Steve Droz

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Jun 3, 2020
California Licensed Professional Fiduciary
Steve did a wonderful job selling a house for me and all of the work that came with it. He oversaw getting the house fixed up for market, which added significant value to the home and helped it sell quickly. He also oversaw and dealt with the specific requirements for that city to comply with everything the city needed for the house to be sold. Very happy with Steve's work and will recommend him and use him again
Mar 4, 2020
It's an immense pleasure to work with Steve Droz in selling our home. He was amazingly methodical in gathering our requirements, planning for preparing the home, organizing the service providers, regular feedback on progress, and efficiently setting up the sale of our home in just over a week of the first open house.
We are pleased to be recommending him to any one buying or selling home. He is hands down the first choice for a real estate agent.
Oct 29, 2019
Steve is a consummate reliable professional we wished for in a realtor. He is patient, considerate, and ever willing to help. He discussed with us in detail to help us articulate our requirements and evolve a plan to search for and finalize our home purchase.
We are very very happy to have worked with Steve in buying our home, and highly recommend his services.
Sep 10, 2019
I had been looking for a home for a very long time and Steve was patient and frequently would keep in touch when I was looking. If I wanted to see a home outside of the Open House hours, he was able to accommodate me. I truly got to see his dedication and skills once I found my home. Even when he was on vacation, he made sure my escrow moved along. Unfortunately, we had to work with the world's worst brokers (KB Worldwide - DO NOT USE THEM!) but Steve's knowledge on how to maneuver the situation was remarkable and during the ordeal, he provided me with daily updates and options. His expertise helped navigate and get me through the rough waters we were in. He stood by my side the entire time, which I appreciated very much, as it was such a stressful time.
I can't thank you enough Steve!!!
Mar 27, 2019
Home Buyer
Steve is the best among the real estate agents I have seen. He goes out of his way to help his clients and he remains focused to achieve your goal of purchasing a home! I was amazed by the shear amount of efforts he put in. Bay area market is so different from other places and he has tons of strategies to find you your dream home. I believe it is his experience that makes him uniquely positioned to perform that made me give him this extra-ordinary rating. Another very important thing is to have a peace of mind while going through the home buying process......Steve made our home buying experience pleasant. He communicates well giving heads-up on all the steps and he walks you through the whole thing. Wonderful job Steve! I highly recommend him and I will always seek his help for any of my real estate activity in the future.
Dec 22, 2018
Steve was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. He has a great knowledge of the local market and knew what needed to be done to get our house ready for sale. He worked extremely hard to coordinate everything, and then put together a great marketing program. Thanks, Steve!
Oct 11, 2018
I had been looking for a house on and off for a while and got frustrated because the house prices went up so high which made the buyers more difficult to find their home in this competitive market.

One day, I met Steve at an open house and felt that this was the house I really wanted to buy. So, I approached Steve and asked him if he can help me. He was very polite and patient, explaining the information to me and gave me good recommendations. I was so surprised that Steve told me my offer got accepted. My family and I were so happy from this good news. I couldn’t believe it is REAL, I will become the new owner of this beautiful house! Steve followed up every step during the closing process and it went very smooth.

I would like to say thank you very much for your help to buy this beautiful house in this competitive market. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone looking for an experience, knowledgeable and responsible agent.

Steve, I appreciate all your hard work and thank you for making this REAL to become my new home!!
Oct 10, 2018
I highly recommend Steve Droz. I had the pleasure of working with Steve for the sale of a home in San Francisco which was part of an estate. Steve went above and beyond and kept me informed during the whole process. He also has plenty of contacts for whatever may need to be done. I live in New York City and don’t know how I could’ve done it without him. With Steve you wont just have an agent, you’ll have a trusted friend.
Jul 31, 2018
Product Designer
We were looking to buy at Foster City and interviewed a couple of agents prior to meeting Steve. We met Steve at an open house and we felt that his style and value are comforting and would work well with our situation. The closing process was smooth and no hiccups from his side. He says that closing on a home is just the beginning of the relationship between him and clients which we agree. We recommend Steve if you're looking in Foster City and nearby areas.
Apr 27, 2018
Steve played a key role in our house hunting process. He was referred to us by our very close friends. Being first time home buyers in the US, right from our first meeting till closing, he hand held us at every step of the way. Steve made the whole experience so personalized as though he was only and only working with us and no other family. He gave us 100% attention, gave us all useful tips and those evening runs to show us houses before they even went on market is something that we will never forget. Steve comes with many many years of experience and knowledge in this realm and that reflected in the way he guided us when we considered a property to bid on.

Even though we took some time to find the house of our choice, Steve never fell short of patience nor did he push us on houses that we were not too convinced about, rather he continued to give us time that we needed to make the right choice.

