Marty Brill

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Marty was born and raised in New York City. He graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in Psychology and went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Florida State University.  

Marty held a faculty position with the department of psychiatry at Medical University of South Carolina. There, he used his nurturing skills in therapy with children and their families. 


Marty later moved to California where he met and married his wife, Kate.  Together they have a son, Eli, and daughter-in-law, Tia from Romania.


Marty enjoys playing golf and tennis with friends. Marty believes in lifelong learning and he cherishes his daily reflections and his faith.




Marty & Eli shun the hard sell approach, preferring to build lasting personal relationships with the people they work with. They are committed to the well-being of their clients.


With a vast knowledge of Bay Area housing, they are uniquely skilled to help both buyers and sellers.  Marty & Eli derive enormous satisfaction from working with all types of clients - from first time home buyers, to growing families, and seasoned property investors.  They both feel that their extensive work abroad has helped them serve their clients with a higher level of  compassion and perspective.   


They are tough minded, focused negotiators who defend the interests of their clients with a passion.  You will be glad you have them on your side when the bargaining begins!


While Marty & Eli are tenacious negotiators when advocating for their clients, they are also gentle, reflective and sensitive men who can be trusted and relied on.  Most clients come to regard them not only as excel

Sep 1, 2014
First time home buyer
As first time homebuyers, purchasing a house in a competitive market like the bay area is challenging. Marty made this process easier and less stressful for us. Most importantly, he helped us to get our dream home in a very short time frame. We interviewed many other agents before we decided to work with Marty. Working with Marty is the best decision that we made in our house buying process.

Marty is the most knowledgeable and prepared agent we have met. He understands the needs and worries of first-time home buyers. He helped us to understand the risks and rewards of getting a house financially, which reduced our anxiety, as we could base our decision on real data rather than speculation. Moreover, Marty knows the local bay area and has the most up to date knowledge of the trends of the market. Being in the bay area for less than two years, we needed someone who could advise us on the best areas to live for our requirements, and this subtlety of local knowledge cannot be found in any kind of online resource. Marty has a lot of connections, such as contractors, loan agent, and insurance etc. We did not realize it before, but we learned that these personal connections can make a big difference. In our case, we encountered unexpected issues in our loan application even though we were pre-approved by the bank, and had to switch to a different loan provider at the last minute. Marty’s recommended loan agent worked really hard to help us to meet the deadline and made things happen.

Working with Marty is an enjoyable experience. He is always well-prepared and resourceful. He sticks with you when difficulties happen in the purchase process. We are very thankful to Marty in helping us get our dream house, and we recommend him wholeheartedly!

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