Surjit Kaur-Grewal

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Nov 19, 2019
Surjit helped my husband and I to purchase our first home and we really can’t say enough good things about her. We thought we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted in a home and understood the home buying process, but soon after beginning the search with her, we realized how much we could learn from her.

Working with Surjit exceeded all expectations, and we are incredibly grateful for all the time and expertise she shared with us. She is a person of her word and always followed through, willing to go out of her way to show us a house. As first time buyers, we had a long list of questions and she addressed each one patiently and thoroughly.

She is knowledgeable, approachable, personable, endlessly patient, and incredibly generous with her time (including mornings, evenings, and weekends over the course of several months). She reviewed every form and explained every part of the process clearly and thoroughly. Not only was she dedicated to helping us find the best home for us, but she also simultaneously assisted us to secure the right lender, all the while setting realistic expectations and guiding us through every step of the process.

We felt tremendously grateful for her guidance and nearly 28+ years of expertise as we navigated the sometimes stressful process of buying a home for the first time. Despite any setbacks, she continued tirelessly to secure a contract for the right house in the right neighborhood for the right price. To say that buying a home in this competitive market is challenging would be an understatement. However, with Surjit beside us as our advocate, we were able to close escrow on a house that went from being a wish list to being our home where we will make so many of our future memories together. We placed our trust in Surjit and she went above and beyond the call of her duty as a realtor and treated us like her family. We will be commending her and sending anyone we know in the market for a home her way for years to come!
Nov 18, 2019
Just bought our first property in the Bay Area and we are deeply appreciative of how Surjit helped us find our dream home. We were referred to her by a close friend of mine, who also had a great experience buying through her. Surjit was very patient throughout the process and helped us understand everything about home buying (since we were first time home buyers in the Bay Area).

Surjit was very attentive to our list of requirements and needs for the home. We searched with her in several locations and she helped us make several competitive offers while being very conscious of spending our money. She read and reviewed the disclosures with us and made offers accordingly while advising us about the work and expense needed for each property.

She was very patient with us and we were never rushed to buy any property. While showing houses, she told us the pros and cons of each one, not to mention the odd hours she would go with us to visit properties. She normally would visit the house before taking us there to determine if it would fit our preference. Her attention to the details is simply amazing (credit to her 28+ years of experience). She gave lots of input and suggestions on every house that we visited and was spot on to give an estimate for any repair work or upgrades to be done.

While working with her, we experienced that she is an excellent negotiator. She got us the house notably below the list price and comparable sales and surprised us by getting us cash back for repairs too. We ended up buying a house in a great location, easy commute and the schools we wanted, all below our target price.

Surjit was very supportive in reviewing everything about the property and was always clear and realistic about the condition of the home and its price. She paid close attention to what was not disclosed and helped with additional inspections and got us credit from the seller for those items. She was also very helpful in putting us in touch with her contacts for the upgrades that we planned to do, and her contacts were very responsive, reasonable and started work without delay.

I can keep on going, but in a nutshell, she is someone who will hunt for the kind of property you need and will help you to select the best one that has most of the qualities and features you are looking for. She works with you like her own family member and ensures you are 110% satisfied. Her honesty and sincerity to her job are commendable. I would highly recommend her to anyone!!
Aug 12, 2019
It was my pleasure having surjit Kaur-Grewal as our Realtor to represent us during my recent single family home purchase in Los Gatos. We were introduced to her by my colleague at work. Right from the beginning she has been a professional, direct, honest open with her communication. We always found her hardworking and persistent in protecting our interests. She worked within our requirements, specifications and price limit. In-fact she screened and previewed many properties before she had us seen them.

I had thought that I had little experience in real estate transactions in the US and this being 2nd property in bay area. We have come across very few to almost none whom my Wife and I could trust to work with. Though I am not judging her capabilities but her skills around Price Negotiation, market research, ensuring the house location is the safe, secure and most livable area of the city. Her experience and insights about most upcoming or popular real estate locations in bay area was amazing.She made our journey to buy a home, very smooth

I will be happy to share my experience and refer to her to my friends and colleagues who are looking for purchasing or selling a property and when we buy or sell next property in the near future, Surjit will be our Realtor.
Jun 26, 2018
First time home buyer
This review is lengthy but one word less will be a unjust for the dedication and services Surjit provides to her clients.

Home buying in Bay Area is the most stressful experience for the whole family, having a caring and experienced agent like Surjit is the key to transform the stress to a pleasurable experience.  We found Surjit a charm, lucky to have her as our agent. We would call her a family more than a realtor. 

