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Co-Founder Kutsko Consulting 480-213-6214
I believe humble leaders revive the cycle of life at work. When working together with our clients, I calmly enter into their chaos, give them confidence during their scariest leadership moments and offer friendship instead of just facilitating workshops.
Jun 16, 2017

Guide to Buying a Small Business

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May 12, 2017

build real equity in your career

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Apr 27, 2017

Lost Control of Your Career?

If we looked at your life a year from today, what has to have happened personally and professionally for you to be happy with your progress?
Apr 27, 2017

Are You Having Career Problems?

If we looked at your life a year from today, what has to have happened personally and professionally for you to be happy with your progress?
Mar 11, 2017
Not only is Loren a savvy businessman and coach, but he is also a family man and full of integrity. He understands the pressures that bear on people from all fronts, and listens and advises wisely according to each person's circumstances and aspirations. I highly recommend sitting down with Loren to receive his coaching and perspective on your next steps in finding the work/life balance you want.
Mar 6, 2017
Business Owner
I have received tremendous support and guidance from Loren and would highly recommend him for your entrepreneurial pursuits. I have had interactions with several different brokers and franchise representatives over a year of searching for a business and no one came close to offering the tailored support that I received from Loren. Loren utilized resources to aid in analyzing my personality, strengths and interests and then continued to tailor opportunities based on an increasing understanding of my goals, strengths and priorities. I truly felt that Loren was interested in finding the right business for me.
Jan 21, 2017
Franchise Research
Loren Kutsko has done an outstanding job of walking me through the research process of finding the right franchise for me. The process is methodical and Loren pays particular attention to details that will help you make the right decision for the franchise that fits your needs. Loren has been personable and friendly throughout this process. I highly recommend Loren and the Entrepreneur's Source for anyone seeking and researching potential opportunities in the franchise business.
Dec 12, 2016
Owner and Operator of Professional Handled Services Inc
I can say with all honesty I would not have had the knowledge, courage and direction to follow this path of entrepreneurship. He coached me on first understanding myself and my own wants and desires and then sent me on the path of shopping for the right business for me. If you have ever thought about owning your own business but are uncertain how to start, I recommend speaking to Loren.

James Matthew Richards
Nov 18, 2016

Startup Financing Options

Join this 1 hour online course and learn about the options you have for financing your new business. Includes live Q&A and a free book.
Nov 16, 2016
Business Insurance Broker
From working with Loren I have yet to meet a better listener. It is from this foundation that his consulting expertise yields such great results for his clients. I have referred multiple people to Loren and am glad to have such a great resource to point people to.
Nov 11, 2016
Director of Operations
Loren provided me with tremendous support and guidance during my search for a franchise opportunity. Our weekly conversations helped me truly understand the challenges associated with owning a franchise as well as the amazing, life changing benefits. Once I decided on a franchise opportunity, Loren made sure that I had lines of communication with every person involved in the process and at times, even reached out to them on my behalf. He genuinely cares and wants you to be successful. I highly recommend Loren to be your franchise consultant.
Nov 11, 2016
Executive Administrative Assistant
Loren has a unique style of backing myself. It's very unique and very subtle, but very interactive and a perfect way of demonstrating it. I've had a wonderful time working with Loren and will miss him, but he needs to move on to bigger and better things! Thank you Loren!
Nov 11, 2016
Loren has been an amazing guide throughout this journey. He has been very knowledgable and willing to help. He has gone above and beyond all expectation. Thanks, Loren!
Nov 7, 2016
Consultant, education fine arts
Loren has a wonderful ability to be calm and find the calm in the excitement of finding your journey in starting a business or exploring that opportunity. He is extensively experienced in several avenues and abilities. He is thorough and explores several options explaining all possibilities. He listens. He comprehends. He offers possibilities.
Nov 7, 2016
Supply Chain Professional
Loren did an outstanding job taking the time to learn and understand my needs, wants, strengths, and weaknesses. He helped me to keep an open mind and to not rely on preconceived notions I had about certain fields or business models. It really was a great learning process. Loren's honesty and candor during the process was very refreshing. I truly felt he was looking out for my best interests.

