Kyle Williams

Senior VP Velocity 1031
I am Senior VP with Velocity 1031. With over a decade of financial brokerage and 1031 experience, including REITs, 1031s, and other real estate investments, I enjoy speaking with brokers, agents, CPAs, attorneys, and real estate professionals. I received my B.A. from The Central Washington University in Political Science and History.
I really enjoyed the 1031 Exchange class taught by Kyle Williams. He made a complicated topic so easy to understand and he had some great stories to reinforce key points that we needed to learn and walk away with. I appreciate the training and will refer business to Kyle when the situation presents itself with a client.
Kyle is a great instructor. For our class on 1031 exchanges he kept the class engaged and delivered the material in an interesting way.
The class today by Kyle Williams was an excellent class, and I learned more information to help my investor clients, and myself. I've helped clients with 1031 exchanges, but I will definitely recommend Kyle to my clients.
I recently took a 1031 Exchange class from Kyle. Kyle was well organized, on time, well prepared, did an excellent job of engaging the audience and answering questions and most of all knew his topic - 1031 Exchanges. I will recommend this class and Kyle and his company in the future.
Kyle was engaging and kept things lively while being informative.
Kyle Williams gave a fantastic presentation. He was very thorough and engaging. A lot of times these courses can be dry and boring but Kyle provided the perfect balance between giving the information and facts straight up and collaborating with the class on real life scenarios. Walked away with more than I was expecting to learn. Thanks Kyle!
Kyle was very helpful answer led all questions and came prepared.
I just took the class on 1031 exchanges. Kyle made it a very interesting and informative 3 hours. He seemed to know the topic well and was able to present the material in an understandable way. I would definitely recommend this class.
Kyle is absolutely phenomenal. I could not appreciate him more for his knowledge and professionalism.
Kyle's class was exceptionally organized and easy to follow. I have a far better understanding of some of the options available in a 1031 exchange.
Kyle is a great instructor! He made the information interesting and easy to understand.
Kyle was awesome - explained the complexities of the 1031 ex. in a way that would relate to the everyday investor!
Kyle did an outstanding job of presenting 1031 information. Its a complex subject and he was able to convey it is a straightforward manner! I would not hesitate to recommend him to my clients!
Kyle Williams did an outstanding job of explaining the intricacies of 1031 exchanges. Kyle kept the course very interesting throughout the entire three hours. I highly recommend Kyle as an instructor on this topic.
Kyle is very knowledgeable and informative! I appreciate his time and expertise!
Kyle presented this complicated material in an entertaining manner. Everyone was engaged, asking multiple questions and laughing throughout. I highly recommend Kyle and our branch wants him back for an investor focused class.
Kyle was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the 1031 process. He has a great sense of humor which always helps to understand and retain the information. Great job!
Took a 1031 exchange class with Kyle. He made it seem easy and interesting. Gave me more confidence talking about it with clients.
Kyle is such a great resource for my team and realtor partners. He shared great info at the class we hosted and we have him saved on speed dial for the next Exchange opportunity that comes up.
I have taken 1031 classes in the past so I went into this class to simply get CED. THIS CLASS WAS AMAZING! Kyle did a wonderful job delivering course information. He has a great sense of humor that engages his audience. 10/10 recommend this course!
Knowledgeable and interesting! The topic - taxes - could be super boring, but Kyle made it interesting with all his stories! A lot of material, but after I had a chance to review the handouts, it all clicked.
Kyle is very nice person to working with.
Kyle is very nice person to working with.
Kyle presented a very informative and engaging class about 1031 tax exchanges. He reached into a few areas I had not heard about before, and updated my understanding of exchanges. A valuable clock hour class for this broker and valuable information for this investor as well.
Kyle brought a lot of knowledge, enthusiasm and energy to his class on 1031 exchanges. I appreciated his frank advice about using only well-qualified intermediaries with strong resources, since intermediaries are not regulated. I recommend his course for anyone seeking more information on 1031 exchanges.