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Welcome to this site!! I'm associated with Intero Real Estate Services, a leading Real Estate Company in the Bay Area. I am here to assist you with all your Real Estate needs. 'Client First'-- that is my motto! As such, I always listen well and understand exactly what my buyers and sellers want and put in my sincere and best efforts to help them realize their dream!! With my personal experience in buying and selling various properties, I have a first-hand knowledge of what Buyers and Sellers are looking for.

Whether it's purchasing a bigger home to support a growing family or experiencing the joys of home ownership for the first time, I take the stress out of the transaction by keeping my clients updated every step of the way. And if you're selling an existing home, I have the expertise and marketing support of my Company to expose your property to the widest audience possible.

I am also a Commissioned Notary Public extending Notarization services for all types of documents.
So do contact me for all types of your Real Estate needs and Notarization services!!
May 4, 2021
The review was long overdue.
I still remember my first conversation with Prem Ji; Being a first-time home buyer, I have called him with basic to no real estate knowledge in the Bay Area. Prem Ji has an immense amount of patience to answer all the basic questions and explain house buying processes. He is very and knowledgeable and has a great understanding of the market, especially the Tri-Valley area.

Prem Ji is very professional, stays on top of his game, is very attentive to his clients, and gives me enough space to make decisions without rushing me in. Also, he doesn't shy off going the extra mile and getting you a fantastic deal with the seller, as he did for me.

Sorry for my cricket analogy; both the players should coordinate and support each other to sail the team to victory and making a perfect partnership. My experience with Prem ji was just that, and he has been the ideal partner in my search for my first home. I strongly recommend working with Prem Ji in finding the home and hope you guys have the same fun as I had in the process.
Apr 13, 2021
Prem was so easy to work with and provided some great tools in order to sell my property. He has a great team of people to work with and advised me on how to get top dollar for my condo . He also did an amazing job having it professionally stagged . I would highly recommend Prem to my friends and family for real estate needs . Thx ?? again Prem so blessed to have worked with you
Apr 10, 2021
Prem was so awesome to work with he made selling my condo a fun and rewarding experience. He was always very responsive and kept me updated on any response from other agents and buyers . He also helped me In getting my unit ready for sale with awesome contractors which was very reasonable. Also the staging he had done really helped my place to sell as it looked like a model unit. His experience paid off as we sold my place very quickly and I would highly recommend Prem to my friends and family to work with .
Thx ?? again so much !!!
Rick Palmieri
Mar 16, 2021
As first time home buyers, we were not familiar with the entire home buying process in detail. A friend of ours spoke highly of Prem and referred us to him. Prem was very helpful in walking us through the home search process. Prem's extensive experience as a realtor is reflected in his is very systematic work and processes. We toured many houses with him across San Jose and Milpitas and guided us with putting right offers according to the market conditions. He also worked with the seller agents tactfully to get us the best deal. His timely and prompt actions led to us landing in a contract with a home we loved. He also helped us with the right lender contacts and keep an open line of communication throughout the closing period.
Our experience with Prem overall was pleasant. I would recommend working with Prem for your home buying/selling needs. I would advise first time home buyers to be have a clear idea of what they want out of their home (budget, neighborhood, type of home, etc.) before starting to tour houses and then work with Prem with towards the clear goal.
Mar 3, 2021
Prem is an extremely knowledgeable, highly experienced, and very professional realtor. As first-time buyers, we had very limited understanding of the real estate market trends in the Bay area and had a lot of questions. Prem would very patiently answer all our questions and also provide useful insights that helped us in our decision-making. He is very thoughtful and ensures that he suggests listings as per our requirements, our taste, and within our budget. He was very approachable and accommodating in scheduling multiple appointments per day. He is very passionate and would diligently point all the positives and negatives of each house that we viewed. He thoroughly examines all the property reports to make sure there are no red flags. He does detailed research of all the properties in the area and would guide us on a reasonable bid based on his comparative study. We are very thankful to Prem and had a delightful experience working with him. We highly recommend working with Prem if you are looking to buy/sell a house.
Mar 1, 2021
From our experience, we can say that Prem is a very reliable realtor with great rigor and has comprehensive knowledge about the current housing market. We came across Prem's profile on Facebook and were impressed with the good reviews. We dropped him a message and he responded immediately to kick-start the process of purchasing the house. He made sure he understood our requirements and preferences, especially in terms of the neighborhood, area, and budget. Prem was very perceptive of our requirements. He shared resources and was always available to help us better understand the process involved in putting an offer as first-time home buyers.

