Lan Lam

Realtor Intero Real Estate Silver Creek San Jose 02024469
I came from an engineering background, having worked in the technology industry for over 20 years as an electrical engineer. I've built my working relationships and personal friendships on trust and loyalty as I strongly believe What goes around comes around. I graduated from high school during the time the semiconductor industry was booming in the Silicon Valley. I've always loved math and science, both of which have driven me to becoming an engineer.

Over time, I've developed a strong interest in Real Estate business. To my surprise,  99% of young adults have no conceptual understanding of money and investment. I am in love with this business as it gives me the opportunity to meet with people, especially young people, to stress the importance of owning a piece of a real estate. I hope to gain your business as you deserve to have the best.
May 31, 2018
My home was in foreclosure and only 4 weeks away from being auctioned. She came in and quickly brought in cash buyers to get top dollars for my home. She is very familiar with the foreclosure process, quick, reliable, and trustworthy.
Jul 19, 2017
Senior Manager, R&D
I worked with Lan Lam at Virage Logic where she did testing and analysis of our memory test chips. She was very skilled at developing the tests for our chips, and was very thorough in understanding the features of the memories and how to test them. When there were design problems she worked closely with us to find the best tests to analyze and resolve the problems. She is thorough, reliable and focused on detail, qualities that will serve her well in real estate also.