactly as they would (and are). She is a very gifted, special woman.

Highly highly highly recommended without any hesitation. I will definitely be booking another appointment in the future.
Apr 24, 2021
My personal reading was not only quality, it exceeded my expeditions. Going into the reading does not prepare you for such an amazing experience. Michelle is truly a rare find! I absolutely highly recommend her. Michelle’s unique abilities go beyond just connecting with past love ones, there is something that is quite healing as she guides you through the reading. The guidance I received was insightful, transformational and inspirational. Thank you Michelle I am forever grateful. ????
Apr 24, 2021
We had 2 readings with Michelle and each time it has brought us closure and comfort. Her readings are genuine and sincere. Even if you are skeptical have a reading and see for yourself. So thankful Michelle has come into our lives.
Apr 24, 2021
I was recently recommended to this amazing soul. It was my first time ever doing anything like this and I am so happy that my first experience was w Michelle. There are not enough words to express my deepest gratitude of appreciation of how gentle and kind Michelle is. From even before our session her care was obvious. She took time to explain and was just beyond amazing. She has be chosen to pass messages and there is a reason why she was chosen. Her heart radiates love ??