Based on our preferences, Prem shared a variety of potential listings with us. And since we used to drive from SF, he made sure that our trips were meaningful by showing us at least 3-4 houses on each trip. He was very responsive as well as accommodating in scheduling appointments for us as well, some of which were done at less than 12 hours' notice. During our house viewing appointments, he explained everything well and also pointed out unique features about the house and how that affects the house's value.

Prem is very knowledgeable about the property prices in this crazy market and has always suggested reasonable bids based on comparable properties. The turnaround time for various paperwork was usually very quick and we did not have to worry about having less time on our hands to review the paperwork at all. And in less than a month, we purchased a home that we love. We appreciate Prem as he was great in communicating with the seller's agents and even negotiated successfully in this crazy market. Owing to this, we already have built-in equity in our first home purchase and we greatly appreciate the help Prem has provided.
Feb 11, 2021

Prem is an extremely professional realtor who will do his best to give you the best!!! I was introduced to Prem by my friend, who were First time home buyers. The moment I spoke to him, I realized I was in safe hands. Prem is highly passionate about his work, and working with him to accomplish my dream of buying a house has been great and a hassle free experience. As a first time homebuyer I had tons of questions in my mind, Prem helped me understand the little nuances of the process which helped me in the decision making. He never hesitated to show as many properties I requested for, he also helped in putting up offers for the properties. His negotiating skills are to perfection. I am happy to have worked with Prem, and I highly recommend him.
Feb 11, 2021
We had a great home buying experience with Prem. We were introduced to him by one of our friend. He was so down to earth, warm and welcoming. We had no second thought and we were sure he will make our dream come true. Being first time buyers, we were skeptical about every move and in fact the whole process is worrisome. Talking to him will sure wipe of all the worries off your plate, very patiently he answered all our questions and very quickly understood our needs and interests. His enthusiasm, high energy and his passion to what he is doing never faded even for a moment. He is very motivating and highly knowledgeable person with complete insights of the current market. He is very approachable, and never hesitates to show us as many properties we are interested in. His negotiation skills and taking the right approach with the sellers saved us lot of money. Home buying is a very time sensitive process and we should always be on our toes to grasp when there is an opportunity, Prem is super quick and proactive to make sure we do not miss out on anything. I would thank him for going over and beyond to find a beautiful house for us!. He is a wonderful professional to work with and more over a well-wisher for his client. I highly recommend Prem, for he makes your dream come true :)
Dec 3, 2020
It was a great experience working with Prem. Things are constantly changing in this special time, but Prem made the whole process stress-free, by thoroughly explaining the every steps and proactively informing us upon each milestone. Whenever you have any questions or doubts, he's always there to help. I highly recommend him.
Nov 29, 2020
Prem is a very experienced, empathetic, well-connected and well-respected agent who we whole-heartedly recommend. My husband and I are first time buyers and we wanted to take advantage of the low mortgage rates this year, 2020.

We found Prem via Zillow and decided to give him a call. He walked us through the entire process and patiently answered our questions. He also introduced us to multiple lenders with whom his clients had worked with, including the absolutely fantastic loan officer who got us our loan.

