Mark Neighbor

Real Estate Investor / Problem Solver A O Home Solutions, LLC CRP, GaREIA, CPS, and others
I like to solve problems. Pam and I started by answering questions for people from our experiences. Soon it became a business helping others buy and sell houses and property. The company A O Home Solutions has now bought and sold real estate in GA for over a decade and helped literally hundreds of people. We can buy your house for cash right now or we can help you market it for sale or lease. We believe in honest, professional, timely, complete service. We have personally taken most all the RE courses and written some courses also. We understand that buying or selling a house maybe the biggest monetary decision and investment an individual or family makes. We help people to find their first home, vacation home, or their biggest most expensive final home. We teach others "how to" get started in RE investing if they so desire. We buy houses, sell houses, coach, and help individuals and families to properly handle all their Real Estate needs, wants, or problems. I have earned or been certified as a reimbursement professional, Members of the National Association of Independent Landlords, Graduate of The Commercial Property Academy, am a Advance Magazine Contributing Author, Member of The Georgia Real Estate Investment Association, run the Facebook Georgia Real Estate Investors page and many other distinctions. All that said, it does not really matter what I have done unless I can help others like you become better investors, buyers, sellers, and make or save or make money in each individual situation. We have many useful websites but it all starts at for buyers and for sellers. We want to help. How did we help you.
Sep 11, 2017
IT personnel
Mark Neighbor is a quality and trustworthy man, and A O Home solutions is run the same way. Everyone is treated respectfully and with the utmost courtesy when buying or being placed in a home. If I ever need to buy or sell another property, A O Home Solutions would be my first call.
Sep 7, 2017

A O Home Solutions

We Buy and Sell Houses. If you need to sell a house call us. We buy fast with cash. When you need to buy a house, we have great deals.
Aug 23, 2017
Vice president
My son & I have done business with Mark Neighbor for @15 years. He is one of the most honest & considerate people I have ever met. I recommend him to all my customers, & he always goes the extra mile for all their needs.
Aug 22, 2017
Owner of CK 1 Drywall, Inc
Mark was Amazing! He does everything with excellence and Very Professional! Mark's Service goes above and beyond the call of duty!
Aug 15, 2017
Student at Georgia Tech
Mark was a great landlord in an area where there weren't many respectable ones. Regardless of the issue, he was always willing to hear you out and give you reasonable accommodation. He set rules from the start and never deviated from them. Additionally, he would perform checkups a few times a month to make sure everything was running smoothly between people and the amenities were fully functioning. He did far more than I would have expected a landlord to do and was a pleasure doing business with.
Aug 9, 2017
Mark was able to give us advice with repairs to ensure we got the highest value for our property. He was there to hold our hand when things got challenging right up till we sold our house. The whole process from start to finish was very fast. Mark and Pam are very knowledgeable, calm, and easy to work with! Would highly recommend them for any future real estate needs.
Aug 9, 2017
Retired Business consultant
I have worked with Mark, served people with Mark, studied the Bible and prayed with Mark Neighbor for years.
He has a brilliant business mind and a servants heart. He is exactly the kind of person you want to help you buy or sell a house, rent one or buy one from his company.
His integrity is beyond reproach. You can trust him and count on him to deliver more than he promises!
Aug 9, 2017
Home seller
A O Home Solutions and Mark did a great job selling our home. We got the price we needed fast. Thanks