I'd highly recommend Loren to help anyone in their pursuit of business ownership.
Nov 7, 2016
Loren is a gentleman! From our first conversation I could tell Loren had a genuine desire to help me find the best franchise for me and my geographic location. Loren taught me how to overcome doubts by asking the right questions and by connecting me with individuals in his extensive business network. If your shopping for a franchise I highly recommend you reach out to Loren to guide you through the process.
Nov 7, 2016
Senior Director of Operations
I've been working with Loren in the process of narrowing down investment choices for a franchise and have been very satifisfied with his professional approach, his knowledge of the market, and thorough process of matching my interests to various options. Would definitely recommend him to any prospective investors!
Nov 6, 2016
General Manager
Loren was a great help in identifying a number of potential franchises for me. After asking me a number of questions about myself and my goals, he went to work to match my attributes to businesses that fit my desires. I really felt he had my best interests in mind.

I highly recommend Loren if you have even the slightest desire to own a business. He will guide you in the right direction and even if you decide not to take the next step, he will treat you professionally and with great respect.
Nov 3, 2016
Curious Entrepreneur
Working with Loren was an invaluable experience. First off, I did not end up investing in a franchise but Loren really helped me tackle a lot of different options with a very low pressure approach. He is very clearly more concerned with helping people find fulfillment and success than just making a sale. He went above and beyond what I would expect to make sure I had clarity and information to move in a direction that lined up with my passions and my family. If we ever consider a franchise again, Loren will be the first one we contact!
Nov 3, 2016
Operation manager
You are so professional and helpful, you treat your client the way you like to be treated.

I was so grateful working with you and I will definitely work with you again
Oct 27, 2016
Every once in a while somehow you meet someone who is different. Someone who is competent, courteous, listening and available. Loren is focused on the other person's success, which of course is why he is successful. He knows his business and he helps others.
Oct 24, 2016
IT Professional
Loren listened and guided me with the right amount of information for my entrepreneurial discovery. He truly educates and makes you reflect 360 for the right decision for you.
Oct 19, 2016
Educational Consultant, Speaker and Leadership Coach
Loren spent weeks with me, helping me identify my interests and aptitudes in order to acquire a business that I believe will be instrumental in allowing me to accomplish my goals. I have served 28 years as a missionary and church planter in Brazil and when I first met Loren, I expressed the desire to start a nonprofit organization.

He showed me how I could fund such an organization through purchasing a franchise business. He presented me with three franchise opportunities one of which was a tutoring service called Tutor Doctor, which I eventually purchased.

Loren served as a liaison to help bring all the necessary parties together so that the franchise possibility could become a reality. The process took over five months and Loren saw me to the end. He coached and encouraged me through the whole drawn out process, which I probably would have shelved partway through without his encouragement.

I recommend Loren as a highly qualified business coach equipped to help others identify business opportunities and successfully acquire them through the dynamics of his matching, coaching and encouraging process.

I just recently started the non-profit organization, which proved to be an endeavor greatly undergirded by the learning process that Loren guided me through.
Oct 7, 2016
I have been working in big business for a long time and wanted to explore self-employment. Loren has been extremely helpful to me in my search for a new business opportunity. His approach is truly educational and stress-free. Loren's use of interpretive analysis tools has been very useful in helping me to better understand businesses that may or may not be a good fit for me. He is a good listener, supportive, focused, and well organized. All strong assets necessary to keep my exploration effective and on track. Thank you, Loren!
Oct 3, 2016
Construction Manager
I contacted Loren a few months ago because I liked what his profile said on an advert he had on Bizbuysell. From my first contact, Loren treated me with nothing but respect, listening intently to every rambling word I had to say. I've had coaching in the past but none quite like this gentleman had to offer.

Though on this occasion, I have decided not to pursue a franchise, Loren did help me realize that ultimately I want to be my own boss, putting my own standards in place. Loren has a wonderful demeanor and approach which is hard to come by these days. He will help you with time frames, finance options, your personal finance needs to survive, franchise options, meeting set ups and much more.

Not once did I feel under any pressure to make a purchase. He stands by his word "This is not about getting you to buy a business through me, it's about helping you figure out what you want to do". I'm very grateful for Loren's support through a transitional period in my life and highly recommend him, whether you are just exploring options or are actively seeking a franchise to purchase.

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