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Mar 29, 2021
EU Correspondent
Quick, simple, uncomplicated and professional.
Mar 25, 2021
Real Estate
Way beyond expectations for a real estate transaction in Texas and one party without a SSN. New biometric verification is very cool and much better than the Q&A that challenges my memory! Took an interest in making sure that things were perfect and helped fix Title Company initiated errors proactively. And, BTW, I'm doing this from Moscow, Russia. Hats off to Joy from Nevada and Vanessa from Virginia.
Mar 25, 2021
I'm from Korea. My CGFNS application was required notarization.
At first, I thought I had to go to a notary office to get notarized, but it's far from my home. Then I discovered NotaryCam which can be notarized by online.
I was nervous because I'm not an English native speaker, but the notary was kind and patient. So I could finish the notarization successfully.
I appreciate NotaryCam service!
Mar 17, 2021
It was an awesome experience. Excellent service and very quick and efficient.
Mar 15, 2021
Excellent service, easy and convenient.
Mar 15, 2021
Efficient, timely, Excellent
Mar 14, 2021
You did a great job - thank you:)
Mar 12, 2021
Thank you Notary Cam for your service. I just had trouble with the payment part but I still highly recommend their service. It was quick and smooth transaction . It is very convenient to get your documents legally notarize online. Well done!
Mar 9, 2021
Owner, SeaKist Yacht Sales
NotaryCam has been both proactive and responsive in continual improvement of their process. Most of our clients are distant/international, and coordinating multiple-site sessions for notarization is a smooth process. Well done!
Mar 5, 2021
Great experience ,it was easy and quick. I highly recommend NotaryCam!
Mar 5, 2021
It was perfect. Excellent service!
Mar 2, 2021
President Milestone Title Company
As always, super efficient and so easy for all parties to use.
Mar 1, 2021
I would highly recommend. It was simple and straightforward.
Feb 26, 2021
When my husband told me we needed to use a notary via online with a live camera I was a bit put out. I was working as a nanny and teaching in California while he was on a remote island in Alaska. Trying to sell a condo we owned in Florida. Whew! Sounds crazy. My online notary was Wendy with NotaryCam. She was amazing. I am not laptop savvy and I needed to use a laptop or PC desktop. I didn’t have that with me. At the last minute I borrowed my daughters new laptop without her in town to show me how. No worries! Wendy guided me step by step and took me through the complete process while my 3 grandchildren made so much noise and plenty of interruptions. I was the only adult with them at the time. Not to worry as Wendy went beyond professionalism to accommodate us. Patient kind and very professional. Great customer service. She was ready but waited kindly for me to do my part. She really made my day! I would recommend her and NotaryCam with 5 stars! Thank you, Beth Murray
Feb 26, 2021
Really professional, effective and fast.
Feb 19, 2021
Marketing Director
Feb 8, 2021
Senior Physiotherapist
They assist me nicely and on time. Excellent service.
Feb 1, 2021
Toni did an awesome job working with with all six of the people that need to notarization for one document. She even work with one of the individuals that was located in Afghanistan.

Thanks to Tone we can start our process smoothly.

Thank you!
Feb 1, 2021
Virtual notarization was easy. The notary was helpful and made everything simple. A great service
Jan 19, 2021
owner of MC International services
My clients in China used NotaryCam, it is so convenient for them! Reliable and efficient
thank you!
Jan 18, 2021
It’s very convenient, procedures are easy and fast. I recommend it!
Jan 18, 2021
easy via zoom. I would recommend
Jan 11, 2021
Presidente de empresa
I am pleasantly surprised by the service you provide, in our country it is unthinkable to do a certification online. The process is fast and the day of the appointment in less than 30 minutes I had the documents properly notarized. Congratulations !
Jan 5, 2021
Excellent service!
Dec 18, 2020
It was easy and fast.