Bob Cambron

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Our experience with Bob was excellent. He went above and beyond to get our refinancing closed in time. Despite the many follow up requests from the underwriters. He put in a lot of overtime! His demeanor was not pushy and that's what we really liked. If I was to do it again I would definitely go with Bob and his team at Open Mortgage!
PTF Clerk @ USPS
I would highly recommend Bob Cambron for all of your financial needs, regarding mortgages. He was prompt, polite and personable. He saw everything through to the end and did it very professionally. We give him five stars for going above and beyond the call of duty! Thank You Bob for all of your hard work!!
President and CEO of Integrous Roofing & Restoration Inc.
To whom it may concern,

I want to thank Bob Cambron for doing a phenomenal job of trying to get us out of a challenging place on a home we are purchasing.

We had been pre approved by a broker our realtor had used many times for many years. To everyone’s surprise at the last minute the underwriter said they could not make it happen.

We contacted Bob to see if he could helps us. Bob went to bat for us right away and with amazing speed and skill! We were thrilled to be working with Bob. His commitment to customer service, his incredible character and phenomenal work ethic were a joy to experience.

Our experience with Bob made it clear that in the future if we ever need to do this again, Bob will be the guy we go to. We will also be telling our kids and others about how awesome Bob was to work with.

Keith & Patsy Jacob