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I strive to make buying and selling real estate as cost-effective as possible, while maintaining the highest level of service and integrity.

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I cannot recommend Alana enough. My wife and I had first tried to sell our house using a family acquaintance, the agent that helped us buy the house actually, and it was a complete disaster. We were living elsewhere, paying rent on top of our mortgage payments, desperately making suggestions on how to improve the appeal of our house, all of our pleas falling on deaf ears. Then we saw Alana had sold a property right across the street from ours, a unit that I would call objectively less appealing, and I was crazy upset.

We called up Alana and she said she aims to sell every house she takes on in two weeks or less, but we did not believe her claim. Our property had sat on the market for three months, multiple price drops, only one offer in all that time and it fell through due to poor negotiation by both agents. It seemed like an impossible task to resurrect the appeal of the property let alone sell it in two weeks or less. But we knew we had to try something new, and a lot of the suggestions we made to our original agent were the exact tactics Alana said she would use as our agent and then some. And so we made the switch and hoped for the best. Turns out we didn't have to hope.

In less than a week she got the place patched, painted, and staged. She did three open house sessions after that and, in less than two weeks, had three competing offers. We ended up in a small bidding war and a little more than a month later our house was officially sold. It was surreal.

Everything Alana said we should do, we did. She was aggressive (in a good way!) at getting the house to look like it had to be bought, and it worked. If you follow Alana's suggestions, your house will sell, I can almost guarantee it. After all, if she took our property whose value was practically eroding and managed to sell it above market value with competing offers, I feel like she can sell anything. I honestly can't recommend her enough, she was an absolute angel that brought hope and happiness to us in an otherwise stressful and depressing period of our lives.

Thanks you for everything, Alana!
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Alana made the home selling experience, which by any measure is very stressful, the most enjoyable experience I could ever ask for. Her attitude is "what is the best outcome my client wants?" and then "what else can I add to my client's expectations to make them even happier?" and she delivers on both to the full extent. I am probably not the easiest client she's had because I made her wait 5 years to sell my house, made her pay for some of my home improvement expenses, had her negotiate better deals for me with service providers, had her deal with my HOA, look after the contractors while I traveled, all of which are my responsibilities not to mention coming late for our meetings, no responses to communications and many things that would have made her abandon me as an unwanted client but she persisted. She gave me the Ritz-Carlton type of home selling experience! I cannot recommend her enough, I'm pretty certain you'll be grateful you not only worked with her but have her in your life. She's a very sweet, kind and humble person. She looks out for your best interest, NOT hers. She's great, she won't let you down and you won't regret using her as your realtor!!
It was a pleasure to work with Alana as our realtor.

When we started our journey to sell our property, we were looking for realtors who will work in partnership with us and on our behalf. Alana is one such realtor. She takes pride in her work and is highly collaborative. She understands your needs, your desires and works backwards from there to create a plan to meet your goals. All throughout the journey we felt that Alana was working for us, with us as a partner.

The other thing that attracted us to Alana was her depth of knowledge about the local neighborhood, her knowledge about how to price a home in today's market, how to run marketing for it and how to manage the delicate relationship with the buyers. We trusted her to represent us and have the best deal in place for our home.

Overall, we were extremely happy with the work that Alana did for us and we will highly recommend her to anybody looking for a friendly, knowledgeable and a genuinely-good-human-being as a realtor.
We had a great experience working with Alana to Sell our condo and move into a Single Family home.
Alana really listens to you and helps find the house that fits your requirements. She never made us rush into making decisions and always worked within our comfort zone. Throughout the buying process Alana was patient and provided us with various options to make the transaction easy.
The home selling experience was a breeze with Alana and her team doing most of the leg work and making sure that we got the best value for our house. She kept us updated on the progress and her knowledge of all aspects of selling (updating, fixing, staging) helped us a lot during the process.
We highly recommend Alana to everyone we know who are looking to buy or sell a house.
Hard to imagine a smoother home-selling experience. Alana is knowledgeable, responsive, professional . . . and very patient. Our requirements were outside the ‘lines’ of a standard real estate sale - requiring creativity and flexibility. She made it seem effortless (although we know she worked tirelessly behind the scenes to effect the transaction). Highly recommend!
Alana George is one of the best and ethical Real Estate professionals I have come across in my over 30 year long RE investment career.
She gets the job done!!!!
Seller & Buyer
She is very professional on every aspect. She will work with you closely in every details you may need, and her strategy will make your home sell at a higher price. I will definitely work with her again.
Seller & Buyer
Alana's confidence, clear and transparent communication, and always cheerful attitude, made our home sale an enjoyable and profitable experience. Her help has made a lifetime of difference for us and we will always cherish the relationship we have built through our shared experience. We highly recommend Alana for all your real estate needs.
Seller & Buyer
Alana helped me sell my first home, a 1 bedroom in a high rise building in downtown San Jose, and then helped me buy a townhouse, a 3/2 in Los Gatos suburbs. Through both transactions, I understood the value of having her as a trusted adviser and also a speedy, on-top-of-it transaction executer. She never dropped a ball...not even once, and if I ever needed anything, she was one text message, email, or phone call away.

