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Research Scientist
Ron...What do I say about him. He is one amongst the best if not the one.

Before we met Ron, we were always warned about real estate agents being quick to decide a home for you and force you in getting one while maximizing their share out of the sale. He is definitely not one of "them". To our pleasant surprise, when we met first Ron for a scheduled one hour on a late rainy Saturday evening, he was very patient in listing down the requirements from our end. Listening to his clients is his best virtue, however terrible their requirements are. The meeting went for more than 2 hours and by the end of it we came out assured that he was our guy.

He made it a point to visit with us every single home we wanted to see over a weekend. Sometimes it was on both days and on others it was as many as eight, but I never saw a tired looking face rushing us from one to another.

Mark of a good man is how he helps others become better. His views and insights about properties were very helpful and by the end of the process we were able to judge a home fairly quickly.

He also made frequent calls to the seller's agents on our behalf to find out about our offers and helped us make better offers by not overpricing them. Last but not least, by the end of the entire process, he became more as a well wisher than a typical real estate agent.

We would definitely recommend Ron to every single buyer if possible.
Hardware Engineer @ Intel Corp.

I wish to share my experience with Ron in getting our first home in the Bay Area. Like any new starters, we had a lot of apprehensions, doubts, budget constraints and obviously a wish list of key things that we wanted.

Ron had previously helped my brother with their house hunt and with the excellent feedback that I had gotten about him from my brother, I looked nowhere else.

Ron is a gentleman. He knows his job, but more than that, he values your thoughts and understands your needs and constraints. He went above and beyond to ensure that our interests were taken care of. He would weekly spend time to come up with a list of places that we would go look at with him, he would arrange for the keys in advance and always gave his 100% honest opinion. Sometimes, we liked a place, but being new, missed out on some technicalities of the house condition, and he would rightfully prompt us and guide us to move on.

Also, he was instrumental in getting us sorted with our loan process. Although he was not the lender, he made sure we got to the right lender, and worked as a team with the lender to see our bid was good enough. Especially given our closing needed to be fast, and Ron helped us with all the paper work with no glitches.

Overall I would highly rate Ron and recommend him to any home buyers out there, who are looking for a genuine, honest and professional realtor.

Project Analyst, Kaiser Permanente
Ron was so helpful and easy to work with when we purchased a home last month. He knew the area really well and answered all of our questions since this was our first time purchasing a home. When formulating the offer, he gave excellent advice and we got a great deal. We previously recommended Ron to 2 people, a friend from Colorado who needed to sell his Mother's home in Sunnyvale and a neighbor who needed to sell his own home. Both referrals turned out very well and they expressed to us how happy they were with his level of service and commitment to excellence.
VP Business Development
Ron (and Lori) helped my Mom sell her home in Livermore. We were worried that Livermore might be a little too far away for Ron being based in Saratoga, but this was not a problem at all. Lori staged the home, and it looked better than ever. Ron suggested that we get a document manager to handle the piles and piles of documents. It was a great suggestion which kept the process very simple.

Ron sold the home in December (as-is) in 2 days. 8 offers, all above asking price. I recommend Ron (and Lori!) very highly.
Research Scientist 4
Ron got us into our first home and we cannot be thankful enough. This is where we started our family. Ron is an upfront, straight up kind of person, and these traits help in cutting out the clutter associated with home finding. He is a thorough professional who is very organized and extremely detailed oriented, alongside being very knowledge not just about homes, but also the financial aspect. This certainly helps the first time buyers get oriented fast. He helps in making an otherwise daunting process seem normal and natural as he guides you through the different phases. After my home, he helped my brother get into their first home and I had the same feedback from them. I will absolutely consider him the next time I’m in the market.
Software engineer and algorithm developer
I first met Ron Fehr when he was assigned to me by Google (through a 3rd party vendor) to help me out finding a rental unit. This was part of the relocation package that I got when I was hired. I was very pleased to work with him and impressed with his ability to quickly bring me up to speed on the housing market conditions in the area and also help me understand the most important criteria when deciding on a rental. So much so, that when the time came for me to purchase a home, I decided to call him up and see if he could be my agent. The second time round was even better than the first. For me, Ron made the home purchasing experience a pleasure. There is no substitute for an experienced realtor who genuinely cares and he consistently showed patience with me in explaining the ins and outs of the process. Given that we had lots of papers to sign, I felt I could fully trust his recommendations and that I was in good hands to not commit any faux-pas. Ron combines a thorough knowledge of the real estate market with an easy-going style that makes spending hours together a fun and seamless experience. I would unhesitatingly recommend Ron as a buyer's agent to any of my friends or acquaintances. I can imagine that he is probably just as good in the role of listing agent.

