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Mary Jo Townzen was born and raised in San Jose, California. She currently resides in Campbell, California, with her husband, Todd, and the youngest of their three children. Mary Jo has lived in Silicon Valley her entire life. She prides herself in being familiar with the unique characteristics of its many different neighborhoods.

Mary Jo graduated from San Jose State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She went on to earn her teaching credential and taught language arts at The Harker School in San Jose. Mary Jo became a Realtor to pursue her passion of helping people find the right place to call home. She believes real estate to be one of the most important investments a person can make.

Mary Jo loves working with people. She believes that listening to her clients is the most important step in satisfying their needs. Her integrity, along with her attention to detail and negotiation skills, help her to help people realize the American dream.
Mary Jo is not just a real estate agent - she's so much more.

Let's be honest, this is gonna be a biased review, because since I've worked with her, we've become friends, and I've referred her to all my colleagues/family, even those who aren't considering buying or selling a house just in case.

She's the one you should work with. I would hire her as my car agent if I could but unfortunately she doesn't cover that field. Here are a few of the dozens of reasons why she's amazing:

1. She's incredibly detailed oriented, going over every part of every document so you don't have to.
2. She's understanding and flexible. More than half of our meetings happened late at night because she accommodated my shift schedule despite having to wake up early the next morning for other clients.
3. She knows everything about real estate, not just about the sale. She shows you how to read inspection reports, recommends trusted vendors for services you might need for the house, takes you to the county or city hall to check permits and apply for necessary documents, etc.
4. She's honest. If a certain house might not be the best option for you, she'll tell you. I've considered making offers on more expensive properties than my current house and she explained to me why it's not a good idea based on my situation. It's not just about the commission for her; she really wants to help you find your home.
5. She'll stay in touch. She doesn't disappear after close of escrow. If you have any questions/concerns or merely want to chat, she's always an email/text away.
6. She'll try to take care of you. She checks up on me to make sure I'm eating well, sleeping enough, not working too much, and stay safe. Now I introduce her to my friends and family as my fairy godmother.

I can write so much more about Mary Jo. You know people say when you find your dream home or Mr./Ms. Right, you know it? Well she is the real estate agent equivalent of that, if that makes sense. Again, she's so much more than just an agent. My friend recommended her to me and I'll forever be grateful. Now I'm trying to pay it forward by convincing everyone I know who's in the housing market to change their agent to her, because I can't imagine anyone else doing a better job.
No words can truly express how grateful we are to Mary Jo! She is an incredible human being and a fantastic real estate agent.After working with her, we are convinced that she’s the only realtor we’ll ever need.
Being first time home buyers we had no or very little knowledge about the home buying process. She spent good time with us understanding our needs and what we wanted in a house. She explained us the entire process step by step, went through all documents in detail to make sure that we are prepared to make a decision when the time comes. She educated us about all possible frauds in real estate business to make sure we are protected. She is a great coach and guided us like a parent does. She was always available on phone, text, email whether it was early morning or late night. One time she helped us even though she was out of town on a vacation! She forwarded us every good listing which matched our criteria. She keeps client’s best interests in sharp focus. You can always trust that she is on top of every detail - big and small. This brings great peace of mind when you are buying or selling a home. We have seen her work tirelessly to make sure we get the best deal. She is a skilled listener and negotiator. She was never pushy or rushed and at the same time she was very quick to act when it was necessary. Once we got into the contract she personally supervised all the inspections and reviewed the reports. Thats the best service possible to receive from an agent. She followed up with all the involved parties to ensure we close the deal on time.
We loved the way she organizes her work, takes notes for even minute detail and follows up timely.
She even gave us some great home management tips, shared contractors contacts. She still keeps in touch with us even after closing the deal and answers our questions. Our experience was great from start to finish. Thanks to Mary Jo for helping us find our dream home. We highly recommend her!!
A first time home buyer...
For a first time home-buyer, finding a home is an overwhelming process with lots of unknowns to worry about.

We met Mary in one of the open-houses and she was prompt at understanding our needs.

Since then Mary diligently kept looking for the homes that would fit our taste and needs. Once we liked a property, she made sure we understand the nuances of getting into the contract.

She was meticulous at every step in the process and would spend late evenings with us to make sure we go through the paperwork and understand the details.

I would highly recommend Mary Townzen to anyone in this journey. It’s hard to find someone so diligent, thorough and meticulous in their work.

— Alekhya & Bhanu
Listing our property with Mary Jo Townzen of Intero Real Estate Los Gatos was one of most valuable decisions we made this year. Mary Jo diligently accessed and proposed a clear plan to prepare us and the home for a clean sale. We appreciated that she worked alongside us every step of the way. Mary Jo kept us completely informed during the process making us confident that we would see a clean offer and close with the right buyer. We never felt rushed, unaware or uninformed during the offer process or the title process. We highly recommend working with Mary Jo Townzen to sell your property in Silicon Valley. Such a knowledgeable professional of the highest integrity. Thank you Mary Jo and the entire Intero team for representing us.
Director of Business Development
MaryJo did an incredibly great job as my wife’s and my agent selling our house in Campbell.

She worked very hard, far beyond our expectations in preparing to sell, contracting and negotiations! Once we decided to sell, she worked very effectively with us to quickly prepare our house for sale including suggesting improvements, finding boxes and help to more the furniture. In addition to handling the tasks at the moment, she was always thinking ahead to prepare for the next events. Her knowledge of the Campbell Real Estate market, the sale process, contractors, negotiations, and relationships with other agents was key in selling our house and a price and conditions we were happy with.

We bought the house eight years ago and MaryJo was our agent. She did an excellent job finding properties for us to see and consider. When it came time to contracting to buy, her knowledge and presentence made the purchase much less stressful.

