Ingrid Jiang

Realtor Intero Real Estate Cupertino 1908722
Sep 6, 2019
Ingrid is an awesome and the best agent we have ever seen. Different from other agents, she really thinks about the customers.

At first, we were not so sure that which locations we were going to buy. She is so professional and in order to make sure that we are satisfied, she sincerely gave us an overview of housing market and filtered out different locations with different property types among different ranges. With the solid research she did, we finally decided to focus on the town home in Fremont. With her diligent help and professional support, we finally got the perfect 4b-4b home which is exactly what we dream of.

We really appreciate what she has done for us and also feel so thankful that she stayed up late to look for home materials for us. Also we hope that Ingrid can rest a little bit and don't push herself too hard.
Feb 24, 2018
We recently bought our home in Fremont with Ingrid's help. Being first time buyer, we were initially unsure what our dream home was going to look like.

Ingrid spent countless hours showing us homes and combed through properties available on market based on our budget and needs. With her skills, connections and years of experience in housing market, she handled all aspects of the home buying experience very well!

We eventually bought our dream home and are very happy to be able to do that in such a competitive market. Thank you Ingrid!
Jan 29, 2018
Ingrid helped us purchase a single house in West San Jose. Ingrid was very responsive, she always answer her phone and reply e-mail quick.
During our counter offer stage, Ingrid worked closely with our loan agent to protect us on negotiating loan contingency removal date with listing agent. She really stand on our side to negotiate price and terms with seller's agent.
I would highly recommend Ingrid if you want to buy or sell home.
Jan 29, 2018
Ingrid is a very thoughtful agent standing in our shoes and gave us so much useful suggestions to narrow down our selection. She helped us to reduce our cost on purchasing. She took an important role as a bridge among seller, bank and me. Also she followed up so well even after the deal had been closed. I highly recommend her.
Jan 22, 2018
I bought two houses recently through Ingrid. Ingrid is very knowledgable on the local real estate and rental market. She gave me good suggestions on where to buy and refer me to good price quality contractor on fixing up rental property. She gave me updates frequently, made sure buying process is smooth and helping me negotiating with seller on sharing repair cost. I'm impressed with her hardworking, quick response and detail. I would recommend her to my friends who are looking to buy.
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Oct 24, 2017
We decided to sell our own property with Ingrid and she was able to get us great price, which is almost 70k higher than the similar property for sale in our community in the same time. Ingrid helped us sell our house in record time. Through the process, she was very helpful, resourceful and into the details. She arranged for a contractor to make repairs. She was willing to work within our crazy schedule for in-person discussions, and she walked us through every step with patience. She made sure that she or a colleague was present at any house viewings or inspections. She lined up staging, landscaping, cleaning and helped us obtain quotes as we navigated negotiations. Even after we closed, she followed up with us and just seeing how we are doing with our overall purchase. Ingrid is a hard worker, organized and understanding, caring. She is ready to help in all aspects of the buying and selling process. We really enjoyed working with her and look forward to keeping in touch
Oct 23, 2017
As first-time home buyers, we were completely unaware and unsure of the whole process of buying a home in the United States. We were very lucky to have been represented by Ingrid, who not just as an agent but as friend guided us through the entire process and gave valuable tips and suggestions during the home buying process. Ingrid was quick in understanding our requirement and directing our attention to the right properties and listing out all the pros and cons of each house. She was very patient in explaining the whole process and clearing the infinite questions and concerns that we had as home buyers. She was always accessible, responsible and accommodating to our schedules. Ingrid effortlessly managed the whole escrow and closing process by coordinating between various parties and constantly communicating with us about the same. Thanks to Ingrid, that we now have a beautiful house that we call our home and we couldn’t’ have been here without her. I would highly recommend Ingrid to my friends who are on the lookout for a house in the S.F. bay area.
Aug 9, 2017
We are so lucky to have Ingrid help us to have bought our first home in US. Ingrid is professional, responsible, patient and very nice to be with. With help of Ingrid, we found much easier than expected to buy a dream home with a good price.