Letter of Recommendation – Ron and Lori Fehr, Realtors

To whom it may Concern,

We are happy to recommend Ron and Lori Fehr as realtors for any real estate need you may have. They are very strong team that will help you buy or sell any property.

Lori and Ron were instrumental in finding us a property in Aptos. We had been looking for a long time, and thought we had done our research well. Ron and Lori took the search to a new breadth and depth. Ron provided in depth analysis of properties we were interested in, and a broad selection of other properties in the area and comparable properties. In fact, Ron actually picked out the house we ended up buying, as he thought it was a good comparable property that we should see before we made any decision. He was so right! We will always be grateful for that he went the extra step to make we got the best home for our money! In addition, we leaned heavily on Lori’s home building background and artistic photographer skills to assess the condition and possibilities of candidate properties. As we toured houses, Lori was able to give us a quick assessment of the various properties benefits and downsides. Once we decided on the property (yes, the one Ron suggested we look at), Ron lead us through the contract steps carefully and professionally. There was no mistake made on the entire transaction.

We are pleased with our new house. We strongly recommend Lori and Ron Fehr for any real estate transaction need you have. They are top notch professional real estate agents - everything you need in a real estate team!


Mary and Steve Watson
First Time Home Buyer
My name is James Webb and my wife and I recently purchased a house through Intero on
June 30th.

It's our first house and we could not be happier with our new home! However I'm writing to convey Ron Fehr's absolute top notch service and professionalism. Ron was a pleasure to work with from our initial meeting at an open house to when Ron handed us our keys to our new home. Perhaps I previously had a skewed understanding of the role of realtor, but Ron certainly opened my eyes as to how essential a good (in Ron's case excellent) realtor is to ensure each step along the home purchase process is executed precisely and on time. A realtor is much more than a live version of, anyone can house hunt on the internet these days. What I appreciated about Ron was the fact that he was a true market expert and I was able to work with him as an advisor to consult with along the purchase journey. Me being a newbie to this process, Ron made sure I was aware of every step, nuance and possible stumbling block that came up. There was not one time during my interactions with Ron where I felt he did not have our family's best interest at hand, which to me is crucial when trusting a person to handle what might be the largest monetary purchase of my life!

I truly hope you are aware of how much of an asset Ron Fehr is to your team. Prior to deciding to work with Ron, I had a few interactions with a handful of realtors from competing and reputable real estate agencies, and they essentially met my previously misconceived expectations of what a realtor was: a hard selling salesman, looking to close the deal and move on to the next client as quickly as possible. Ron totally blew my misconceptions out of the water! Ron is a tremendous representation of the Intero brand, making it crystal clear why Ron and Intero are head and shoulders above the rest of the competitive real estate services landscape.

I'm not sure if it is a teachable attribute, but Ron's sincere approach and demeanor were the primary reasons I chose to work with Ron and never for one second felt uncomfortable about the purchase process. Ron's signature at the bottom of his email reads "Get treated like family ...... because it's not just business, it's personal" ... and let me tell you Ron totally lived up to his motto!

Warmest Regards,
James F. Webb

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