In this really tough market, one needs a reliable, trustworthy and passionate realtor and we saw that in Steve. We can’t wait to partner with Steve again when we decide to buy a home again! He’s a ROCKSTAR!!!
Nov 1, 2017
Director of Maketing
Steve worked with us on our first house purchase in the US and in a highly competitive market. He was there every step of the way guiding and helping us understand the in and outs of a home purchase and connecting us with brokers, lenders, escrow officers, contractors, etc. that are all part of the ecosystem. We like that he partnered with us and made us comfortable with our decisions and did not push us. We would highly recommend working with Steve and in fact we have already made a few referrals. Thank you!
Oct 27, 2017
Happy Customee
This was my first home sale and only second sale and move. Thanks to Steve, all went smooth. He walked me through all aspects of the sale and kept me grounded when I got anxious. Thanks for making the sale of my home of 20 years easier and for finding the home I hope to stay in for the next 20.
Jul 9, 2017
Director of Development & Tech Lead
Steve was an amazing partner in the sale of our home in San Mateo and the purchase of our new home in Half Moon Bay. He provided great references for movers, landscapers, painters, and even a rental property during our housing transition.

He guided us through various challenges while making sure we were happy, informed, and feeling empowered.

We highly recommend Steve to anyone looking to buy a home on the Peninsula.
Jun 26, 2017
Business Manager, Applied Materials
We first met Steve at an open house in San Mateo. While we were on the market and looking we encountered many soliciting agents. Steve stood out because while he is persistent, he was not overly aggressive with sales tactics. We felt at ease and not pressured. Eventually we began working exclusively with Steve.

Looking for a home in the bay area can be a frustrating experience with the amount of overbidding going on. Steve recommended a preemptive offer on our eventual purchase and helped us shape the offer to be accepted by the seller. Throughput the process of our house hunting I never felt that Steve's commitment wavered. He was always courteous, responsive, and knowledgeable.

I would highly recommend Steve to anyone looking for a home in the Peninsula area.
Apr 13, 2017
Senior Software Engineer
As a first-time buyer, I had many queries and concerns about the whole process. Steve was very patient in answering all my questions and made sure I understood all the steps involved.
Steve always did some background research and provided me with all possible information he could find about a property to help me put together the best offer possible. Steve personally presented each of my offers to the listing agents and sellers. For the offers that were not accepted, he helped me understand where they fell short. He eventually helped me make a winning offer on a property with the exact specs I was looking for, and in the neighborhood that I wanted!
I would highly recommend Steve to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and trustworthy realtor.
Oct 31, 2016
Head of Global Publisher Sales, Facebook

Steve has been an excellent partner in our family's search for our dream home in Foster City. We came into this with a very negative experience with our realtor in our first home purchase and had a healthy amount of skepticism of a realtor which isn't uncommon. Well, Steve is uncommon! He is the best realtor in the business.

There are three stages in a home purchase where a realtor plays an important part. Steve scored top marks in each of those.

Discovery - In today's time, between Redfin and Zillow, home discovery isn't hard. Its pretty easy to find a listed home and its specifics and value and so on. Because we were very specific with our requirement, it reduced the pool of potential homes to a very very small number. Steve took this restriction as a challenge and went on the hunt for our dream home by talking to home owners who weren't really ready to list and ended up showing us several off-market opportunities. It was one of these that actually spurred us to move aggressively to buy the home we eventually did. His thoroughness in understanding our needs and acting on it sets him apart from others.

Offer and Negotiation - In some way, all realtors work for the seller; or the incentives to realtors on both sides of the table are geared to getting a deal done. Steve never made us feel that this was his primary motive in working with us. We extended offers on a couple of homes before we bought out home. Steve was very accurate in his prediction of the sale price in all cases. Steve is exceptional at reading the home, its marketability, the time of year and the number of interested parties and more, which are all very important signals that go into determining the selling price. This is the guy you want on your side! Now, while he was accurate predicting the final sale price of the home very well, he never pushed us to offer more than what we were comfortable with. Even when we offered less than his recommendation, Steve never demonstrated any frustration or loss in interest. He always kept us well informed and then carried through our asks completely. During our counter offer negotiation process, where you are so close to getting a deal done, Steve gave us very buyer friendly advice on how we should organize our asks, to ensure we came out with an fair and balanced outcome. This made us feel like we were always in control, which is an important part of the process for the buyer.

Closing - While underrated, the time after the offer is accepted to the time that you close is crucial, as it often impacts price and closing time, due to discovery of damage to the home and other contingencies. Steve was methodical in how he instructed us to waive contingencies in sequence. We never felt exposed during the process or risked any financial downside; we removed a contingency only when we were well in the clear. This again gave us a ton of confidence in Steve and his commitment to us. In his long tenure as a realtor, Steve has built a fantastic network of real estate professionals who are all A -Players! Everyone we met through Steve; contractors, inspectors, title agents and loan officers are people we would work again with. This made the closing process extremely easy and timely. This was the ONLY reason we could close in 30 days!

