Monika Davidson

Margit & Monika have been has working as a successful Mother-daughter real estate marketing & sales team for nearly 15 years. Together they feel the combination of open communication, organization, honesty & dedication is their key to success in an ever-changing market.
Monika was raised in Los Altos and graduated with a B.A. degree from U.C.S.B. She has been designing the finish details & design work for new construction throughout Silicon Valley & the Santa Cruz area for over 14 years. Monika specializes in sales, marketing, transaction coordination and design in residential real estate.
Nov 1, 2011
Select Account Manager, Cisco
I have done several real-estate sell and buys with the Margit Forsberg and Monika Davidson team. I'm grateful I trusted them with such important work. They truly understood that supporting the client through a real estate deal is a process, not an event. Three aspects they did exceptionally well:
1)They did an excellent job with the Marketing, pricing, and preparing for the entire deal flow. This includes communicating with me and getting all the resources in place for a smooth process.
2)On the buy side, they understood that a clean and strong proposal that resonates with the buyer is what is needed to win, and is much more than the offer price.
3)On the sell side, the deal execution is absolutely critical and they handled it to utmost perfection and professionalism. They were able to maximize the value without jeopardizing the sale.
Throughout the purchasing and selling process, they would always make me feel empowered on the decisions and never felt any pressure. They acted as true professionals and advocates for me. Thank you Monika and Margit!

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