JVM's customer service is unsurpassable from the initial contact with the buyer to the close of escrow in my experience in working with them. Their option to close escrow in 15 days helps me to close more escrows and write more competitive buyer contracts. The fact that they work as a team is so streamlined and it makes the escrow process go faster and smoother for the buyer and there is no long wait time to get a response from a loan officer. JVM has always met my buyers contingency dates and always closes escrow early or on time. I can contact them 7 days a week and they will always respond to my client or myself usually within the same hour. Every client that I have referred to JVM is extremely happy which is a reflection upon me as the buyers agent. JVM's excellent customer service is also reflection on listing agent……if the buyer performs on or before contract deadlines, the listing agent successfully sells the sellers home in a timely fashion. JVM is the lender I have been looking for and I've sold more homes due to JVM being my buyers lender due to their excellent reputation. If you have not worked with them, I highly recommend you do.

Stephanie Fordham


JVM Lending - Agents

Your Success = Our Success We are the Lender that builds your business
As a Realtor I have a lot of lenders asking for my business and my clients often already have their own lender so I can see how different lenders can be. While some big institutions can't get it done, JVM is fully digitized and paperless. I just uploaded the docs, got messaged and reminded on what's outstanding and before I knew it I was approved, funded and closed all within two weeks. It doesn't get any faster or easier.
Great service and rates. Recommended them today for a refinance.
They go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service. Always professional.
As a busy real estate agent it's hard to manage all of the daily and weekly tasks of owning a business. JVM is here to make your job as an agent east and simple when it comes to working with buyers! I know how they will talk to my clients. I know their systems and processes. I trust them with any buyer client because they have a proven track record with me for five years now!
The gold standard of service!
Great lending company, have sent many happy clients there!
Aaron does a fabulous job of simplifying the social media beast. He explains in layman terms how to improve your online presence by utilizing the multitude of social media and web tools. I highly recommend Aaron.
Just wanted to give a huge shout out and thank you to Aaron who managed to talk me off the social media ledge and for investing so much time to help me see the light and manage social media. I fear he is creating a monster! THANK YOU AARON!
What I appreciate most about Aaron is his willingness to take time to learn about me and how I run my business as well as my needs/challenges. Subsequently he was able to recommend a program that perfectly complements my business and my budget.
I met Aaron at a Realtor workshop. I contacted him later and he was very helpful and answered every one of my questions. He bent over backwards to tailor a marketing package that worked for me. If you can work with Aaron, do it!
Team Owner/Lead Listing Specialist
Our team just purchased a Smartzip platform and are in the process of setting it up. Aaron and his support staff have been very responsive to our many questions and/or concerns regarding the marketing campaign. We are very excited about implementing Smartzip and are looking forward to working with Aaron and his team.
Marketing Liaison & Results Specialist
There are lenders and then there is JVM Lending! They have an amazing team that guides you step by step throughout the process of home buying. Not only are they competitive, have cutting edge technology, close in 14 days but they care about their client and realtor relationships! I had they pleasure of working with JVM to assist our clients in achieving their dream of homeownership. JVM blew me away! They are extremely efficient and professional, one of the best transactions ever!

What truly sets JVM apart from the rest is definitely their attention to detail and charismatic personality. Nicholas Saenz and his team have started a Realtor Digital Marketing Program to give back to their Realtor partners and ensure they are maximizing their exposure online through various platforms. Nicholas and his team met with me during my busy schedule to help me tuneup and grow my online presence. I am very tech savvy, or I like to think I am but I was blown away with so much great knowledge and insight JVM has. They truly opened my eyes and a I learned so much and am truly thankful for JVM! They took the time to help me, a Realtor, be more successful in my craft! They genuinely care about all of their clients, relationships and partnerships! That is why JVM will continue to have a major impact in our industry, thank you JVM Lending!
JVM is not only my preferred lender for my clients but they now have an amazingly helpful and creative digital marketing program and team, just for Realtors, like me! I am happy to say that Nicholas and Jonathan have helped me increase my online positioning and exposure which has helped to increase my business. Thanks JVM!
JVM Lending is a great team to work with. They offer a variety of resources to their agent partners, offer constant and open communication, very transparent, and provide top notch customer service. I'm extremely happy with their services and will continue to use them in the future.
Real estate agent
JVM is my go-to lender. I know I can always count on them to provide great service and never let me and my clients down. Their closings are always on time - or sooner - and with 14 day closings I've had clients' offers accepted over higher offers. JVM is a great asset to agents and clients. Highly recommended.
Aaron was great to work with, explained everything well and helped come up with the best plan for me. Exceeded expectations.
Aaron was so helpful thoroughly answering my plethora of questions regarding how SmartZip works, and how it will be beneficial to my marketing strategy. I sincerely appreciate his tenacity, and helping me in get me set up with a program that makes sense for my budget.
Aug 1, 2018

Thanks Jason!

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President/ C.E.O.
Aaron is a sound professional who does fantastic work and he really cares about his clients.....He will push to get his clients solutions that will do wonders for your business! I highly recommend him and am THRILLED to be in business with him!
Aaron was extremely patient with me. I tend to ask a lot of questions and took a few weeks to make my decision. Aaron kept the Smartzip service with in the budget I set. He has followed up; which is extremely important to me. He was not rude and pushy. I would do business with Aaron again.
Jul 5, 2018

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Your Success = Our Success
Aaron took the time and patience to not only visit with me, but one of my Lead sales partners as well. I appreciated his thoroughness in explaining SmartZip. He was very upfront about mutual expectations and the work needed to succeed with the SmartZip program. I’m looking forward to greater success for our team!
Absolutely love JVM! They have perfected the lending process so that it is nearly flawless. As a Realtor, it's so important for me to work with lenders that are on their A-game at all times...JVM is definitely the perfect example of this. I really love that they put such care and thought into who they hire-each loan officer I've worked with (shoutout to Meg, Larisa, and Diandra!) have been smart, efficient, and truly on their A-game. Ask anyone what a few of my favorite things in life are and they'll surely know...Parks and Rec, pizza, the mountains, JVM Lending...
Real Estate Agent
Aaron did a wonderful job of explaining everything to me and making sure that I understood everything before making the final jump! He also listened to my wants and needs and made it work for me. As a newer agent, I really needed to be money conscience and Aaron made all that work for me!! He's awesome!
Aaron Moore did a great job of walking me through the product and helping with all the questions I had. He was very knowledgeable about the process and spent time walking me through the options that worked best for me.

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