Gene Agustin

Mortgage Consultant The Agustin Sands Team
Mortgage consulting and real estate lending is a business that thrives on strong, lasting relationships. Adopting a “By Referral Only” business model allows me to better know and serve the needs of my clients. Over the years, the Agustin Sands Team has developed a large repeat client data-base with new business coming from realtor and past-client referrals.

Currently serving the cities of Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay, Loomis, El Dorado Hills, Sacramento, Davis, San Jose, Cupertino, Saratoga, Campbell, Los Gatos, Mountain View, San Francisco, Fremont
Dec 19, 2013
i would recommend Gene because of his depth of knowledge in the business, and his excellent customer service. I especially like the convenience of him traveling to meet me and handling all the details online. This is the reason we've used him twice!
Thank you Gene!
Nov 11, 2013
IT Project Manager
I cannot say enough good things about Gene and Bernie and the experience my wife and I had with them making the purchase of our new home a reality. As a project manager, I appreciate when the people I interact with communicate effectively and frequently rather than me having to constantly pull information from them and to Gene, this was just second nature. Gene kept me apprised every step of the way and walked us through the entire process in a no pressure, simple approach that resulted in terms that were even better than what we could have hoped for going in.

If rates ever go back down and I ever find myself wanting to re-fi, its not even a question that Gene and Bernie are my go to people for this as their experience, excellent communication, and commitment to their clients is second to none. I highly recommend them.
Oct 31, 2013
Systems Administrator - Inside Territory Manager
This was our first time working with Gene and his team. Communication was thorough and timely. I would work with you again and would recommend you to others. Gene and Bernie were all very complete, quick to respond, and friendly. I was kept up to date through the whole process. The process was easier than I expected and I enjoyed doing business with you. Great Job!
Sep 18, 2013
Gene and Bernie made the process much simpler and the whole refinance process was very convenient and hassle-free. Overall excellent experience.
Aug 29, 2013
Sr. Communications Manager, Hi-tech company
If you want someone who knows the numbers, and puts those numbers to work in your favor when securing a loan, Gene is your man. Professional, responsive, and simply a delight to work with. And I am VERY picky!
Aug 27, 2013
I have been doing business with Gene for 18 years. Since I am a business owner my finances are much more complicated than most brokers or banks want to deal with. This is Gene and his group come in. They will diligent work through your loan problems and actively go to the underwriters to solve your loan problems. I have refinanced with him many times. Here is what I can tell you. His group is a group you can trust and you’re not going to get ripped off. Take my advice beware of the other brokers and just go with these guys.
Aug 22, 2013
Home owner
My wife and I refinanced our home with Gene Agustin earlier this year. Gene was very easy to work wit, patient, a good communicator and very knowledgeable about the available finance options. In he end we got a great deal and could not be happier with how the efinance process worked out. We would highly recommend Gene to anyone who is looking to refinance their home
Aug 19, 2013
I'm happy to write a review about Gene Agustin with Provident Mortgage. After an unsuccessful refinance attempt with a big bank, we were referred to Gene. he was so patient with us, as we locked in our rate, but allowed us to postpone the refinance process until a "comp" closed in our neighborhood. The delay on our end allowed for only 30 days to close a 45 day rate-lock and Gene helped make it happen. He kept us in the loop on every aspect of the process, was readily available to answer our questions, and closed our new loan during his 3-days grace period.

His staff were just as helpful throughout the process. We highly recommend Gene to anyone looking to finance a mortgage. We feel fortunate to have been referred to him!
Jun 13, 2013
We have worked with Bernie and Gene on two home refinances over the past year. We greatly appreciate their responsiveness (we ask a lot of questions) and attention to detail. Further, we really like how they provide support during the refinance process to keep things moving along and on track to reach closing in a timely fashion. They are a very capable team and we highly recommend them. They really do splendid work and are quite comfortable working with homeowners who are embarking on their first refinancing.
Jun 9, 2013
Gene came recommended from close friends of ours and I would certainly recommend him to anyone else who asks me if I know of someone who can help them out with a loan. This was our first house buying/loan experience and Gene made this process easy for us. He walked us through the ins and outs of the lending process and explained everything in plain English. He explained each option we had available which allowed us to make an informed decision on the home loan. We did shop around with other lenders but Gene was the only one who took a personal interest in making sure we understood our options and the terms. He stayed in contact through the whole lending and buying process to ensure we didn't miss any deadlines and all paperwork was completed timely. Best customer service! I highly recommend Gene for any lending needs.
Jun 7, 2013
Hi Tech Marketing Manager
I have refinanced my home a number of times with Gene, each time it has gone very smoothly . Gene's attention to detail and follow is impeccable and he is a pleasure to work with.

