Ramana Reddy

Broker/Owner CalHomes
Born & Brought up in India. Got M.S./MTech in Computer Science from IIT Chennai/Madras. Traveled in India, Europe(Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Portugal & Sweden) & USA as part of my Tech Job. Moved to Los Angles in 1987 and then to Bay Area in 1989. Worked in quite a few Tech Companies (MGM/Turner Entertainment, Sun, Oracle, Bechtel & Non Stop Logistics). I started my own company in 1995 and did quite a few attempts in starting internet startups to make it big. I lost the appetite and work did not provide enough challenge so I took Real Estate career in 2002. Started CalHomes in 2003. I might not make everyone happy but all my clients are very happy. My expertise is Santa clara, Alameda, San Mateo, Contra Costa & San Francisco counties. I am SINGLE so I have more time to help my clients.
Aug 1, 2020
outstanding construction company
i highly recommend services provided by cal homes Ramana Reddy i have recently refinanced my home with cal homes process was very good i have difficult portfolio as i am self employed contractor and ramana helped me with personnel touch during process was very helpful as to get all paperwork needed all info the lender wanted couldnt have done it without him. fantastic trustworthy service. saved me a lot of money in process.
Jul 20, 2020
Software Engineer
I would strongly recommend Mr.Ramana, as i found him honest and professional.
Jul 16, 2020
Certified Real Estate Appraiser
Ramana is a professional Mortgage Broker / Lender with honesty and helpful attitude to borrower, he is successful and will be till he is in this business.
Jul 2, 2020
Thank you for help and getting it done so quickly
Apr 28, 2020
I found Ramana Reddy an upfront honest person. He is knowledgeable, helpful and easy to work with. I will recommend him.
Mar 13, 2020
Interested in 4325 Millard ave
Let you know that we are 5 adults and 3 child, and I’m interested in 3bed/2bath
Mar 1, 2020
Student at De Anza
I like how Ramady Reddy responded me really quickly.
Feb 14, 2020
He stands on what he said , This is most toughest part in the humna nature and he deserve for that
Dec 27, 2019
Ramana Reddy Garu,

Thank you for all your help in home buying process.
I am completely happy with your support and glad to have such a co-operative realtor.

I am sure your good attitude and inner intention of doing good for others will help you and your clients in long run

I truly appreciate your suggestions and efforts.
Finally you made me a proud home owner.

Thanks & Regards
Dec 12, 2019
Mr Reddy,
Thank you very much for a job very well done. Appreciate your overall concern, professionalism and every effort you make to work in my favor to get better rate. You made this a very easy and painless process. You reply to all my emails on time. I look forward to recommending you and doing business with you again in the future. Thanks for everything.
Aug 22, 2019
Peethadhipati Balaji Matha Temple
Hari Om
He is very experienced realtor buy a properties always I will go with him & he help us Matha Temple too. God bless him & his company
Apr 11, 2019
Senior Analyst at State Fund
Ramana Reddy is very intellectual and possess immense knowledge in real estate business. He is very down to earth and understands
buyers or sellers needs from every perspective. It may range from financial to all the way down to emotional needs.
He understands every one of his clients from their grassroots of thier personalities by never forcing or pushing them to make
unrealistic decisions. He not only thinks about client's present situation but also the benefits of property buying/selling
in future too.

We have been working with Raman since 6 plus years and we have always relied on his judgements which are practically
tailored to our needs and capacity. Ramana helped us buy our dream home after nearly six months of house hunt. This shows
how patient Ramana has and also his resilience and dedication for his clients. There were times in where we liked the houses
but when Ramana disclosed all the loop holes, issues and imperfections about the same home, We felt how little we knew about
properties in details and for that we really appreciated the honesty of Ramana. Most of the times not many real estate agents ignore
all the issueswith properties and push their clients to buy/sell them just make their profits.

I highly recommend Ramana for all real estate needs to anyone who are willing to work with a trustworthy, honest and very
practical person like him.
Apr 9, 2019
Sr. Lending Officer
Ramana is very seasoned Real Estate Broker / Realtor. I have closed number of loans with him. He is prompt in response. He always look for the benefit of customer. It is always a pleasure working experience with him.
With Best Wishes
Gurmit Bassi
Sr, Lending officer
Bank of America
510-755-8674 -Cell
Sep 15, 2018
President, K2 Media Networks, Inc.
I would highly recommend Ramana for your house buying, selling and loan needs. Here is our experience.