Prem was very responsive to our calls and messages, very quick to set up and punctual at appointments. He made sure that he read the disclosures to highlight anything that we should pay attention to. He was able to very quickly understand what we needed in order to recommend the right houses. His experience and network helped us get a great deal on a beautiful townhouse that we will call our home.
Nov 8, 2020
Prem is very professional and knowledgeable agent who reads market regularly and provides you recommendation based on his expertise. We have been working with Prem for an year, he would never ever push you to close the deal, he makes you very comfortable, shares every detail of home and let you make decision. Best part of him is that based on current market condition he would appraise the house and ensure you don’t overpay for home. Me and my wife had amazing experience with Prem, surely we are recommending him to my close friends so that can benefit from his services. Thank you Prem for being patient with us for a year, finally we are super excited to move new home.
Nov 6, 2020
Buying a new home in the bay area is a nerve-wracking procedure, but, we are very glad for having a seamless home buying experience working with Prem. Prem is attentive, extremely responsive, professional, and very well versed with the residential real estate market in the south bay area, and tri-valley. He stayed on top of everything and we didn’t have to worry about many things - without saying he took care of a lot of things during this whole process in working with the sales team, loan agent, and escrow team. We got Prem’s recommendation through one of our close friends who also purchased a home with Prem recently. To start with, Prem understood our needs and gathered a list of requirements, and sent a curated list of available home options within a day. We closed on the 2nd home from the list, but before we provided the offer, Prem helped us to show many more options to ensure we explored all the possible options. Being a first time home buyer - we had so many questions all along, Prem patiently helped us with addressing them and provided in-depth details and information, which made this process very informative and hasslefree for us. Prem has a keen sense of negotiation and recommendation of a price range which helps you make an informed decision with your offer; due to which, we were able to find a home meeting almost all of our requirements and with a good bargain. Additionally, at times, he went the extra mile in helping us in following with sellers, escrow, and even finding some contractors, we really appreciate it.

I strongly recommend working with Prem in finding the home you’ve been looking for and looking forward to working with him for future prospects.
Oct 27, 2020
Director of engineering
Prem is very professional and knowledgeable agent who reads market regularly and provides you recommendation based on his expertise. We have been working with Prem for an year, he would never ever push you to close the deal, he makes you very comfortable, shares every detail of home and let you make decision. Best part of him is that based on current market condition he would appraise the house and ensure you don’t overpay for home.

Me and my wife had amazing experience with Prem, surely we are recommending him to my close friends so that can benefit from his services.

Thank you Prem for being patient with us for a year, finally we are super excited to move new home.
Oct 22, 2020
Prem is a solid real estate professional. He is always on top of things and easy to work with. I found him very knowledgeable and helpful during the entire transaction. On his profile, he has mentioned 'ALWAYS CLIENT FIRST' and that's exactly the experience I got working with him. In a hot housing market - home buying, selling and refinance spree, Prem was quite successfully able to get things done in a timely fashion coordinating appraisal, inspection, loan officer and listing agent making sure everyone stayed on track and well aware of all the activities and timeline. He is very humble, respectful to everyone, quite experienced and well connected in real estate. I would highly recommend Prem to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate property.
Oct 5, 2020
It was wonderful working with Prem. As first time home buyers, we had many questions and on top of that we were confused with the flood of suggestions coming from friends and aquaintances. After having our first conversation with Prem, we immediately felt that we are in safe hands and every interaction after that only made this impression stronger. He is patient, honest, calm and knowledgeable. He has amazing insight into the market trends and the prices. He is really quick with every step in the home buying process which gives us edge as buyers bidding for the houses we like in this super competitive market. Couldn’t thank him more for all his help and making this home buying experience memorable for us.
Sep 16, 2020
Prem is very responsive to all my requests.
He actively take us to see different properties.
He explains things that I need to know for all the process.
I am very happy to work with him.
Highly recommend.