I would definitely recommend him for your refinancing needs.
Jun 6, 2013
Health Program Specialist
In 2012, we completed a No-Cost Refinance with Gene in record time; red carpet and velvet glove treatment all the way! It was just a dream, after going through hell trying to refinance with several brokers who either just wasted our time/effort and appraisal money. With Gene & Bernie - there was absolutely NO STRESS, no pushing and hard sell; no hidden agenda/charges; signing and document drop off at OUR conveniece, etc... SEAMLESS! Their team ROCKS!
May 29, 2013
Project Manager in Pharmaceuticals
Gene and his team are wonderful to work with. They are organized, efficient, courteous, pleasant, informative, and truly help you save money. I never hesitate to recommend Gene to my friends and cannot understand why anyone would hunt for a mortgage refi on their own when Gene exists. I am so grateful that I got the recommendation from a dear friend. He's made a huge difference in my family's finances and I will also turn to Gene for our refi needs.
May 25, 2013
Gene Agustin is remarkable. His knowledge is insurmountable and he helps with the process step by step. He never misleads anyone. We have worked with him over the years and It has always been easy and fast. We highly recommend his expertise to others.
May 24, 2013
Gene did an exceptional job and helped me get the loan refinanced. i am very pleased wtih his work and will recommend him to family and friends.
May 22, 2013
S/W Engineer
Gene is extremely professional in his approach & very good communication at every stage of the process. He is straight-forward, honest in his approach with in depth knowledge about industry. He was patient with explanations, quick in his responses and polite in all interactions. Also, he provides all the available options highlighting the pros & cons to help decision making easier for the customers. He always tries to accomplish what is in best interest of his customers & works towards they getting the absolute best. The entire process of very smooth, no hiccups, no communication gaps. His team is very helpful in answering all the questions at any stage and committed. All in all, Gene was outstanding in his responsiveness, knowledge, determination and desire to get the job done. Thank you Gene !!!
May 17, 2013
Retired Executive Secretary
Gene and his team processed a re fi for us and based upon that experience I wouldn't even think about anyone else for the mortgage for our new home. I am a retired executive secretary and often am frustrated with the lack of organization shown by business people. To the contrary, Gene's organization and attention to me was outstanding. It was as though as I was his only client and I know that was not the case! Calls were returned very quickly and any questions I had were answered. His checklist for the paperwork he would need is a huge help in organizing that task. I have referred several folks to him with the greatest confidence that they would be well served as they navigated the sometimes scary waters of mortgages.
May 15, 2013
I am very happy to recommend Gene Agustin for anyone's mortgage needs. I found him to be professional in every way yet personally accommodating. He explained every step of the
process and answered every question I asked...even those I had already asked! Best of all, there were no surprises at closing. I had a very stress free experience with Gene.
He was highly recommended to me by my daughter and her husband who had a similar experience.
May 15, 2013
Gene and his team are simply outstanding at what they do. There are two things that really set them apart from the rest. First and foremost you will never be surprised by hidden fee's, last minute changes to fee's or anything of that nature. When it comes time to sign the closing docs everything will be exactly as he told you (both in writing and verbally). The second thing that he does really well is explain the process. There is so much to wrap your head around when you are buying a home that it is key to have someone that not only knows the process, but can articulate the process to you. I would highly recommend him to anyone. I myself have purchased two homes through him, recommended him to my mother-in-law and a close friend. All 4 experiences were flawless.
May 15, 2013
Account Manager
Self-employed: Check
Single woman: Check
Refinanced: CHECK

Gene and his dream team have been with me through 3 purchases and at least 4 refinances over the years. However, this was the first time I went through the process on my own. As usual, Gene and Bernie took exceptional care of me.

The fact that they found a lender at all felt like a personal investment in me. My case was challenging because I have been self-employed for two years when most banks require three years to approve. Gene kept his ear to the ground and found the right lender for my situation. He coached me through the process of how to finesse certain aspects to get the best possible outcome, he worked tirelessly to get all of the paperwork/papertrails that my case required, and he always approached me with a positive attitude and grace. And it worked. I couldn't be happier. Thank you, Gene and Bernie.
May 15, 2013
Manager, Product Revenue Accounting
We recently refinanced our mortgage with Gene. He made the process extremely easy and I really appreciated his approach. He spends time explaining all the details such that you understand what your true costs will be to execute the financing. I have found that kind of transparency to be rare when negotiating a new loan. I highly recommend Gene to anyone looking into a mortgage financing.