First impression is the best impression:
My friend referred us to Surjit and after getting so many positive references about her, we decided to meet her and discuss what we are looking for and where we stand. One could easily gauge the expertise in the field from the questions your realtor would ask in the first meeting. It is very common for realtors to pump you up on your capabilities and they offer transaction credits or kick backs. Surjit is contrary to that, very straight forward, keeps you glued to the ground, doesn’t allow you to stretch beyond the limits. My wife and I felt much lighter and confident at the end of the meeting. Surjit channeled us to the right box while we were wandering in our thoughts and doubts till then.

Home Shopping experience:
Having known our priorities, Surjit recommended us only the specific houses and areas, ones that would be a perfect match. She does not waste your time showing the properties you have no interest or fit. Surjit thinks like a family member than a realtor, She forwarded only those listings that would fit our budget, specifications, school needs and most of all if the neighborhood suits each and every member of the family. She has solid knowledge of the neighborhoods, and presents excellent options. She would rightly recommend which ones to visit and which ones to avoid. Puts attention to all the details such as quality of houses, the crowd, traffic and even to the extent on how much it can appreciate anytime you want to put it back into the market.

Decision Making:
She pulled us back on some of the very good houses, falling under the school proximity and budget of our choice, due to optional school zone that would not guarantee the same high school for the sibling down the years.
We had put an offer for a smaller lot than desired for all other parameters, Surjit recommended a price and asked us not to feel tempted any further as it was not worth a penny more. She declined to put a counter offer after listing Agent’s claim that they had 90k more. We have later realized the sale price to be just over 10k on what we offered.

Glad Surjit didn’t leave us to fall prey to these kind of properties. She got us our dream home below the list price “No exaggeration, everyone including us could not still believe how she won such a bargain in this bay area market. Well all I can say is “the experience , knowledge and skills topped with her strong negotiation and communication skills” overpowers any bids. Here is the icing on the top, “she also got us seller credits”.

As stressful it is to win a bid for the dream home, it is, to close the process smoothly. Here is where she is loaded with expertise in closing, documentation and racing against the time. Surjit made this a cake walk for us, she is proactive in following up with loan officer, title company for closing at the earliest. Made our job very easy. She will not leave any stone unturned, managed to get all the credits, even those beyond closing cost. Surjit could have easily pushed us for higher bids and close a sale sooner, but she chose to sell us a dream home than just any house. She is never in a hurry to get her transaction fee and brush-off.
There times when we were ready to buy a house just for the schools, she discouraged us to proceed because of surrounding factors effecting the location or condition of the property.

For Surjit closing doesn’t end after signing the contract or signing the papers at the title company. She helped us with contractors for the improvements to personalize the home, negotiated the prices with them and provided valuable inputs in home improvement. I have never seen such a dedicated realtor who works tirelessly.

We will always recommend her to our friends, family, neighbors who are in the market to buy or sell real Real Estate because of her selfless and amazing level of service.
Mar 3, 2018
Buying a home or selling one is a tedious process, not to mention the emotions that are attached to these. We were so anxious to sell our home and buy a new one in bay area. As residents of bay area, we knew the market is going to be in our favor but we had no idea where to begin! We came across Surjit through a friend's housewarming and with our friend's referral decided to meet Surjit.
From the get go she gave us all kinds of information that we need to think about when buying a house. We started the journey and before we knew it, it all came together. She would send us listings after visiting the properties and ask us to go there and see if we like them. Based on our criteria decided in first meeting, she would go herself to filter out homes, then send us list of homes that were worth going to. She would educate us on what are pros and cons of the property and even help us to think about how the property may appreciate in the coming years! We could have never imagined that we would meet such a hardworking and dedicated realtor. She treated us like her family and would always tell us I can never sell you a house where I wouldn't want my family to live. So if you are ready for a house hunting adventure, work with Surjit and remember bring a notepad and take notes! You are bound to a learning experience! We are so happy and satisfied with our purchase. We hope you have the same experience.
Jan 16, 2018
We had an amazing experience buying our first home with Surjit. We were lucky to be referred to her by close friends, who had also had a great experience purchasing their home with Surjit. The housing market in the Bay Area, esp. South Bay (Santa Clara county) is extremely competitive, with houses staying on the market for a matter of days or weeks.

Surjit took time to understand our priorities and tirelessly combed through upcoming listings, visited and vetted them in advance, and then scheduled visits for us for the ones she determined matched our criteria. On each visit, she highlighted the pros and the cons, including any repair work that would be required, both short and medium term. She has an amazing eye for those details, and her decades of experience in this area gives her a great sense of the quality of the neighborhood, construction, or maintenance costs/burden. Being first time buyers, we tended to be dazzled by apparently nicer looking homes, but Surjit did a great job of pulling the facade off some of those, as well as informing us that some of the not so immediately nice looking homes could be improved with relatively low effort.

Surjit was a constant advocate for us, and we never felt that she did not have our best interests at heart -- always prioritizing the quality of life we would have in the new home over the time and effort it took for her in our continued search. She was never in a hurry to close and move on to another client.

