Jennifer Sue Beehler

Real Estate Professional, Keller Williams Realty
Sep 26, 2014
We recently worked with Jen Beehler on buying our first home !! We reached out to her after reading positive reviews online.

We had a thorough first meeting with her listing out our needs. It was packed with equations like any first time buyer like close to my work, even more closer to my wife's work, detached home with no hoa, good schools but not too much to break our budget, ready to do some minor renovations.

From there on it was a great and a thorough 4 month house hunting during the summer of 2014. The market was at its peak (sellers market). We were visiting many possible neighbourhoods. Jen was always ready to come with us and explaining the pros and cons of "life" in every house. We had tours all the way from south of south bay until east bay. She was never tired of the search :) We got help for COMPS, inspection report readup for roughly at-least 3-4 houses every week. I initially thought her COMPS were high but later on found from the sale records that most were right on. She seems to have understood the HOT market :)
There was a time when I and my wife were starting to rush on giving offers on places that we didn't like fully (just the tiredness of house hunting). Jen was really good in sensing the confusion we had and made our decisions to back-off easy.

On the other hand, there was a time when we gave up on the house hunt. She was truly amazing when she advised us to stay calm and wait for the right opportunity and not rush on the bidding wars.

After all the hunting we were able to find a single family home with all the criteria in our price point after the market hit a balance. We loved the house that we bought straightaway. Jen followed up on this excitement and was going all out in making sure we had the right COMPS, negotiation with the selling agent. She was ready to get as much info about the houses that went PENDING in our neighbourhood. We got our offer accepted and Jen took care of coordinating the loan process with the lenders and keeping the selling agent up to date.

Overall a great enjoyable first home buying experience. Would highly recommend Jen Beehler if you are a home buyer looking for an agent looking to explore many possibilities and spending quality searching time in this tight seller's market. Very happy to have bumped into her in our first house search.