Teri Wittick

Realtor Intero Real Estate Saratoga 1851550
I love helping people, walking them through a very important transaction by holding their hand and taking steps to reach the end result! I proud myself on taking the worry out of the selling or buying process. My goal is to keep my clients at ease, and keep them posted on the process from start to finish. I am highly experienced in the short sale process with mortgage knowledge for over 15 years which helps assist the selling or purchasing process. I especially love working with Veterans, making a difference in our heroes lives, as I am an Air Force Veteran. Also, I have worked with teachers, nurses, police officers, and other heroes!
I have a non-profit organization that helps keep clients in their home with the loan modification option, can help you decide if a short sale is your best option, and most importantly, with my credit repair service, I can help you repair your credit within 6 months to successfully prepare you for your next home purchase. If you want the best service from start to finish to purchase or sell your home, contact me anytime! Blessings Always!
Jul 14, 2016
Very loving and caring woman of God!
Jul 14, 2016
Owner/B&M Construction
I want to start this recommendation by saying that if it wasn't for Teri Wittick me and my girlfriend Pamela would have lost our home to the bank and we would have ended up oweing money to our creditors. But thanks to Teri, we were able to salvage our credit and pay the bank the balance of our re-fi loan and walk away from our home not oweing a penny and a few dollars in our pocket to boot. We were upside down as far as our mortgage company stated and it was true, we fell prey to a preditor loan like so many other Americans.We were to wits end with the bank threatening and the phone never quit ringing. Then came Teri Wittick!!! Thank God, as soon as she grabbed the ball the bank left us alone all of the threatening phone calls stopped and our house was no longer up on the auction block to be sold. Teri went above and beyond the call of duty helping us thru the vey difficult time that we were having and assured us that we weren't going to be tossed out of our home. She was absolutely correct and things went just like she said that they would. I/We would recommend Teri Wittick to anyone who is considering saleing their home or who have financial difficulties and don't know what to do or their next move regarding there property. Teri can be trusted and she proved it 10 fold to us. Thank you Teri, if your reading this. Sincerely Robert & Pamela. 4215 Blue Ridge street Fremont,Calif. 94536

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