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Phil Pustejovsky is North America's leading real estate mentor, best selling author, extremely successful investor with 1,000s of deals under his belt and the founder of Freedom Mentor, the most results producing real estate mentoring company ever created. The reviews of Phil Pustejovsky and Freedom Mentor are enormously positive because him and his team have transformed the financial lives of people from all walks of life through innovative real estate investing strategies and techniques. Phil's rags to riches bio is an incredible wiki read in and of itself, where you'll discover how he went from homeless to having an extraordinary net worth living the life of his dreams with the help of a mentor. Today, he carries on that tradition mentoring others to financial freedom.
Jul 5, 2021
Jul 5, 2021
Oct 29, 2019
computer Analyst
Phil taught me everything I know about REI. I met him in person and he is a genuine guy. He's one of the smartest people in general I've ever met plus he has integrity which is extremely rare these days. Either way it's possible to make a good income it just depends if you want a high paying job through active Investing or passive income. Both are profitable options.
Oct 29, 2019
Want to say a big thank you to Phil and his team for being available when need for any questions or issues! Big thanks for the knowledge and service provided by Freedom Mentor. You guys are invaluable and is a blessing to me and my family!!
Sep 29, 2019
Domestic engineer
Phil, I have watched 30 or 40 or so of your videos over the past three or four years and I just wanted to check in and say “thank you“ for providing so much useful information. As a man in my 50s with an abundance of life experience, and as a licensed attorney, and now, as a real estate investor with a couple of years under my belt, I have a lot of experience and insight into many of the topics you cover. When you have covered subjects that I have personal experience with, you have never been wrong. This provides me with tremendous confidence that when you cover topics that I have little or no experience with, you are, in fact, delivering “signal“. I watch videos presented by other real estate investors as well and while some of them are quite good, when I want to educate myself on a subject that I am unfamiliar with, I turn to your videos. You provide an invaluable public service and I just wanted to make sure that you realized how appreciated you are. I recently watched your video dealing with “haters“ and I was absolutely astonished to learn that anybody had anything negative to say about you, let alone how despicably unflattering they were. Like you, I am also going bald and to the haters who would criticize you for that, I simply say this “God only made so many perfect heads, the rest he covered with hair“. Please don’t let those haters detract from your enthusiasm, please just keep on doing what you’re doing.
Sep 18, 2017
Almost immediately after joining the program and following the initial steps, I got my first deal. Although the seller was asking for $120,000, through the mentors help, I was shocked when the seller accepted my offer of $65,000! I am good with renovating houses so I took on the challenge of doing a full and complete renovation. I got two offers the day it went on the market and after closing costs the profit was more than $20,000. It could have been more but I didn't take Phil's advise to use a flat fee listing agent and it cost me about $5,200. That lesson cost me but I know now to follow Phil's advice, even when I disagree because him and his team know infinitely more about this business than anyone else.
Aug 14, 2017
I am LOVING the program.

5 weeks 4 days since registration.

Closed on first deal on today.

Got another deal under contract this past weekend.

Trusting Phil, his team and the system and methods he has created and it's paying off, big time!
Apr 27, 2017
My name is Ken Carver and I’m from Youngstown, Ohio. I have been with Freedom Mentor for the last three months. Well, I think Freedom Mentor has been a great experience so far. Phil and all of the coaches have been very knowledgeable and even the process and the computer access and everything is set us up to help us be successful in the investor business.

Phil is a great guy.He has a lot of energy, he shows that off. He cares about his family. He cares about us and it shows though the work that he’s doing in terms of leading the organization. They’ve guided me every step of the way in terms of this is what you do next and how to approach them and any problems or challenges that I ever had or any questions that I ever had. I have talked to a number of different coaches calling in at various times and they’ve all got right on the spot in terms of what to do and how to address situations.
Apr 25, 2017
Hi, my name is Mike and I have been with the Freedom Program for about 5 months. With the help of my coach and the tools I learned in training, I was able to purchase my first house flip at an incredibly low price. After some easy repairs, I should be able to net at least $16,000! I can't wait to finish my first deal and get started on the next and I know it wouldn't be possible without the Freedom team behind me. The sky is the limit with this program and a little bit of hard work. Thanks Phil!
Apr 21, 2017
I had a motivated seller contact me. She had a first and a second mortgage on her property, totaling about $420,000. At the time she was about two months behind on her mortgage. Phil was a great mentor from the beginning. He coached me on how to structure my deals and my counter-offers back to the lender. I finally got an approval letter from the lender for about $218,000. I was able to find a retail buyer within 30 days, and I did a simultaneous closing, buying the property for $218,00 and selling it for about $287,000. After all the closing costs, realtor’s and attorney’s fees, I was able to net about $41,000. I can safely say that I would have not been able to do this deal if I had not had Phil’s help, so thank you, Phil.
Apr 19, 2017
Hello, my name is Patti Gilbert. I started the Freedom Mentor program about 5 months ago, after trying and failing at countless other programs and webinars. I had a hard time following along with a lot of information and was about to give up when i found and joined Phil's program. And boy, am I so glad I did!

