TJ Singh

Realtor Intero Real Estate Fremont 01923890
I'm a Realtor with Intero Real Estate Services. I specialize in buying and selling Residential properties and Investment properties. I hold the designation of CPP with over 17 year’s experience in real estate and property management.
I am also a proud military veteran, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, where I spent 20+ years. In addition to my extensive military training, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, International Relations and Geography.
Jan 23, 2021
It was a fabulous experience working with TJ. We got TJ’s referral from a friend at work.
Being the first time home buyers we were pretty new to the process and had a lot of questions. TJ was patient, explained the process elaborately, making sure he attended to all our questions. TJ recommended great properties and made sure to give details regarding each, but at the same time leaving the decision to us. His real estate experience, contacts and advice helped us land into our dream home. We would highly recommend TJ to anyone buying a new home and especially to the first time home buyers like us.
Jan 17, 2021
TJ helped me through a number of changes in 2020- including selling a property and obtaining another under stressful circumstances.

I found TJ easy to work with. He had a great sense of humor and was always very prompt in responses, viewings, questions, etc,.. always. He is knowledgeable, listens to you, doesn't pressure you and is candid. These were all traits that I appreciated. He knows his stuff, is easy to work with and I'd use him again, without question.
Nov 12, 2020
It was great working with TJ. We got his referral from a friend who spoke highly of him. We decided to work with him based on the referral and TJ surpassed our expectations quite easily. We were first time house buyers and he explained the process before hand in detail and was always encouraging us to clarify any questions and answered them patiently. He was quick on his feet and helped us buy a house in less than a month! He had through knowledge of real estate in bay area which helped us make decisions quickly. We highly recommend him to any one looking to buy a house!
Aug 3, 2020
TJ Singh was a very helpful, diligent and efficient real estate agent. As first time home buyers we were able to rely on him 100% for any questions we had during the home buying process. His strong knowledge base and calm demeanor helped us in purchasing our new home in a timely and orderly manner. We had a rather long process of home buying, looking at properties for over year, TJ was patient and good company throughout. We highly recommend him for first time or experienced home buyers!
Aug 27, 2019
Sr. Finance Manager
I worked with TJ in selling my home in Union City. I was thoroughly impressed with his professionalism and knowledge of the market. He went out of his way to make sure I was getting the best deals (in fixing the house) and negotiated really hard to get me a great deal on the sale of my property. I would definitely recommend TJ for anyone looking to buy/sell property in the bay area. I look forward to working with him again in the future as well.
Jul 13, 2019
Project Manager
Mr.TJ Singh was very professional and helpful resource through out our home buying process. He made our first time home buying process so easy and worry free. We had lot of questions at the start but he answered and explained everything in detail. He is very straight forward with his words and actions. It were lucky to have him as our realtor.
Jun 28, 2019
Home Seller
I have previously worked with bunch of agents for buying homes and every time i feel there is something or the other that never works out. To be honest, I was really unsure of getting an agent for selling home even though I had read TJ's other reviews. But after working with him for few days I relaxed completely.

TJ not only arranged the home staging and open house and all marketing on a short notice but also did multiple open houses till we got an offer that was fair. He even helped us got a much lower quote on some of the home repairs that needed to be done before closing and took the time to get them done on his own. He communicated everything in a timely manner and advised us well. Sometimes I was even surprised to see how much extra he delivered that does not count as his job. I had spoken to few other agents from more renowned real estate companies before taking up with TJ and none of them committed me on the price, the work TJ delivered.

He went above and beyond my expectation and I am really happy with his work. I would recommend him to any one buying or selling without hesitation. He made the whole process much more relaxing for us.
Apr 23, 2019
Engineering Manager
TJ has been extremely helpful in getting us in our first home. TJ is professional, transparent, helpful and caring. he took his time in understanding our needs and provided his feedback where needed. He made our house buying process better then buying a car. we decided on home on Friday afternoon and were in contract by Monday evening. Most of my friends who has gotten a house made it seem like its a complicated process, while it is a complex process, TJ's helped us understand all the steps clearly and with their online system made the process very seamless. Him and his team has made this a very pleasant process and if i ever have to buy or sell a home i would recommend TJ, 10 stars.
Apr 19, 2019
Home Owners
Greetings. We have recently completed the presentation and sale of our property in Union City with the professional real estate guidance of TJ Singh and his partner Johnnick Porcuna. TJ Singh is a master in his craft in our opinion. He remained calm, cool and collect throughout the entire process. We were presented with a carefully planned strategy for selling our property. The timeline and execution of that strategy bordered magic! There were no compromises or short cuts. Every step of the strategy was explained clearly. There was continuing dialogue that prepared us, in advance, for any anticipated expenses. Selling a house is more challenging than buying, to me; yet TJ and Johnnick make it seem uncomplicated and enjoyable. Nice personalities, professional appearances and mannerisms is the natural persona for this team. I would recommend TJ Singh and his partner Johnnick Porcuna highly. Indeed.
Mar 15, 2019
to Whom It May Concern:

We are pleased to have this opportunity to write this letter of recommendation for Mr. TJ Singh & Mr. Johnnick Porcuna who are Realtors with the INTERO Real Estate Services Group in Union City and Fremont.

