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Feb 8, 2017
We bought our home at 730 Bamboo Drive in Sunnyvale back in 2005. During our 11 years living there there was one person who came by regularly with real estate literature, Bret Maryon with Intero. I would see him from time to time and would always have a pleasant exchange. In the spring of 2016 an opportunity to move out of state arose and it was time to look at selling our home. Due to having some history with Bret, I felt we should definitely speak with him. However, I also lined up three other agencies for comparison sake, one of which had a very large presence in Sunnyvale. We met with Bret first and both my husband and I were really impressed. It was clear our neighborhood was his area of expertise and he had a lot of knowledge. He seemed very honest, personable and was very easy to get along with. In addition, Bret offered very personalized service. We would not be dealing with an office full of multiple people handling all the assorted parts of our sale. He said he would be with us continually throughout the whole process and we liked that. We had a couple of question marks after meeting with a bigger conglomerate and upon letting him know, Bret offered to come by to sit down with us that very night. He reassured us that he could do all the same, and in fact more. As we shook hands and he walked away he turned to say, "no one will work harder for you than me" and I can honestly say, no truer words were ever spoken! Bret IS a hard worker. He's up early hitting the pavement and it's clear, based on answered texts late at night, that he's taking care of business then too. Similar to the conductor in an orchestra he put together an amazing group of talent. He has so many contacts in the industry and was able to have them all in and out of our home within a very short amount of time - while we still lived there - to literally overhaul our house and get it ready for market. The 'before' and 'after' was amazing to say the least and we are very glad we took his advice and did the things he suggested as proven by our return on investment. He was able to work with us so that there were no out-of-pocket expenses before the sale of our home was complete. He held two Open Houses one weekend and we were able to choose our buyer from multiple offers, selling our home within that week of it hitting the market. Bret is very professional, stays on top of things and is constantly in contact to make the whole process very fluid and easy. Bret became a regular presence in our lives and felt like a genuine friend - we knew that he had our best interests at heart. I should also mention, he also researched where we were moving and put us in contact with two realtors here, one of whom we really liked and ended up working with. We highly recommend working with Bret when selling your home!
Jan 16, 2015
Bret, and his Intero colleagues - Bill and Lisa - were all fantastic! We couldn't believe the competition to find the right home in the Bay Area. Yet despite being a seller's market, Bret helped us find a home at asking price! Bret was thorough, knowledgeable, patient, approachable, available, and appropriate with each home we made a bid on. What impressed us most is the follow-through. Even after the sale was made, he continued to help us with advice and suggestions for contractors, and even visited the home on our behalf to help make arrangements when we couldn't be there ourselves.
Jun 18, 2014
Home listed and sold by Bret Maryon
I met Bret Maryon a few years ago, as he was walking door to door on my street passing out flyers regarding local real estate transactions. He was easy to talk to, professional and well acquainted with the neighborhood. I had a feeling when I met him, that he would be my next real estate agent, because the woman who had helped me on three other transactions had retired.

When my daughter and I decided to sell my home, I contacted Bret and set up a meeting within the next couple of days. Bret showed up on time and had done his homework. I had updated the kitchen and bathrooms, and Bret was able to provide valuable information to help me finish the projects in ways that would appeal to buyers.
He suggested flooring and staging, that I hadn’t thought of. Every person who saw the finished product was very complimentary, and thought the house looked amazing.

The difficult part for me was determining the price, and Bret helped immensely with that! He knew what comparable houses in the neighborhood and Sunnyvale were selling for. Once we came up with pricing, finished projects, and had the house staged, things moved quickly. Bret provided beautiful high quality marketing materials. In less than two weeks the house was sold for more than the asking price, escrow opened and closed within in a couple of weeks, (less than a month)!

In short, if you’re looking for a knowledgeable, professional, dependable, honest, and hard working agent, I think you’ve found him in Bret Maryon!

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