Overall, Steve has been instrumental in getting us into our dream home! We could have done it without him and we wouldn't never buy one without his help. I recommend Steve to anyone looking to buy a home.
Oct 25, 2016
Steve is by far, one of the best realtors we have every worked with! He is very calm, patient and such a pleasure to work with. Our house hunt lasted for about a year and he was always very pleasant and enthusiastic, calling out the +s and -s of every house that we looked.
He really went went above and beyond in helping us get the home of our dreams! We had an extensive wishlist and he really did his best to get each and every item on it checked. He was able to get us to see a few houses even before they were available in the market. When we finally settled on one, he guided us through the process, never pushed us out of our comfort zone but always respected our perspective and ultimately helped us get what we wanted!
I highly recommend Steve for any and every real estate needs! He's the best!!
Jul 30, 2016
I used Steve 8 years ago to buy my house. It was a rough ride as it was a short sale that took many months. He was awesome as he worked magic right before my loan was to expire. Steve was able to make it all happen and I became a happy homeowner. I think of him every anniversary of my house and send him a message of thanks. I would certainly recommend Steve to anyone buying a home. Thanks again Steve!!
Jul 17, 2016
First homebuyer
Steve is a fantastic agent. He was quickly in responding to all our questions and helping us to through the entire process . My husband and I are first time home buyers , so we need a lot of help and information ,finally we got the house we love under Stevie's help . We absolutely would recommend Steve as an agent.
Jul 15, 2016
My mother passed away back in December 2015 and my brother and I faced the difficult task of cleaning out and selling the family home which our parents purchased in 1955. Steve put together an excellent strategy from his recommendations regarding making the necessary home improvements to get the house ready for open house and most importantly implementing a game plan that would result in multiple offers and receiving top dollar for the property. Steve provided proactive communications and updates through the entire sales process. Bottom line is the house sold well north of the asking price. Kudos to Steve for a job well done!!
Jul 15, 2016
Mfg Engineering Manager
Steve has now handled three property transactions for us while providing invaluable contractor referrals and handling significantly more of the workload
than you would typically expect from a realtor. Steve is a pleasure to work with and extremely responsive with his experience and know-how making the transaction smooth and seamless. A good guy and pleasure to work with.
May 27, 2016
I am in the my perfect house because of Steve. He fought for me and persisted when there were eight other bidders. He was always available for my questions - I feel no other realtor could have done the job that Steve did.
May 24, 2016
Steve is passionate and knows how to close out a deal! We are thrilled with our new townhouse. He had the knowledge and experience to make the purchase seamless. I probably won't be buying another house for a while, but if I were going to, Steve would be my first phone call. Highly highly recommend!
Mar 14, 2016
I recently worked with Steve on a trust sale in Daly City - he did a fantastic job and got us a price $70,000 higher than our stretch target!

Steve was one of 3 real estate agents we interviewed to sell a family home held in trust. None of us had experience with this process so we were looking for a professional who could educate us, give us professional advice, and then hold our hand throughout the process. Steve did all this and more.

The house was not in great shape, and had not been updated in over 40 years. Steve advised us on what, and what not, to update. He also educated us on what was important to our likely buyers. We were working on a very tight schedule as we wanted to sell the house before Thanksgiving and literally had 3 weeks to get it cleaned, updated, staged and ready for Open House. Steve introduced us to tradesmen he had worked with before and probably got more involved in helping us manage the update than he bargained for.

The property was marketed very professionally and comprehensively and our two open houses were very well attended. We were kept well informed throughout the whole process and Steve sent us weekly reports of all website traffic, etc. We got several offers, which Steve helped us work through, including the final and best offer. This part of the process became unnecessarily complicated because of issues on the buyer's side, but Steve was very patient and coached us, and the other side, through to the finish line.

Steve is very personable, professional and thorough. He comes across as a nice guy who knows his business and genuinely wants to help. This was important and valued in our case as there were many family members and moving parts to coordinate in our property sale.

Steve really earned his commission on this sale and I would recommend him without reservation if you are selling a property in San Mateo.
Mar 14, 2016
My wife and I were anxious about the whole process of selling our house. It was our first house so we had zero experience from the selling side and didn't know where to begin. During our first meeting, Steve put us at ease by laying out a clear strategy and timeline of the entire process. He capped the meeting by saying "Let me know how I can help you guys through this process and make it easy for you?"

Steve coordinated and lead us through each step. We never felt overwhelmed. Once we had the open house and then received the multiple offers, we knew we made the right choice with hiring Steve as our agent.

I would recommend him to anyone in the area thinking about buying or selling. I cannot stress enough how easy he made everything.

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