We have known Mr. Singh at a professional level for several years. It was he who told us about the property on Regents Bivd. and explained to us why this particular property was a better buy than several other properties we were looking at. We appreciated his candor and professionalism.

Both these Realtors demonstrated a commitment of integrity, honesty, and loyalty as they walked us through the difficult process of selling our previous house. They allayed our many fears and anxious moments through their counsel and sound judgement.

We highly recommend both these gentlemen for their skill and professional service they rendered to our family. Thanks for a job well done!!
Mr.& Mrs. Samson E. Dyson
Jan 3, 2019
Director of Engineering
TJ was referred by a friend who held him in very high esteem for his professionalism, honesty and fidelity. And I am grateful to him for introducing TJ. I am not a first time home buyer, or a seller. To be honest, I was cautious, and little skeptical but TJ made the whole transaction a breeze, something that I had never experienced before. There were couple of times where I was taking some responsibilities on me(assuming they are mine) and which was causing me some stress but when I spoke to TJ he was shocked to hear why I was assuming such responsibilities and being stressed about it. He asked me to just relax and told me it is his responsibility. I had never experienced that before in my earlier home buying/selling experience. Throughout, the whole transaction he told me to relax and leave all the (even the minor) problems to him, and he lived up to his promise. The entire transaction, right from day one was super smooth. He negotiated with the Seller and got me an enviable deal in price as well as terms. His advice on all nuances was invaluable.

TJ’s knowledge of Real Estate is truly amazing and I benefited, and learnt a lot. The resources he makes available, in the form of contractors, inspectors, and every facet of home buying are exceptional. I placed blind faith in TJ and he more than lived up to it. I happily recommend TJ to any Buyer or Seller. With TJ, you are in good hands! Thank you, Mr TJ. You rock.
Nov 19, 2018
Immigration specialist
My Family and I have been contemplating on selling our house for some time now (as in about a year) in hopes of potentially buying a new place, however we were unsure of what to really do or where to start from. While looking at open houses to get an idea on where to begin, we met TJ through one of his open houses and it has literally been smooth sailing sincee day 1.

TJ has a certain professionalism and dedication to his clients that is extremely rare to find. My family and I have nervous wrecks through the process and if it wasn't for TJ's kindness and wisdom we would not have been able to make this step.

I would recommend TJ in a heartbeat. Just know that if he is either helping you sell or buy a house you are in AMAZING hands. Not only will the process be smooth sailing, you will learn a lot from him. He is a wealth of Knowledge and I am extremely THANKFUL for all he has done for my family.
Jul 12, 2018
To all homeowners out there!!! If you plan to sell your house, call TJ of TJ Homes --- you can never go wrong. You will get the best return from your lifetime of investment!!!


October of 2017 that I finally decided that I will retire at age 62 and intend to move and settle back to my home country. I told my family that I may plan to sell my townhouse perhaps a year later or so which will be around October of 2018. Early evening of April 2018, somebody knocked at my door and introduced himself as TJ of TJ Homes from Intero Realty. I was not interested at first as I was busy that evening, however, he has this pleasing personality that I allowed him to come in. He showed me some real estate market projections, related his broad experience in the business and to call him if I plan to sell my home. We parted with a shake hands and I told him I may but could be later in the year.

After TJ left, I reviewed the materials he gave and was mesmerized about the projections he presented --- it was an opportunity that was too good to be true but with the confidence I saw on TJ, could be possible. I called him back the following day, told him I changed my mind and decided to sell my townhome as soon as possible.

TJ toured my place and gave me suggestions on what to do to market the house, I followed his advice in detail and after everything was done, he had on Open House on May 31st and the house had several offers 7 days later. The one I took was $100K over asking price more than I expected. TJ’s confidence and my trust came through with flying colors.

TJ is the best there is. He had my back and my interest in his every word when it came to finding and negotiating the home. He did an outstanding job and I could not have asked for a better person to work with.

To TJ - my sincere appreciation for your professional, caring and stellar service!

May 28, 2018
I first met TJ on a Saturday evening while he was wrapping up from an open-house, he was courteous and with a smile he said and I quote ‘ I don’t want you to be disappointed – I will open the door and provide you a tour of the Property’. And some 10 days since then, he telephoned us and said Congratulation! our offer is shortlisted.

TJ is a Gentleman, perfection personified. He is composed, highly knowledgeable in his field, a great listener and most importantly served supremely as a master enabler, his timely advice, wisdom, and guidance at different stage gave us confidence and direction, as first-time home buyers, this made all the difference. I have known TJ for a little over 4 weeks, in these 4 weeks his contribution has earned us the privilege of owning the title of our home.

