Fidel Moralez

Broker Associate | Agent Fidel Moralez Real Estate
I am passionate about all things real estate. There is nothing more satisfying than being a part of someones journey to purchase their first home to selling and moving on to another chapter in their life. I gravitate to the challenge of getting the best possible home, location & price for my clients looking to buy as well as getting the most money for my clients looking to sell. No matter what the task, I am all in and go above and beyond in any transaction I am a part of. I also like nothing more than to be a resource of information to anyone looking for some insight about the real estate market. I welcome any and all real estate inquiries and look forward to the opportunity to meet and make new relationships along the way.
May 16, 2018
Claims management
If your looking for a professional agent that TRULEY understands your needs then Fidel is your agent. I move often ( about every two years ) and have worked with a lot of talented agents. Fidel blows them all out of the water. Fidel's attention to detail, commitment, dedication, knowledge, and most importantly in my opinion actually listening to understand how to meet all the demands and needs of his clients. I have purchased and sold my homes with Fidel, and has always been amazed at the level of service he provides. If your looking to buy or sell a home in Northern California there is simply no one better. Fidel is the best !!!!
May 16, 2018
I worked with Fidel to purchase my first home and really can't say enough good things about him. Fidel is knowledgeable, approachable, personable, endlessly patient, and incredibly generous with his time (including mornings, evenings, and weekends). Fidel answered every question and explained every form and every part of the process clearly and thoroughly. He made me feel in good hands. Buying a home in this market is challenging, but working with Fidel made it as painless and straightforward as possible. I highly recommend him. Fidel and his team ROCK!!
Jan 3, 2018
Purchasing a house can be scary but luckily we were blessed with Fidel! Fidel helped us every step of the way and didn't push us into anything we were not comfortable with. He helped with the entire process from start to finish. He was wonderful, we worked as a team and he actually listened to all of our concerns when looking and purchasing our home. He helped connect us with the correct people to build our team and purchase the home we wanted. Our family would 100% recommend working with Fidel and in the future, if we ever decide to leave our perfect home, we will be working with Fidel again!
Jan 3, 2018
(RET)Marine Colonel
Fidel is awesome! Unlike most other agents, who try to push you in directions you do not want to go, Fidel listens to you and puts 100% effort into delivering what YOU want. He never gives up and adjusts his marketing strategy to get results. When other agents told us we could not sell our home for the amount we thought it was worth, Fidel listened and it sold, for exactly what we wanted! Fidel is very open and communicates well. Bottom line, he gets results! I've dealt with numerous real estate companies and agents in the past 40 years, and Fidel is the best!
Oct 6, 2017
Purchasing Client of Fidel Moralez
My husband and I had the pleasure of purchasing a home with Fidel. Throughout the entire home purchasing process Fidel was highly skilled and passionate in his profession. He made us feel that our needs and desires in our future home were as important to him as they were to us! As a client of his we felt that our financial interest were protected and that we were guided and assisted when we needed to be. We would definitely recommend Fidel as an agent whether buying or selling.
Oct 26, 2016
Loan Consultant
I have had the pleasure to work with Fidel on several transactions this year. All of our transactions were smooth , quick, and closed on time. He is a true professional in his field and his passion can be seen by the way he treats his clients (with great care) . He is one of my favorite realtors in the county and love working with him. For anyone looking to find a home quickly he is your guy. I would recommend him to all my family and friends!
Sep 6, 2016
Event Coordinator
I'm not a person who likes to leave reviews because it takes time and time is of the essence, and I feel like I never have enough time. But I will always give credit where it is due!

One phrase that describes Fidel? "He can make it happen". He was a referral from a family friend and I had mentioned my semi-difficult situation with purchasing a house and they said "Give Fidel a call- he can make anything happen"

3 months later I purchased my first house for my family and I. He lined me up with homes that were for sale in the different neighborhoods I was interested in, in my price range and my absolute needs (# of rooms/bathrooms, etc).