We were looking for a housing loan for my daughter. Ramana was processing our loan, but when we found a good rate online with moderate closing costs, he evaluated the terms for us and advised to go with the other loan application. You will find very few people who advise you with such honesty and integrity.

-Brahm Potu
Sep 6, 2018
Best person in real estate
In the heartless world of RE, he is a true gem. He is not just reasonable and empathetic, but also uses his intellect and logic efficiently. He makes good decisions and gets clients fast. He doesn’t just attract people but also sustain the relationship with them. He is very knowledgeable and dedicated. Unique and definitely the best ones in the whole bay area.
Sep 5, 2018
Retired Mathematics Pofessor
I have known Ramana Reddy for more than 10 years. He is very helpful and commmunity orientated and social worker too in addtion to his dedication to his Proessional Career of Real estate. he helps People acquire and get into their First New Homes. He is very Generous. He helped to acquire a Property to our Religious Temple in 2007 and Donated all his Commission Check to the Temple. That is when i met him. Wish Ramana reddy amuch more success he desrves thru his Hard work and His Team.
Sep 2, 2018
Manager IT
Worked with him before
Aug 31, 2018
Head of Marketing
Shall purchase a single level condo
Aug 31, 2018
Single level 3 to 4 bed 3 bath condo is better than 4 level townhouse.
Aug 8, 2018
Michelle - Director of Philanthropy; Craig - Retired CPA
Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow.
Jun 7, 2018
Ramona is Plesant ,accessible
And honest Easy to deal with Explains things well with transparency I recently had personal experience of selling a Condo I do recommend him as your
Agent DB
May 20, 2018
So good so fast
Apr 28, 2018
Software Professional
We bought a home in Santa Clara (Apr 2018). 2 months into the home search we lost hope of being able to buy in south bay as the home were so expensive.

Ramana's guidance has helped us look at the bigger picture when searching for the properties. Here are some of the key points he helped us with:

1. After discussing our budget and location he gave us recommendation on what zip codes to look at.
2. We have looked at short listed properties together and he is very knowledgeable on determining the quality of construction.
3. He gave us very good estimates when we were ready to place an offer.
4. For the home we bought he actually made us offer less than what we wanted to offer.
5. It was not an easy decision to make as the property has some permit violations. He took suggestions from a lawyer, an architect and a contractor before we finalized the deal.
6. He also helped us pick a lender.

All in all he helped us in every step and we would have never bought this home had we not met him. He also gave us the promised refund back after we closed the deal and we really appreciate his help.
Mar 28, 2018
We bought our first home last week and Ramana represented us as buyer's agent.

To begin with, we had absolutely no idea of where and what to look for.
In the very first meeting, Ramana explained clearly on the pros and cons of different areas/neighborhoods in the bay area,
the kind of properties that we need to look for and helped us in identifying the ones that suit us.
We realized that we came to the right person after this meeting.

Since then we called and met him multiple times and bombarded with tons of naive questions but he was always polite
and patient in answering the questions in the way we understand.
He was always very quick in responding to e-mails and phone calls.

He observes the properties that we showed interest and their neighborhood very carefully and gives his honest opinion.
We feel so happy now that we didn't offer some properties in haste that we liked but which he didn't have good opinion on.
We would have made terrible mistake if we hadn't followed his suggestions.

It is very interesting to let you know that we didn't even look at the property that we ended up buying before the offer.
Due to time constraints, we couldn't go to the property before the offer date but we just relied on Ramana.
He saw the home, gave a green signal and we offered it. We believed in him and his experience.
Now this stands as the best decision we have ever taken.

Ramana, we appreciate your valuable advices and help in finding our dream home. Thanks a lot!

We highly recommend Ramana for your real estate needs.
Mar 18, 2018
Software Engineer
Ramana has represented as our (buyer's) agent for my first home in 2014. Since I had great and an immensely pleasant experience working with him, I have asked Ramana to represent as a buyers agent for my investment home. From day one we have identified this home, Ramana is on top of things and made my life stress less. He gives out valuable information and suggestions based on the historical data and current market conditions. Ramana has amazing negotiation skills and got us for a very good price. Ramana also represented as a loan officer and got the interest rate better than market value. His response to phone and email has always been quick. I would highly recommend him to anyone for a smooth home buying