Surjit was also very helpful in putting us in touch with our loan officer, and then did a great job writing our offers even if it required working late into the night. She is a very good negotiator. She estimated the expected winning bid accurately, and our accepted offer was only a percent or so above the list price. Surjit was with us every step of the way until closing and after, and we are confident to say, we have found a life-long friend in her. We would highly recommend Surjit.
Sep 25, 2017
VP Finance
We used Surjit to purchase our home in San Jose in 2016. She was outstanding!!!! She helped review the various houses we would recommend, visit the homes first to check how they are, let us know if it is 'worth it' or not, before letting us even go visit the house. If the house has too much traffic on the road, if it has a noisy road behind it, if the neighbourhood is not good, etc, she would plain and simple say 'not worth it'. That helped ensure we are only looking at homes which are reasonable. She was not ever pushy to buy or bid on a home. She would recommend some of them and let us decide. We never felt the pressure to buy a home. It did take us a while to buy the home we really liked and are very happy thanks to Surjit's relentless assistance. Even after the home was purchased and done, she helped us find great contractors and also negotiated all the time to get us the best deal possible on the contractors, engineers, etc. All in all, she is amazing and is more of a member of our family now, more than an real estate agent. Thanks Surjit for all the help.
Aug 9, 2017
I can't say enough about Surjit. She started off as our real estate agent, but she is now my friend for life. When we started hunting for a house we had a specific budget and school requirements. I don't think many agents would really do the thorough research and analysis for our very specific criteria. She shortlisted a great collection. She took us to see houses from all the way to Fremont in the north to South San Jose. While showing the house she was very particular about the choices and pointed out the shortcomings in some houses. She wanted to make sure that we get the right house in the right neighborhood.
Once we finalized the house Surjit moved really fast with all the paper work and lining up all the necessary inspections. Her recommendation for the Lender was also awesome and he did a great job very quickly. Thanks to their efforts we were able to close the sale very quickly.
It did not end here. After we got the house she helped us with contacts to get the home repainted and for other small fixes and it was done in a couple of days.

After we had everything done she still keeps regular contact and we still see her frequently. She is now more like a member of our family and a very good friend.

Surjit, Thanks for your awesome job and help in finding us this house !!!
Jun 5, 2017
Partner Technology Manager at Google
Surjit has been an outstanding and key asset in our house search. We had a house to sell before we went out and bought a new one. That is always a tricky situation. Surjit came in and guided us tapping into her vast expertise and years of experience. She guided us very objectively letting us know the pros and cons of various choices with both our selling and buying.

Here are some concrete points that build up my endorsement of her:

- She is very adaptive and can really step up when it comes to crunch-time situations. We had this happen where the sale of our house needed to be expedited in order for us to quality for our new purchase loan. She acted really swiftly and we did an open house the same weekend and got us a mind-blowing offer within a few days afterwards. Nothing sort of magical.

- She is very straightforward about her feedback and criteria when evaluating a property. She will let you know point-blank on the pros and cons that she sees from her vantage point

- She has a great network spanning all areas of real estate transaction (loan officer, mortgage experts, bankers, escrow companies etc) which is an asset

Overall, highly recommended. If you are looking for someone trustworthy and who would treat you as an extension of herself when it comes to real estate transactions, Surjit is your realtor.

Surjit: Thanks so much for making our dream come true of selling our house and buying a new one. Wish you the very best for future !!
Jun 5, 2017
Retired Teacher, Member of CTA, and Member of NEA
Surjit Kaur -Grewal had done a super job in listing our Property for sale in Modesto. She did her best to find the potential buyer in the appropriate time frame and get the deal closed for the price that we expected with a minimum hassle to us. She was very professional and kept us apprised at every step of the sale process even when we were out of county on vacation.
She has been in Real estate for many years and she knows how to handle the
sales process. We commend her work ethics and recommend her as the best
Real Estate Agent in California.
May 12, 2017
Surjit is awesome. She is knowledgeable, hardworking and focused towards finding the perfect house for her clients. With unbelievable amounts of energy. I would only recommend her to my friends and relatives.