I immediately found the information Phil was sharing very informative but easy to comprehend. The best part is, anytime I felt lost or confused, my mentor was right there to help me understand. Soon, I felt ready enough to start my first deal, but I was having a hard time finding the cash for the down payment. Thankfully my coach was able to set me up with third party funding which means I didn't have to pay ANY money out of pocket. It was a true miracle.

I will be closing on Tuesday and will net more then $12,000. SO thankful for this program and everything they have done for me. I cannot wait until my next deal.
Apr 18, 2017
I just started the program after watching Phil on Youtube for years. I am very excited on everything that I am learning through the mentors and coaching calls. It is so nice to have a team to support and guide you in your real estate investments. I am really close to closing on my first deal and I know I couldn't be doing it without them.
Apr 13, 2017
real estate agent
My name is Dave Rasley, and I just closed on a house in West Hills, CA. I profited a whopping $47,000 from this one deal and I owe it all to Phil and his team at Freedom Mentor. All of the coaches helped me through the entire process and helped me find opportunities within the transaction that I hadn't even seen. I was originally going to take this property as a listing, because I am licensed, whereas I would have only made 3%. I am so thankful to Freedom Mentor for helping me realize the earning potential and for closing an amazing deal!
Mar 29, 2017
Hi my name is Casey, I just joined Freedom Mentor with Phil Pustejovsky last November. I am learning a tremendous amount about creative financing and used the knowledge I have gained to close on my first day without any money out of pocket on the deal. I would recommend this program.
Mar 17, 2017
Hey, its Rick here from Little Rock, Arkansas. I wanted to take the time to write some reviews for Phil Pustejovsky with Freedom mentor. I started off watching Phil on YouTube and found his videos very informative and inspiring because he made everything sound so easy. Soon after I looked into his apprenticeship program but was hesitant at first because there are so many real estate programs out there, I wasnt sure if any of them actually worked. But I decided to take the leap after finishing Phil's book and am so glad I did.

Fast forward 5 months and I just closed my first deal and earned $18,000. The program is very easy to follow and the staff are there to help guide you throughout the entire process. At the times you think you should run from the deal due to issues along the way, the mentors are there to reel you back in and help you find solutions to problems. This program is the real deal!
Mar 6, 2017
real estate investor
Hey, fellow real estate investors, my name is Cameron and I just closed my first deal with Freedom Mentor. A little bit about myself, I started at a very young age working in the restaurant industry, front of the house, back of the house, catering, serving, bartending, cooking, etc., etc. the past few years, I’ve been working in the medical field. Most recently, n the past year, I’ve been the general manager of a small retail medical store. We’ve got a few different locations in my state, and in about two weeks, I will be quitting there, thanks to Freedom Mentor.

I chose real estate investing because it’s something that is very tangible. It’s real. It’s all around us. It’s something that everybody needs. I also have a really strong passion for helping others, helping people, and with real estate investing, it presents an opportunity for me to help other people and be in real estate investing, learn all that fun stuff, and make great money in the process.
Mar 2, 2017
Stay at home mom
I just wanted to leave a review and thank Phil and his team for taking me under their wing and teaching me everything I need to know to succeed in real estate investing. I needed a job that was flexible enough so I could still be here for my family. I did a lot of online searching and that’s when I found Phil and Freedom Mentor. I joined the program in March and yes I was very scared and I thought to myself, what did I get myself into, and just really doubtful, could this program really work for me. Before long, I gained a lot of knowledge in real estate and did some really amazing things. I just closed my first deal and walked away with a $30,000 profit!! Yes, you heard right $30,000 in just one deal. I could not have done it without Phil and the Freedom Mentor team.
Feb 7, 2017
I have learned an awfully lot about financing and structuring deals. Freedom Mentor is the place to go to learn all about how to successfully do real estate deals.
Jan 29, 2017
Plastic Engineer
I chose Phil's program because I wanted to build something my family could be proud of. I recently caught a huge deal negotiating a short sale, and then I was able to put some folks in there as tenant buyers and profited $48,000. It was really exciting to help someone who desperately needed to sell their house, as well as help people buy a home, that wouldn't have the opportunity otherwise.

