Bill Harrigan

Realtor Intero Real Estate Morgan Hill 544107
Jun 2, 2015
Bill resurrected a deal that went South. I was involved in a transaction that should have culminated in a transaction. Bill was not the agent. Bill and I have done business in past. He called and wanted to know why the deal fell apart. I gave him a brief overview and he took the initiative to call the agent that enough information from him and brought new life to the deal. Once the deal was back on track he kept it on track....used finesse when needed and fire when needed too. All in all given the size of the transaction and the various complexities he put the puzzle together.
Jan 10, 2015
Rental Property Owner
I just sold one of my rental properties - a fourplex building in Sunnyvale, through Biil Harrigan a couple of months ago. This message is to acknowledge that I and my wife, Helen, are extremely happy with Bill and his team's work. They are exceptionally professional in every aspect of the activities. The coverage is outstanding. Ultimately, I received several offers above my original asking price.

The sale of my fourplex involves a 1031 Exchange Program. Bill and his team pays due attention for all the requirements of that Exchange. Consequently, the entire sale transaction went smoothly. I would recommend Bill's service to anyone without hesitation.


Bosco Wong

Nov 26, 2013
I definitely recommended Bill Harrigan as your realtor. I really enjoyed working with him when I tried to buy a duplex in San Jose. He was very nice and willing to work with me. He tried to give me deals, which include giving me some of his commisions. Overall, I highly recommend him.