Su-Lan Wang

Realtor Intero Real Estate Cupertino 1956204

"My clients are the reason for my success! I am accessible to them at any time of day. I've been blessed to parlay my experience into doing what I love and receiving continuous referrals from happy clients"

About - a Realtor with passion and gratitude
Su-Lan is a competent, dedicated, and dependable real estate professional with a strong sense of responsibility and honor. She was awarded Rookie of the Year in her first year as an agent, based on her excellent track record. Su-Lan is committed to the highest level of customer service, taking the time to understand each client's needs and offering sound real estate advice gained through ongoing education. Su-Lan assures that each client will receive her utmost personal attention, as if every aspect of the real estate transaction were her own. She has in-depth knowledge of real estate transactions in California and the east coast, as well as experience in a complete new home construction and property management. Her analysis and negotiation skills, business acumen, and local knowledge all combine to ensure her clients receive the personal and first-tier advice and service they deserve.
Su-Lan believes that ethics, passion, accountability, and trust are the cornerstones of lifetime relationships. She always has a willingness to walk the extra mile for others, and was often the "go-to" person for new colleagues at her workplace. Su-Lan is involved with some charitable organizations as well, and serves as a volunteer for new immigrants, local churches, and the American Cancer Society. She believes in sharing her good fortune with those who are less fortunate.

Jun 1, 2019
Su-Lan is knowledgeable and dedicated to the happiness of her clients. Not only was she able to find me a beautiful house at below market value in a highly competitive area, she's also followed up regularly with helpful advice and referrals.

I would highly recommend Su-Lan if you're looking to buy in the south bay area.
Nov 6, 2018
Thanks to Su-Lan, we finally found our dream home after months and months of searching! Su-Lan was incredibly patient and genuinely cared about finding a home that was right for us. She was there for us every step of the way, scouting out properties of interest and attending every single open house with us. I was so impressed with how knowledgeable she was about the Bay Area housing market and how well connected she was with other professionals in real estate. There were a few times we almost settled on homes that wouldn't have been right for us. Thankfully we didn't, because Su-Lan was there to advise us with her sharp eye and sense. She would notice things about houses we never considered before. Not only is she a top notch agent, she is truly one of the best people I've ever had the pleasure knowing. It's no wonder that other agents I talked to would praise Su-Lan endlessly for her kindness and diligence.

If you're looking for a home, please reach out to Su-Lan! She is extremely professional and so devoted to her clients. I had the most wonderful experience working with her. Thank you Su-Lan!
Jun 22, 2018
Oh man I am so glad we chose the right right realtor! Su-Lan is simply the best! I would give her ten stars if I could. She is an impressively hard-working, driven, insightful and strategic real estate agent that I highly recommend.

She was referred by two good friends advised that, "she's truly the best agent." We needed a rockstar to help us compete in today's fierce market, and Su-Lan most certainly delivered much more than our expectations.

She is extremely responsive via phone, text, and email. She helped schedule private viewings and put in offers on short notice. We got our dream house after our second bid, and I have to say the we could get the house can be totally attributed to Su-Lan's expertise and skills. She rigorously analyzed every detail for our situation and present our offer portfolio in a terrific way. Su-Lan clearly knows the market and the way to work. Her great strategies helped us win the house although our bidding price was not the highest. We feel so grateful for an amazing transaction that she handled on our behalf, which I honestly couldn't imagine was possible in this market.

You deserve to be in good hands throughout nowadays super competitive market. Trust me, Su-Lan is a rare real estate you can find and I hope you're lucky enough for her to represent you!
Jan 12, 2018
Systems Engineer
Having Sulan as our agent was truly an opportunity. She is a pleasure to work with, listens and adapts to what you are looking for, and knows how to close the deal in this changing and extremely competitive Bay Area market.

In the beginning of our house hunting, we worked with a few different agents we found on our own, but were not satisfied with them. Then a close friend of ours who just closed on a home referred us to Sulan. In a very short amount of time, we were able to narrow down our search and focus. In the end, we found our dream home because of Sulan's extreme diligence and speed. Her experience is invaluable, very responsive at any time, truly protected us as the buyers, and not only walked us through a great strategy when putting the offer, but also keeps guiding us with her honest recommendations and great network.
Oct 2, 2017
I just finished the transaction on my first home in San Jose with the help of Su-Lan. She is very professional and kind. I am strongly recommending the ones who are seeking for their dream home in the south bay area to ask Su-Lan for advice and help.

I myself is working in the high-tech industry and I was believing in data to assist me buy my house. As a result, data helps but it is way too limited. We won the bid among more than 5 competitors and our price is obviously not the highest, not because we analyzed the data very well and regression to the expected price, we talked to the listing agent and seller with personality, and show our strong interest, besides we show their our strong background with evidence.

Communication with Su-Lan is more like chatting with an elder friend. The relationship is not simply as client and agent. We get much more help besides the transaction itself. After the transaction has been closed, Su-Lan is still calling for any concerns from us and gave us many advice on many details which could possibly be ignored by a first time house owner. It cannot be so easy for us to buy and get used to living in this house without the help of Su-Lan.
Aug 15, 2017
Software Engineer
Su-Lan is very professional and really amazing. This is our first time buying a home and Su-Lan gave us extensive introduction to every detail during the buying process. She spent a lot of time doing market research, reading reports and bringing us to visit houses. She kept a good relationship with many agents, that helps a lot. She did many things for us that most other agents won't do, which leads to big savings for us! We finally get our dream house and we can't thank Su-Lan more for her hard work. We love to work with her. If you plan to buy a house, Su-Lan should definitely be your choice of agent!
Nov 19, 2016
Su-Lan is an amazing realtor. She was very responsible and honest in all our transactions. Anything you need her to do she will accomplish and she is a real friend to me and the rest of the family. Even after the sale of a new house she will think of any possible follow-ups that may be needed. She sends out constant reminders of any deadlines we need to keep track of. As well, when she was showing us around different houses, she'll make sure to point out all the good and bad points of each house. All-in-all Su-Lan was a joy to work with and she is definitely recommended.
Nov 14, 2016
Staff software enigneer
Su Lan is really helpful and patiently accompanied with us searching a satisfactory house. She really led us hand by hand to go through all the process. I would strongly recommend her for those still looking for a idea home.