Jan 24, 2017
Real Estate Entrepreneur
Two years ago I lost my job and didn't know what step to take next. Thankfully I got involved with Freedom Mentor and within 1 1/2 years I have already closed 4 deals netting more than $250,000 by using the simple steps the program guides you through. Without the program I know there were certain steps I would not have been able to figure out on my own. I will definitely stick to these steps and continue to use them on all of my future deals. After 4 deals I am extremely pleased with the program and am not stopping here! I plan on moving forward and closing many more deals!
Jan 11, 2017
Real Estate
Hi this is Margie. I joined Phil's Freedom Mentor Program a few months ago and just wanted to give a little account of my experience. I will start off by saying that I was very nervous about spending the money on another real estate program. I have done countless seminars, read the books, listened to the cds, and still couldn't figure it out. I kept going to seminars where I was promised big changes but the only thing that was changing was my bank account. So at that point I had pretty much given up. I was even looking for a job.

But then I found Phil, and there was something different about him. I started watching his videos and just felt like he was very genuine so I took the leap and joined Freedom Mentor. Five months later, I am about to close on my very first deal and net approximately $100,000. I am not exaggerating. I purchased a fixer upper for 70 grand and Phil's team was there every step of the way. I know on my own I would've never been able to do it with all of the questions and problems that come up along the way. The title, the inspection, the appraisal, and even finding the funds to purchase the property were all guided by the coaches. Any time I had a question or a problem, they were right there to help me find a solution.

I have been through many other coaching programs and still never felt like I fully understood the material but the Freedom Mentor program is in a league of its own. So why am I telling you this? Because you are me. You are on the other side, wondering if this is real and I just want to tell you to hang on! Take the leap and join this program, and if you plug yourself into this system it works!

Jan 9, 2017
Full-Time Real Estate Investor
I am very enthusiastic about this mentoring program. I have been involved in real estate investing since 2006 but was looking for a program that covered all of the bases. I have found that this program does it all. They have solved many issues I have had in the past as far as marketing and developing an exit strategy for someone who has a problem with their house.

The training is very comprehensive and there is always 7 or 8 different coaches making coaching calls, or available for advice. There's also a plethora of training and courses you can listen to, watch, or read. It is a great way for adult learners because sometimes you have to do it once or twice or see it in a different way depending on how you like to learn.

What is most is important is that you can get through to someone for help when you need it. You are never left to your own devices when you come onto a sticky situation. They are always there to offer guidance and assistance.
Dec 28, 2016
Although I have never joined Phil's Program, his videos inspired me to do a deal and on my first one I made almost $100,000! I am onto two more deals, even though I feel I am still a little rough around the edges and need further guidance. I want to take the time now to thank Phil for his teachings and guidance. I was a grocery store cashier for over 20 years, and so sick of my income that I decided to take a chance, and I am so glad that I did. Phil's videos really helped greatly. I have no affiliation with Phil and he did not ask me to write this review, I just figured I should give credit where credit is due. I have to thank this guy for changing my life.
So Thanks Phil!
Dec 23, 2016
Newbie Real Estate Agent
Phil, I just want to thank you will all my heart for what your are doing here. And more over, doing it for free. I found your channel on YT just by accident when I started studying for my California RE Agent state exam two weeks ago - I try to get the license and get to RE investing. I felt like before I jump into this I needed education and knowledge.... So I was watching the videos from various mentors, and flippers etc...And YT just turned one of your videos automatically! I found you. I was shocked with the level of proficiency, intelligence and tremendous amount of information in your videos - PACKED with knowledge, to the point and so much fun! - I watched ALL you videos, loved all of them, took tons of notes, started on your book... my prep exam process is even going easier now , things start finally making sense to me.. Literally just yesterday I was thinking to myself "I wish Phil had put together a course with all his videos, streamlined in one place plus all the new great staff that he knows and has to share but have not yet...- I would be the happiest person in the world, it is my dream to start RE investing career and I want to learn from the best... And voila! This morning I woke up to the email from you with this wonderful gift!!!
....Anyways, thank you. Please know that your followers are sincerely grateful to you for being there for them. You are a well of knowledge, experience, creativity and a perfect example of thinking out of the box. And what a charismatic influencer you are! God bless you.
Susan from Santa Cruz, CA
Dec 4, 2016
Thanks to Freedom Mentor, I just closed on my very first creative real estate deal. In the past I've only done traditional deals and let me tell you, this way was great! I didn't have to qualify for a bank loan, I just took the property "Subject to" the existing owner, deeded to my name, and I got some people in their living "Rent to Own" at $3,000 down and $900 a month. I feel very fortunate to be on Phil's team. Thank you Freedom Mentor!