Mr. TJ, I am truly pleased and very excited to recommend you time and again. In you, we discovered confidence, the discipline, and benefit of arriving at a clean decision.
With due respect and best regards
Maya and Shankar
Jan 31, 2018
Our experience with TJ was really good. This was our first house and we didn't have much experience, I was surprised by the details of the process. TJ helped us through the process and it went smoothly, he's very aware of the everything and was well prepared for all the steps. Now this was our first offer, it got accepted and we closed on the house, I realized later that this almost never happens (unless you're buying cash) around the Bay Area due to the severe competition, thanks to TJ's strategy we were able to do it. Would definitely recommend him!
Jan 16, 2018
I would give TJ 5 Stars. We recently bought a home from new builder but we didn't go with any agent. But if we did I would definitely have gone with TJ. We went to TJ for consultation when we wasn't sure if we were going to buy a house this year. But his expertise was impressive. The way he deal with clients and new home buyers is great. Even till now we receive emails from him and he even calls us to ask if he can assist us with home buying process. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for new home.

Tj definitely in future when we will upgrade, you will be our first first choice. Thanks you
Sep 1, 2017
Student/ Outdoor Educator
TJ reached out almost instantaneously with a warm and personable phone call. He maintained both attributes throughout the whole process. At our first meeting he was incredibly patient with me, a first time buyer, and walked me through every step in fine detail so that I could understand what to expect. I was very grateful for this education. Also in our first meeting he made a promise that he followed through on, getting us into a home and closing within the month! It was a pleasure to work with TJ lots of laughter! Thank you TJ
Aug 22, 2017
TJ went far and beyond our expectations! This was our first time buying a house, and TJ was able to find us our dream home. We were treated like family, and would recommend him to anyone!
Aug 20, 2017
I just have 1 word to describe my experience of working with TJ "Smooth". He made the entire home buying process very easy and smooth for us. We were a first time home buyer but TJ with all his experience and connections in the real estate market made us feel very comfortable through out our home buying journey. He has carried over the professionalism from his armed forces career into his work as a realtor.

The best part is that his support doesn't end once the deed is recorded and you become the owner of the house. He is there to help out while you are moving in. Moving in from a apartment to single family home could be overwhelming but we felt very comfortable knowing that we could always call TJ anytime for help and he would always respond very promptly

I would highly recommend TJ for all your real estate needs and questions!
Aug 4, 2017
I have received the excellent feedback for TJ Sir from the Wells Fargo bankers while working on my pre-approval letter. I am being a first-time buyer, TJ Sir have given me an hrs overview on end-to-end buying process which help me a lot.

I would highly recommend TJ Sir for all new home buyer/sellers. You would feel like working with your family members.

Thanks a lot for all your support!!!
Jun 28, 2017
TJ is a thorough professional. We were first time home buyers and never imagined we could could actually buy a home. TJ was referred to us by a friend. He took the time to explain and clarify any questions we had about financing, appraisal, escrow and banking process. He also helped us with financing process by connecting us with the lenders and enabling us to get the best loan offer. We would recommend TJ to everyone needing any real estate service
Jun 24, 2017
Software engineer
TJ is someone who knows exactly how to crack the deal. Very prompt service. He was always available for me throughout the process. He takes extra effort to know the minor details of property before showing. I would recommend him as a good agent.
Jun 8, 2017
Marketing Analyst
My husband and I are first time home buyers and going with TJ as our agent was one the best decisions we ever made. What started as a serendipity turned out be a blessing. Right from the first day he was on top of his game, from providing us with comprehensive summary of the steps involved in buying the home to the last day of close process he was with us through every step. TJ always looked out for our best interest, even during the times when we were ready to overbid prevented us from doing so and ensured we got the best deal.

He was extremely professional and diligent at each step. He took the time to explain and clarify any questions we had about financing, appraisal, escrow and banking process. He also helped us with financing process by connecting us with the lenders and enabling us to get the best loan offer. One of key quality of TJ is his quick turnaround time with any task. He ensures to clarify any questions/concerns we bring up to him.

We are extremely delighted with the house we found, it has been a remarkable journey. He went from being our agent to our well-wisher and a mentor. Thank you very much TJ for all your support and guidance. TJ is definitely the go-to agent for anyone who is looking to buy their dream home.
Jan 27, 2017
The experience of working with TJ was awesome. We would highly recommend him to anyone buying or selling. His non-intrusive approach is very helpful; he will give you lots of advice and suggestions - then step back and let you make your decision. We were lucky to find TJ who was a mentor and guide. Sangeetha and I were at ease interacting with TJ, his casual approach and humor generally kept the atmosphere light. TJ is a wealth of information and with him we are glad to have found a friend for life.
Jan 23, 2017
Software engineer @ Visa inc
We were referred to TJ by one of my friends. We felt at ease with TJ from day one. He never pressured us to make any offer; on the contrary, he stood for us even when we pulled out of already accepted offer at the very last minute. He respected our decision and never questioned our integrity.
TJ's eminent sense of market evaluation helped us save $20k which otherwise I was ready to put in to win crazy bidding war.
I would say forte of TJ is honesty, ethical by nature and being serene in critical situations. Would definitely recommend him to friends and family any time.

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