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Maryellen Mackenzie – Branch Manager
Alex Vazquez - Sales Manager
Diane Bunn - Director of Sales Associate Services
Jerica Neale- Assistant Director of Sales Associate Services

The Sales Management team at our Green Valley Campus provides training and coaching services and is here to help our agents plan for the success of their business.

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Jun 29, 2020
Mel and I interviewed with only the top-rated Real Estate Companies in the Valley 16 years ago. Each one was different as far as the environment and what they had to offer us. We had heard about the Coldwell Banker Premier environment and training and was told actually by another Real Estate Company that it was far superior to any other company in town. That Company went on to say, go to Coldwell Premier, get educated, and then come back and we will hire you. We also were told that Bob and Molly Hamrick were serious about the success of their agents, created a team spirit and offered an upbeat and positive environment.

Although we both came from Corporate environments and thought we were rather intelligent, we knew Nothing about Real Estate. We figured it might be important to be with a Company that has excellent support, training, continual coaching and top-notch education that would make it possible for us to succeed. After meeting and talking with people at CBPR, We decided this was the place for us. After one week in Fast Start, we both agreed that we had made the right decision for ourselves. We both spent years working in large Corporate communities not related to Real Estate. When we were at Coldwell Banker less than 6 months, we had earned over $120,000 GCI, far exceeding our financial expectations and qualified for the prestigious Coldwell Banker Premier Quarterly Best Club. No matter how much anyone thinks they may know about Real Estate, one thing we have learned is that contracts and the process is always changing. CBPR is Always ahead of the curve! We learn something new everyday, its never a dull moment. We have no doubt that we are the ONLY Company in town, where the management and owners immediately made the necessary changes and adapted to Covid-19 with training and updates in place so we did not lose our way. We know this had to be a daunting task!

So, yes, we took some time, did a personal analysis of what we were offered, thought about the people we had met and believed that to Truly be successful and create a following, we needed to make the Right decision on a place we could call home. We both knew from our prior careers that the people who truly earned greatness, stayed with an excellent, reputable Company long term. The quality of education, staff support and technical support is phenomenal. The weekly meetings, incredible marketing, paperless platform and awesome staff makes it fun and creates the energy needed to succeed. The celebrations, parties and company events are just a small portion of the opportunities to get to know other agents and appreciate some well earned time off.

Many times people just look at what is in it for them from a monetary point of view, so they run to sign up with whoever offers them the highest split or perks in the office that do not add up to much because, as an active agent, you're just not in the office that much. Also, there are recruiters out there that make promises that they never deliver on. The Hamricks deliver! It does not matter if you are a top producer or a new agent, you will instantly know that you are part of a Magnificent, well-run organization.

If you are looking for a place that will give you all the tools you need to be a great success, will reward you as you work towards your personal goals, and provide an environment of respect, high integrity and has elite reputation in the Valley, then DO NOT LOOK ANY FURTHER...CHOOSE COLDWELL BANKER PREMIER REALTY! Here it is 16 years later, we have made a respectable living and we are grateful for making the right will be too!
-Sincerely, Mel and Debbie Hallerman
Jun 1, 2020
I thoroughly enjoy working at CBPR. I interviewed and researched many brokerages before making my choice and I am absolutely certain I made the right decision! The training, marketing materials, management, staff and sense of community within the office are top notch!
May 6, 2020
Best brokerage in the valley!!!
Apr 19, 2019
Sales Agent
Elaina has been instrumental in helping me build my business. She is seriously a lifesaver. Thank you for everything that you do.
Jan 25, 2019
Coldwell Banker Premier Realty (Green Valley Campus) has been extremely instrumental in my growth as a new agent due to the tremendous support that we ALL receive from our Management Team, Support staff and the Broker, Bob Hamrick.

CBPR offers on-going agent training classes that hold each agent accountable for the goals that the agent sets for themselves to achieve. In addition, we are scheduled for script practice, objection handling, and one-on-one meetings to review weekly goals/outcome.

Choosing CBPR (Green Valley) has definitely exceeded my expectations and I'm grateful that I embraced this dynamic brokerage to build my real estate career with.