Aug 13, 2020
We had a great experience with our realtor – Prem! We met Prem through a referral when we started looking for new homes to purchase. In our very first meeting with Prem we realized we won’t be able to find a better realtor than him. Prem has great passion towards real estate and goes above and beyond to help buyers find the best deal there is. He is very knowledgeable and has the skills to negotiate with sellers, which helped us save a lot of money. He spent a lot of time trying to understand our preferences and as first-time buyers answered all our questions patiently. Prem is very responsive and tries his best to provide instant responses to emails, text messages and phone calls any time of the day. He was willing to take us to any house in any area in the Bay. He made sure we visited all the prime locations (Fremont, San Jose, Dublin, etc.), just so we would have a comprehensive view of the houses in the market, which helped us greatly in making our final decision. We bought a beautiful Single-Family House in San Jose and earned a friend in the process. HIGHLY RECOMMEND PREM FOR A REALTOR!!!
Jul 25, 2020
Principal Engineer
We found Prem randomly via Redfin wanting to look at a house for sale, sadly that house wasnt for us but Prem was amazing. Went above and beyond to show us other houses in the area, took notes on what we were looking for and wanted in a house and then called us Sunday night about a hot new house that we might like and we purchased it the next day. He always makes sure you get the best deal and are looked after and will use him again in the future.
Jul 21, 2020
Software Engineer
Prem is an amazing professional who does his job with the utmost dedication. Prem's highly proactive approach was the deciding factor that helped us beat other offers and secure the home that we loved. Prem shows genuine care for his clients and goes above and beyond his responsibilities to get you exactly the home that you want. I would wholeheartedly recommend Prem to anyone looking to buy a home.
Jul 5, 2020
Prem has been incredible in our home buying process. In fact it was because of his timely information and negotiation skill we were able to get our dream home and at a good price. He is extremely helpful, responsive and informative. He was in constant contact with our seller’s agent to make sure everything goes smoothly. He was also very patient in answering our many questions that we had as first time home buyers. We highly recommend him.
Jun 29, 2020
My friend referred me to Prem when I said I am looking home in Dublin, next day morning I got a call Prem and just asked few questionnaire about my choices and budget and with in 24 hours he came up with 5 home options which exactly suited my requirements and with in my budget
and he explained well about each home and its features, advantages which made me to choose the house quickly, even I didn't believe I had chosen my home with in a Day. After I decided a home which was high end of our budget , Prem was able to negotiate and get it for listing price.After that until hand over the keys, he was on top of each and every thing and helped to complete all the required things with smooth manner.
May 23, 2020
Prem Lakhanpal helped me purchase a beautiful residence at Ardenwood, CA
and has become more of a friend than a realtor. He is very professional and friendly. He helped me in every step of the way from reviewing open houses,
making the house selection, appraisal, inspection all the way till the close.
He even recommended a rock star lender who got me a great rate.
He made the whole process very smooth. He is very prompt and responsive in communication and passionate about his work. I would definitely recommend Prem to my friends! He is the best around.
May 11, 2020
Product Manager
Prem is amazing! He was relentless in helping us find a house. I have 2 very young kids and so I would sometimes only call Prem late in the night after the kids went to bed to show interest on a property - no problem! He would immediately start the prep work - pouring over disclosures, comparing prices in the area etc. and by morning, he would have already scheduled a time to view the property and would also have information on any other questions I have. Within a month of working with Prem, we were able to buy our dream property. I strongly recommend Prem.
May 3, 2020
Software Engineer
Prem Lakhanpal is very professional and has good knowledge on housing market. He provided good tips regarding house buying and understood our requirements and sent the listings accordingly.As part of our dream home search, we travelled good amount of time with Prem and he was always available for house tours and patiently showed us houses whenever we wanted to tour.He is very good at offer negotiation and make sure buyer gets the house at best price.Thank you Prem for helping us find our dream home.I highly recommend Prem for new home buyers.
Apr 17, 2020
S/W Engineer
Being first time home buyers, we were a little intimidated at first. Prem made the process much easier than we had been anticipating. Any questions we had were answered quickly and efficiently. We both are very happy with our first home and couldn’t have been more pleased with the service. We thank you for the time and effort you spent with us, making our first experience as easy as it was! I definitely recommend Prem to anyone and would not hesitate to use again for ourselves.

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