DJ Thielen

Entrepreneur Empire Real Estate Builders, LLC
CEO / Real Estate Investor / Mentor
“I’ll Help You BUILD Your Real Estate Empire”
Retired Professional Baseball Player- S.F. Giants
Founder: Remote Real Estate Riches
DJ Thielen is the best mentor I have worked with as far as showing me how to get results in my real estate business. I have worked with and hired several mentors and what I appreciate about DJ is his servant heart as well as his expectation and instruction to get results. He is a family man and when you work with him, you’re familia. With his 18 years of experience he will show you how to get results in your real estate business and build a cash flowing portfolio.
Real Estate Investor
With DJ’s mentorship I’ve gone from not much knowledge of real estate to doing many deals. I have the confidence, skill sets and the knowledge to close buyers and sellers it has changed my family and I’s lives forever. I highly recommend working with DJ.
Thanks For All You Do DJ!
I appreciate you buddy thanks for all you do!
Our 1st meeting and discussions give me the confidence to take action on what he offered to do!
So I am doing my part and making this happen on day 2 also Caitlin was instamental in her followup and professionalism in this Process.
Thank you Both
Home inspector
DJ is a pleasure to be around and I highly reccomend him!!!
Leasing manager
I highly recommend DJ, he is very approachable and professional.
Leasing consultant
Knowledgeable and professional investor that does what he says. Highly recommended!
Leasing manager
Very knowledgeable and an easiness to build interpersonal relations with others. Highly recommended
Property manager
highly recommend Dj for any Real Estate needs he's a great gut, awesome communicator, and fun to work with!
Title examiner
Great person, Excellent professional !
Home inspector
Knowledgeable and competent, leads through example so everybody on his team learns and everybody in his team succeeds!
Real estate manager
Excellent and hard working. I give him 5 stars plus!!!
Real estate agent
DJ understands Real Estate so I highly recommend you doing business with him.
Mortgage broker
I give Dj 5 ?s... He is good at what he does and a very approachable senior.
Real estate agent
DJ is awesome, very knowledgeable and will help you grow your business.
Property developer
A 5 star review on on this guy ??
Real estate appraiser
DJ is awesome, very knowledgeable and will help you grow your business. Highly recommended!
Mortgage broker
A 5 star review on on this guy ??
Lease administrator
Dj is a great guy, and really knows his field of expertise. You won’t go wrong with Dj. ??????????
Home inspector
He is a man of many seasons. He is very active. His work experience is very good. I'm happy to work with him.
Leasing agent
What a smart and honest guy! We make a lot of money together evry time I work with him!!! DJ is a pleasure to be around and I highly reccomend him!!!
Home inspector
I highly recommend everything Dj has to offer. Ridiculously efficient is the phrase that comes to my mind when I think about him. He is definitely someone you want to work with.
Property manager
Natalie is wonderful I highly recommend her to anyone wanting a 5 ?? experience.
Property manager
Dj is a RISING STAR in the Real Estate Game....A Real Game Changer!!!
Home inspector
Dj is awesome I highly recommend him!