We looked at almost 20-30 homes, and I'm a picky person, if I walk in and it doesn't feel like "home" I will walk out and on to the next one! There were a few that I spent less than 5 mins in, and I had this man driving all over the place and working around my VERY hectic and crazy schedule (to put it in perspective I run a very busy restaurant in SF where I work an average of 60 hours from home and physically there, I had a new baby under 4 months old, and juggling 5 step kids as well, so I was not kidding when I say I don't have time).

Once I found "THE HOUSE", the place that felt like home, the place that I see myself raising my kids in and with top rated schools I KNEW I had to get it!

The seller wanted ALL bids in by 5pm that day (it was 3pm!), Fidel called the agent and had them wait for our bid. The next day I get a call that there are 2 other strong bidders and they came back with counter offers. I've never purchased a house, I don't know what to do, I just knew that I wanted THIS house, but I don't have the funds to make a higher offer and Fidel KNEW how bad I wanted that house.

Fast forward- I got the house! The point is, that Fidel is a patient, hard working hustler that will do what needs to be done to get you the house you want, work with the situation you are in, go above and beyond the call of duty to make you a happy client. This man worked on the day of his 20th wedding anniversary (yes, I was that client. Im sorry!).

If you want to buy/sell/rent your home-- this man will MAKE IT HAPPEN. Don't just take my word for it, experience it for yourself!"
Jun 17, 2016
Owner of Sumagang Productions
I heard buying a home for the first time can be intimidating and since this was my first, it's very much true! I've spoken to a few Real Estate agents and for some reason I just wasn't comfortable with any of them. My brother recommend Fidel to me and we when my girlfriend and I first met him, we got along REALLY well. He's a personable man and one characteristic I appreciate from him, is how patient and understand he is. He never urged me towards a place and respected my price range. He's extremely knowledgeable about the homes as well as the neighborhood. I highly recommend Fidel for all your real estate needs!
May 6, 2016
It's hard to exaggerate how pleased I am with the services provided by my realtor Fidel Morales. For example he touched base with me on every decision, he was always available with sound advice. The final sale exceeded my expectations. I would recommend his services without reservation.
Apr 22, 2016
There's no one better than fidel, he walks you through every single step in buying a home. on top of that, if you have any questions about the process he's only a phone call away! ! I
Mar 4, 2016
I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Fidel for the past 4+ years. Loyal, kind, compassionate, hard working, honest, motivated, intelligent, are just some of the choice words that come to my mind when I think of Fidel. He is a team player always willing to help however he can. Oh, and definitely a great sense of humor, he always makes everyone smile.
Jan 8, 2016
Investment Buyers
Fidel Moralez’s service has been top notch. We are investment buyers and have worked with many Agents. As investment buyers, we have a little different approach to purchasing and Fidel handled everything without skipping a beat. Fidel was in constant contact with listing agent and our lender and Title Company when necessary.
Quite simply everything comes down to trust. When Fidel gives you his word he will stand by it. If it’s his responsibility, it will be done. If it is somebody else’s responsibility he will push them to take care of their duties.
Fidel is highly recommended and he will represent us in the future.
Jon and Lola Hussey

Jan 6, 2016
Myself and my wife can not express how incredible Fidel was when were looking for a home to buy, He was extremely diligent, and helpful in every aspect. We learned a lot during the process through Fidel. Fidel never once sent us to a home we were not interested in. We had such a good experience we invited Fidel to our new home for a Bar-B-Que, and of course he showed up. Simply put he is a good and honest man. I would strongly recommend Fidel and we look forward to dealing with him again.

