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Dentist Group Gentle Dentistry For Teens & Adults
Gentle Dentistry for Teens and Adults. Experience the difference with an anxiety free visit to the dentist. Go Dental and Go Smile. It’s the little things that set us apart when you choose us as your Valencia dentist.

Your local dentist experience begins with the warm smile that greets you the moment you walk into our award winning facility; satellite television and music in every room that lets you tune out your surroundings with your personal headset; smooth all natural lip conditioner with a hint of peppermint spread generously on your lips; the gentle, reassuring touch of our team member; and finishing your visit with a warm cloth towel with a hint of lavender.
Apr 11, 2018
Dr. Go is the best dentist I've ever had. He's gentle, listens to your concerns, friendly, and above all, completely professional. My teeth look great and I owe it all to him. I highly recommend him.
Mar 20, 2018
Every time I visit Go Dental the team treats me like the most important patient they have. Dr. Go is also very attentive and patient, he spends the time to hear out question and addresses my concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Chris Go and his team at Go Dental!
Feb 25, 2018
Incredibly efficient,thorough and very friendly and kind. Also, I was able to watch t.v. While my teeth were cleaned, which was a great distraction that made the time go by very quickly.
Feb 21, 2018
Associate Head of School
I’ve been going to Go Dental for years and recommend them to everyone I know. They are always honest, extremely knowledgeable, and kind.
Dec 20, 2017
RN: Aesthetic Nurse
Our family has been going to Go Dental for many years now and we wouldn’t go anywhere else! The staff is extremely courteous and efficient. The hygienist are really awesome too! I usually see Dr. Monte and he does exceptional work as I’ve needed a lot of dental work over the years. They let you know exactly what the plan of care is and cost before they do anything. I highly recommend Go Dental to anyone.
Dec 20, 2017
Professor of Old Testament
Our family has been blessed to have Go Dental as our primary dentists. Over the years, we went to various dentists, but have found Go Dental to be absolutely AMAZING! Their care for each of us has been consistent, kind, and professional. We are all BIG Go Dental fans.
Dec 20, 2017
We are new residents in Valencia and Dr. Go was recommended to us by our son. We have been very pleased with the entire staff and Dr. Go himself. They are all very friendly and listen well to a new patients concerns. I had a crown fall off and also needed an old cavity re-done. They got all the work done in a timely basis without any pain. We certainly would recommend go dental to anyone needing a new dentist.
Nov 9, 2017
I LOVE Go Dental. Dr. Go and Dr. Monti excel in their field and are top notch when it comes to patient care. The entire staff from the front office to the hygienists are friendly and welcoming. I feel like I'm coming home whenever I'm there (not that I enjoy the dentist : ) lol). I trust in them 100 percent and their quality of care is exceptional.
Aug 14, 2017
I've been going to dr Go for 18 years he is the best dentist in Santa Clarita! Great staff and great service. Love them.
Aug 14, 2017
I've been going to dr Go for 18 years he is the best dentist in Santa Clarita! Great staff and great service. Love them.
Jul 6, 2017
Go Dental always makes me feel like I'm the only patient that matters, never more than a 3-5 minute wait, and spends the time to explain any and all procedures. By far the best practice I have ever been to. The thing that I really appreciate the most is I don't feel like they are trying to sell me on extensive dental work that I don't really need.
Apr 4, 2017
Financial Analyst
I had not been to the dentist for years, but did brush regularly with a sonic toothbrush and occasionally used a waterpik. Dental pain motivated me to ask our family friend, Michele S, who was a dental hygienist, to recommend a dentist. She recommended the dental office where she was currently working, Go Dental. I got right in for a evaluation, and Dr Monti was very professional and spent time to evaluate and explain my condition. The prescribed treatment worked quickly, which was a great relief. Since then, I have been there for a cleaning with Michele S, who was very talented. Then later, full xrays and to have two old fillings replaced with Dr Monti. I was very impressed by their high tech office, professionalism and attention to the patient. I highly recommend Go Dental!
Mar 26, 2017
We always feel that we are given first-class treatment as soon as we open the door, completely confident that our needs will be taken care of. The focus is always to keep us informed and comfortable. Thank you.
Mar 20, 2017
I like this dental group and have been their patent for many years. They are trustworthy, professional and clinically skilled. The environment is lovely.
Feb 4, 2017
Went to Doctor Go for a second opinion as my dentist for the last 40 years said I needed to have surgery to my gums. After a through examination and consultation by Dr.Go of which he stated that I did not meet the criteria for surgery to be performed. Informed my dentist of 40 years that I will not be going back! Dr. GO will be my new dentist.
Dec 6, 2016
Ad usual the care received was excellent - starting from the moment I walked into the office.
Dec 5, 2016
Music producer
I've been going to Go Dental for almost 10 years. Dr. Go is a great guy and VERY considerate during procedures and a really great guy. His staff is also fantastic, I really can't recommend them enough.
Oct 31, 2016
Dr. Go and his entire office staff make visiting the dentist painless and pleasurable! I regularly go to Kathy for my cleanings, and ask for Dr. Go for other procedures. They stay on schedule, communicate clearly about all procedures, options, costs etc. I have sent my friends to Dr. Go because he is the best! I highly recommend you choose Go Dental for your dental care.
Jul 29, 2016
As a patient that is completely afraid of walking into a dentist's office, I felt completely at ease with the Go Dental Team! Each person greeted me and made me feel that I would be well taken care of in their office. Dr. Go is remarkable. He isn't just checking for cavities, he is learning about "you," your lifestyle, and how he can help you improve and/or manage your dental care. My hygienist was great too. I can't say enough about this office. If you need a dental team that really wants to help you, this is where you should GO!
Jul 28, 2016
Partner, Executive Recruitment Company
I've been with GoDental for over 10 years and whenever I'm tempted to go somewhere else I just can't do it. Dr. Go and his colleagues and staff are competent, fair, friendly and responsive. It's never fun to go to the dentist but it's a total pleasure going to GoDental. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dentist they can trust and return to year after year.
Jul 28, 2016
As always, my visit to Dr. Go's office was pleasant (as a dentist can be) and professional. Some new faces on staff, but again I trust they meet the standards Dr. Go strives for.
Jul 4, 2016
Thank you for being so kind and courteous. you make visiting the dentist a pleasure. Your staff is outstanding. Thank you.
Jun 30, 2016
I've been going to Dr. Go for years and have had nothing but great experiences with the entire staff.
Apr 30, 2016
Apr 29, 2016
Go Dental is the best! Super friendly and helpful staff!! The office runs on time which I really appreciate! All of the dentists are kind and very skilled. When my family was looking for a dentist we asked our children's orthodontist and he recommended Go Dental. I'm so glad I found this practice.