"Better Call Surjit"!
May 12, 2017
Our experience with Surjit was simply outstanding. She listened closely to our needs and made the daunting task of buying a home in Bay Area simple and seamless. She has excellent knowledge of the bay area housing market with its geography and pricing and was always professional, personable and detail oriented. She was able to preview several homes for us and give us detailed honest feedback and come up with the right strategy for our offers and always was a step ahead in thinking through the best possible return on our investment. Her diligence and commitment paid off for us. We are happy and excited about our new home! The entire experience exceeded our expectations and we are truly glad to recommend her as a Realtor and friend for your next home purchase or sales.
Jan 23, 2017
VP Finance
We got in touch with Surjit through a great reference from a friend of ours, who was all praises for Surjit's work ethic and outstanding support during the whole home purchase process. We were initially skeptical but as soon as we met her, my wife was fully sold on using Surjit for our home purchase. However, it took us a few months to come to the decision to buy a home, but Surjit was very patient through out the process of the wait, following up once in a while to see if we are still interested. My wife used to research on homes on and off and send homes for Surjit to preview. The great thing is she would actually go and visit these homes and a lot of them were rejected by her based on various factors which we didnt think about. That showed us that she is very sincere and has a customer-first approach, which was very refreshing in a world where everyone is after quick money at all costs. When we finally decided to move forward with our purchase, again she never pushed us to buy a home we didnt like. If we said we dont like it, she would say fine. She must have driven miles and miles to see all the homes we selected initially and again reject some based on district, school proximity, neighbourhood quality, home quality, etc. She was amazing!! When we finally decided on the home, she did a lot of research on the price and got us to reduce the price from the asking instead of just going with a higher bid. Even after close, she is still helping us with renovations, contractor recommendation, negotiation, remodeling ideas, etc. All in all, a super duper realtor and hopefully a life long friend. Highly recommend her for all.
Jan 30, 2016
Assistant Real Estate Manager
A neighbor of ours put their house on the market and within a couple of weeks they told us the townhouse sold for more than what they were asking for. We were plan on moving and with the way the market was it was the right time to sell. I requested the contact that my neighbor used to sell their home, that is how I met Surjit.

I met with Surjit and explained our situation. Without even signing papers and entering into agreement, she right away provided positive feedback on how to sell our home. In addition she also gave feedback on the other listings in the area. The next day my family met with her and we entered into our agreement with Surjit.

She wanted quite a bit of work done to the house and even set up vendors to assist with the repairs needed. The timeline was very aggressive but we all worked together to meet our deadline. With hard work from both Surjit and us listening to her advise we had an offer on our first open house. Although that didn't come to fruition, the next week we had another open house and received multiple offers.

Although our listing was market rate, Surjit pushed well above market and not only did she negotiate above market, it was $10K more than what we expected. While the paper work was in progress and took some time she consistently communicated to us through out the process. While I felt concerns and worries that things were taking too long she held confidence that the deal was going to close.

Surjit is a very ethical and professional agent. I highly recommend Surjit to any one who wants to sell or buy. If we could use her services in Washington we would. We will definitely use an agent she recommends in this area. I really enjoyed working with her and felt the we had mutual respect for one another.
Dec 15, 2015

Another one sold by Surjit

More listings coming next year. Call for more details
Aug 9, 2015
Buying a house in and around San Jose, California is a daunting process. We were very fortunate that we had Surjit Kaur-Grewal as our agent. Surjit is polite, patient and caring but most of all Surjit is experienced and knowledgaeble.

Surjit helped us understand the dynamics of the current housing market in and around San Jose. She treated us as if we were actually important and continues to help us well after the sale has been completed. During the purchase process she really got to know me, my wife and my daughter. She was quick to pick up on what we liked and did not like as we were looking at houses.

Once Surjit had a good idea of what we were all about she narrowed our search to houses that were appealing to us. Without Surjit we may still be looking for the right house.Once we found the right house Surjit stayed right with us and introduced us to bankers, insurance people, escrow people, service people and others that helped us get into our house and start enjoying it. Surjit is a TRUE PROFESSIONAL that knows the San Jose market and how to get a deal done!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SURJIT for anyone needing to buy or sell a house in and around San Jose, California
Jan 2, 2015
A proud home owner
We are really grateful to Surjit for her compassion throughout the home searching, buying, and move-in process. Coming from a prior bad experience in buying the home on a not so great location and incurring loss this time around with Surjit was simply great.
Searching – Surjit worked with us to better understand our needs and specific requirements like great schools. She pre-screened the areas so we do not have to waste time looking at not so good properties. In some cases she rightly pointed out the disadvantages like nearby rail road, school across, busy junction, etc.
Buying – Surjit helped us on the loan process as well by connecting us to a knowledgeable agent. When we did narrow down to the house of our liking Surjit was able to negotiate considerably with the selling agent and even convince the owners themselves of our asking price which was well below the market! Surjit helped us to get the house thoroughly inspected and was even able to get additional credit from the sellers as we found some repair items.
Move-in – Her job was not done just with signing the papers. Surjit pays close attention to our needs and accordingly helped us to upgrade kitchen, flooring, and remove acoustics before the move-in. Surjit attention to details is exemplary. Thanks to Surjit we really got our dream home.
Surjit is a complete package for anyone to get their dream home. I will continue recommend Surjit to my friends.