Russell & Dana Rush
Oct 3, 2015
Words can't explain how thankful I am to Fidel. A few years ago I lost my husband and wanted to get my girls out of the neighborhood that we lived in and move them into a new environment. Fidel worked with me and found us a house that I loved but it was already sold. Instead of giving up he told the realtor if anything happened to let him know and 8 months later he called me saying that the house was for sale again. Fidel helped me surprise my girls and on Christmas Eve gave them the keys to the house. Fidel goes beyond what is expected and does everything in his power to help. He picked up my calls no matter what time it was, talked me through every step of this process and genuinely cared about the outcome of the situation. He originally started off as my realtor but quickly turned into family. He is the first person I would recommend to anyone because I know he does what he says and he doesn't quit or take no for an answer. He is an extremely hard worker and so loyal to his customers. My family and I are so blessed to have met Fidel.
Sep 19, 2015
Owner of Total Home Inspection
I've worked with Fidel numerous times and it's always a great experience. Fidel is right on top of any issues that arise during the inspection process. Fidel will go the extra mile for he's clients.
Sep 18, 2015
Business Insurance Broker
Fidel did an amazing job preparing, pricing and marketing my condominium. He exceeded all my expectations. We sold the place for more than we were asking for it in large part due to Fidel's strategy. I highly recommend him!
Sep 14, 2015
Former client -now friend
For several months we were working with another realtor trying to get pre-approved to buy a house and told there was nothing they could do for us . A family member recommended the realtor she was working with and said "He can make things happen",His name was Fidel Moralez.Fidel is such a warm people person and right away he impressed us.He did just what he said,he never over promised nor under performed.He stayed in constant contact with us ,even when there wasn't anything new happening.He always returned our calls and he always treated us with the utmost respect. It was such a breath of fresh air to have a person we could trust on our side always giving 100%.We have and will continue to recommend Fidel to anybody needing a realtor.Another bonus with Fidel is he has aligned himself with other honest ,hardworking professionals in the mortgage industry,so you don't have to shop around. We met Fidel as our Agent, but we are now friends for life.
Sep 10, 2015
Fidel was great to work with. Always only showed me houses I would be interested in. Worked with me for over 8 months even when no one else would.he found me a home with everything on my want list on a very small budget.
Sep 9, 2015
We met Fidel when we went to look at a house for sale belonging to a long time acquaintance. Fidel was the listing agent. We decided the house wasn't what we wanted.
However, we liked Fidel and told him what kind of investment property we were after.
Fidel found several properties for us. He became our agent and still is.
I recommend Fidel.
Sep 8, 2015
Retired Teacher
If you want a top notch real estate self person, Fidel is the man for the job. He will make sure that your home is sold. Fidel always call before the house was shown giving me the time and date. He took the time to explain what I needed to expect throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Fidel to all who are serious about selling their home.
Sep 8, 2015
Executive Area Manager, Direct Mortgage Banker
Fidel is a Realtor who TRULY cares about his clients needs and concerns! he continually pushes to make sure they get a home that fits their needs and desires. He is a dedicated Realtor who works long hours to make sure all the details get worked out during the purchase process. He take the time to listen and confirm what his clients need in order to make the transaction work.
If you are looking for a Realtor who will give you 110% effort and will keep your best interests in mind during the negotiations, KNOW that Fidel is that Person and he will take GREAT Care of you. he is a person you can trust and you can get a hold of him or a return call in a reasonable amount of time!, he is a cut above the rest!

George R Kalis
Executive Area Manager
Direct Mortgage Banker
Sep 8, 2015
State Farm Agent, Vacaville
I referred one of my clients to Fidel Moralez to help with a tricky real estate transaction, I explained to Fidel that my customer would need a gentle hand in this transaction and would probably take additional help. In the end, Fidel helped my customer with the sale of her rental home, walked her though all aspects of the process and made her extremely comfortable with the decisions that she made, she has since visited me to tell me what a wonderful experience she had.
Sep 8, 2015
Future Homeowner
Fidel has been working with me to find a starter house. Because of things out of his control (stuff going on with me) this process has taken much longer than most. I really appreciate Fidel taking the time to check-in with me and keeping me updated on what is available in my area and responding with pertinent information when I tell him I like something.