Beini Xiang

Realtor Intero Real Estate Cupertino 01981012
Jun 12, 2018
Beini is our selling agent and buying agent. We love to work with her as she is very professional, super patient and responsive throughout the process. And she's always on top of everything! We highly recommend her.
Nov 14, 2016
Software Engineer
Beini is very warm, fast-acting and helpful during my purchase process of my little condo. I am a first time home buyer and Beini not only walked me through the process carefully, but also as a great accompany when I actually go on sight to the property. She reminds me a lot of key points or notes that hidden behind the scene, as well as things that will expose after living a while rather than seeing the house on sight and how to prevent them and how to choose.
She also actively trying to find best housing for me, finding some of the properties that I even have passed or didn't notice when I browse that might be suitable for me.
After offering, Beini actually sitting down with me and reading me through the contracts and docs and explain those legal terms in plain understandable words to me clearly, which I appreciated a lot. Also she gave me a lot of help on after purchase moving procedure etc. Definitely will come back to her and definitely will recommend friends to her to!