I cannot say enough good things about how MaryJo did in selling our house. I highly recommend her as an agent to sell and buy your next property.
Software Engineer
My wife and I worked with Mary to purchase our first home and really can’t say enough good things about her. As a first time homebuyer, I was not familiar with the terminology or the best people to involve, but Mary helped us in every way possible to make the process easy for us. She is knowledgeable, approachable, personable, endlessly patient, and incredibly generous with her time (including mornings, evenings, weekends and while she was on vacation as well). She answered every question and explained every form and every part of the process clearly and thoroughly. She was very helpful in explaining the entire process and really relieved my stress level even though we were on a very tight timeframe. Mary has become part of our family with her endless support and commitment.
She is always on top of things and is ready to answer any questions you may have. She will provide all facts and data to help us an informed decision.
Buying a home in this market is challenging, but working with Mary made it as painless and straightforward as possible and I truly believe her expertise helped tremendously in our offer getting accepted. She went well beyond what is expected of a real estate agent, and we are very very happy that we chose her. We highly recommend and she is best of all!
Principal Engineer
Mary jo is a highly professional, extremely ethical, ever approachable, proactive and hard working realtor. I could experience all of these attributes of her in each of the interactions I had. Mary jo made the experience of buying our new home easy and sweet learning process despite being so overwhelming actually. She was always just a phone call away and willing to meet, explain and go over details be it any time of day, late evenings, weekends. Mary jo has an eye for details and is able to clearly point out anything which is not right. She treats each of her customer with utmost respect and gives her full attention for any of their needs/questions. Not only is she approachable during the process but even after buying the home we have reached to her multiple times and every time she is able to address our query to the utmost satisfaction. This is really appreciated that you know that there is somebody there to help you on the nitty gritty details not only during the process but also later. I would highly recommend her to all my friends and relatives.
Change Management
Amazing, knowledgeable, proactive, extremely helpful, understanding, patient, kind and I can go on!!!! Mary has become a part of our family now. She carefully understood our needs and never tried to persuade us into anything. She very patiently answered all our questions any time we called her. She worked with the sellers and other parties to negotiate the dates to suit our numerology requirements. She is a perfectionist and never wants to close anything without thorough research. Even after we have moved into our new home , we keep asking her lot of questions as we feel she is family!
Civil Engineer
Mary Jo is a really sweet and hard working real estate agent. She helped me through my first condo buying process like I was her kid. She explained all the paperwork and even met me on several occasions to go over any items I did not understand. Her schedule was really flexible and it felt like she always could make time based on my schedule. She has an eye for detail and really tries her best to look for any missing ends and make the buying process easy. The best thing I can say is during the buying process towards the end she had to fly out of state for her son's wedding. During her son's wedding weekend she called me couple times to update me on couple items and make sure the buying process was going smoothly. I don't know how many people would do that, I am very happy to have Mary Jo as my real estate agent. I will highly recommend her to all my friends, family and plan to take her help when I decide to sell my property.
Verification Engineer
Mary Jo has been extremely pro-active as a qualified real estate agent. Throughout our home purchase she has been more like a family member helping with all our questions. She is very organised with all the paper work and tasks she had to check on. I am very pleased with all her work. She has always been very approachable even after the home purchase. I highly recommend Mary Jo as a real estate agent.
Software engineer
Mary is a very energetic real estate agent and a wonderful human being. We tried different agent and what I found different than others after 3 years after tried 3 -4 agents is that she understands clients needs and is not pushy to close the deal.
She has a very good understanding as a realtor and is very approachable and is very helpful at every stage. I think she is the best of all I have seen.
Software Engineer
Throughout the process of searching for and purchasing our home, we were so grateful for Mary Jo's expertise. We must have called/texted/emailed her 100 times. Each time we spoke to her we felt heard and reassured about the process. She was always available to us and ensured that our questions and overreactions were quickly addressed. We couldn't be more appreciative of the tireless work Mary Jo put in to get us our first home. Even after the closing Mary Jo has remained in contact with us to ensure that things are going smoothly and provide us with advice on things we can expect as new homeowners.

Thank you for guiding us through our first-time home purchase. Being first time buyers, we were anticipating an incredibly stressful and difficult experience. Your expert assistance calmed our nerves and set our minds at rest.
I would highly recommend Mary Jo. She is the third realtor we have worked with, and truly is fantastic. She is detail oriented (which you definitely need in a realtor), takes the time to get to know her clients well, and has a great work ethic. She is meticulously organized, detail oriented, quick to respond, and supportive of our decisions. Throughout the entire process and well afterward, she was thorough, timely, accurate and communicated effectively.
Even after we bought, we had to do some work on our home and she was there with us every step of the way. She suggested contractors, took the time to meet with them and advocate for us, and made sure our projects would be done well.
Mary Jo is a true professional, you can't go wrong choosing her to represent you!
R&D Manager; University Lecturer
We met Mary Jo by chance at an open house, and she instantly went to work learning our needs and what we wanted in a house. She took the time to really get to know us, and kept a careful eye on each house we toured to make sure our needs were met. Mary Jo truly became our eyes and ears, and a strong advocate for us as if she was part of our family. When we found a home, Mary Jo was on top of everything from reviewing disclosures, to making offer recommendations, to keeping the process within the timeline. Mary Jo did it all; she was our single point of contact, and was heavily involved with the mortgage agent, title company, selling agent, homeowners insurance agent, and inspectors. She arranged everything and worked tirelessly to make sure no stone was left unturned. We felt that we got the best service possible from a real estate agent, and highly recommend Mary Jo to anyone buying a home in this area.

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