I first met her one year prior, with a long list of requirements in mind. She was very patient in hearing out my needs and although I wasn't ready to buy right then, she never rushed me, nor ever made me feel unimportant.
Instead she set me up with some tools and provided me with periodic check-ins to see how I was doing.

Since many buyers now are empowered by lots of data and tools, I knew exactly what I wanted to see, and every time I asked her to help me tour a home, we were there that day, no issues.

Where she was the most helpful to me was explaining and walking me through the selling process for the first time (and taking care of everything, from scheduling stagers, movers, cleaners, handymen etc. I never had to look through the yelp for a good reference once. she had them all)

We were lucky enough to find a cash buyer for my 1/1 bachelor pad and closed in 10 days!!! With cash in hand, we turned our attention to the buying process.

Again, since a lot of buyers have Zillow and Redfin to use, I basically knew which houses I wanted to see and which ones I wanted to bid on.

Submitting a bid on a home is so painstaking for an agent, because there is so much paper work, but Alana never tried to coach me out of a bid (even if I lowballed a few at the beginning). She even helped me file multiple bids on multiple homes, all on the same weekend.

Alana was on-top of all of the potential competing offers and comps for the homes I was looking for, it was uncanny. Bids aren't just as simple as eBay sometimes...there are stories and backdrops. Knowing this, her inside information with the listing agent and on competing offers we were able to position ours favorably and win the bid! (the story behind this one was that we were a young couple, bidding against retirees who had all cash, but the seller preferred to give a young couple the opportunity).

Then during closing, she again took the reins and closed out, DocuSigning everything for me so that all I needed to do was log in, click on a few boxes from my phone and boom...all of the docs were submitted and ready to go.

This led to a smooth close and a beautiful new home for me to look forward to!

Alana can help anyone, but I would add an extra recommendation to young couples (my gf came along for the ride), single bachelors/bachelorettes, first time families who are looking to upgrade...people who are familiar with modern real estate tech and want an agent who accommodates your needs, not hold you back. Will definitely work with her again!
Alana is a very energetic and motivated young woman. She is quite knowledge, knows the market and pays attention to every detail.

Alana is very professional and caring, she help to make the sale of our home as stress free as possible.
Alana is great to work with. Amazing service and she always looked out for our best interest. We really wanted to land a home in a specific area. She showed us our (attainable) options and made herself always available to us at all hours. She negotiated proper and was always a step ahead. We are happy with our purchase. Alana closes the deal.
Alana is a pleasure to work with! She has gone out of her way to help me and anticipate all my needs. In a business full of sketchy characters - Alana is like a breath of fresh air. Thank you so much Alana!
Alana is great! I've been in the market to purchase a home for the last six months in the Bay Area but only recently have been working with Alana. I must say her knowledge of the area and aggressiveness putting in offers is amazing!!! She was very understanding of my budget and also my needs in a home.
Alana is an outstanding agent! As a first time home buyer, I needed an agent I could trust after years of struggling in these market conditions. With Alana's hard work, dedication, and positive attitude, I knew I found someone I could trust and lead me to a new home. I cannot say enough great things about Alana. She was by my side throughout the home buying process. She is patient, kind, responsive, accommodating, personable, and professional. The list could go on and on! She listens to my concerns (I had a lot of them) and addresses each one carefully.

An example Alana goes above and beyond is when I was considering an offer for a place. She talked to the neighbors and local school kids when we were preparing to make an offer to ensure that it was a safe neighborhood. She really cares about making the right decisions. Alana goes through offers, inspection reports, and HOA documents effortlessly and with careful detail, making highlights and notes along the way. My questions about electrical outlets? Hazard conditions? Financing? Alana is a true professional and answers each one. With a decision as important as buying a home, you will be happy to have Alana by your side.
Alana was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. Her great energy made my experience amazing! I would definitely recommend Alana to anyone and everyone.