Priya Viswa

Broker North East Realty NMLS, CalBRE, SRES, ABR
Priya Viswa is a Real Estate Broker at North East Realty. Prior to real estate, Priya graduated from University of California, Davis in Structural Engineering. She has experience in construction and management. Her knowledge in the housing industry and an interest in real estate made her to pursue the dreams of becoming a Realtor. Her business is based on Referrals. Her focus is serving the needs of all clients, current and past with utmost integrity, enthusiasm, and professionalism. She works smart by using her knowledge, commitment, tech know-how and creativity to help accomplish your real estate goals and get the best possible results.  She currently specializes only in Residential Real estate. She also holds active Mortgage originator license and advises clients in their loan process as well.

Born and raised in India, she decided to pursue her dreams in United States. Priya is married with two children and lives in San Jose of Santa Clara County. Her husband is a Software engineer in Paypal, San Jose. She is actively involved in various volunteering work. In addition to spending time with her family, she enjoys cooking, reading, listening to music and watching movies. 
Aug 4, 2022
Excellent experience working with Priya.

Being a first time home buyer, we needed all the right guidance in this market and we are glad we had Priya by our side. It was a real pleasure working with her. She has a pleasant personality and we connected with her in our very 1st meeting, which is important if you want to have candid and honest conversations.

Priya is very knowledgeable and made the painstaking process of buying a home quite easy and stress-free. She was very patient in this entire process and always guided us with all the pros and cons of each type of property. She is very prompt in responding whenever we had any question and always provided us with answers. She accommodated based on our schedules and constraints, if that was not possible in some instance, then she would go check the house by herself. She would accompany us during home tour/viewing and provide insights and feedback on things that we did not even think of but would be important to consider. She gave us the space and time to figure out what we wanted, never did we fall under pressure working with her.

The entire process from pre-approval, researching, Q&A, house tours, writing offers, closing with lenders and post closing activities; all of this went smoothly because of Priya and her willingness to go the extra mile for us. Priya gave us great recommendations in finding a good mortgage lender in this crazy market. She also has a bunch of suggestions for handymen, cleaners and so on.

We are very happy with our first home in the Bay area and thanks to Priya for helping us get the right home.

We highly recommend Priya Viswa to our family and friends. She is one of the best in this business and someone who has your best interest.
Aug 2, 2022
We are first time home buyers and met Priya through one of our friends. She is very knowledgable, patient and friendly who helped us though out the home buying process by giving information about every neighborhood in terms of crime rates, school rating and a bunch of other stuffs. She is detail oriented in every little thing which helped us understand what all to look for when we are buying a house. Working with her made us feel very relaxed and the entire process went very smooth. We highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy a home.
Jul 31, 2022
Priya did a splendid job in helping us get our first house and it was such a pleasure to work with her. As first time buyers each step of the process could be complex and daunting, but her enthusiasm and involvement made it easier and also helped us learn and educate ourselves along the way. She was prompt in clarifying our questions and always gave us a realistic expectation of each offer and never pushed us beyond our comfort zone. The market is highly competitive and had many attempts before we were successful and she was a great support through these failures. She was also there to guide us through each step from dealing with the title company, loan process to signing the deed and made sure everything was smooth and completed before the deadline. On move in day she prepared a thoughtful move in a bag with essentials and a checklist which made our move stress free. We would highly recommend Priya to our friends and potential buyers and would definitely work with her in the future.
Jul 28, 2022
Priya did an exceptional job in helping us navigate through the entire home buying process. Her expertise helped us understand some of the key aspects such as neighborhood safety, and the different pros and cons before venturing into a property. As first time home buyers, the process of writing an offer and bidding in a very competitive market was overwhelming. Priya was always there to provide more insights to make the process less overwhelming. Finding the right lender and closing the escrow on time was critical. And Priya was on top of it making sure everything goes through smoothly. She is super responsive and continued to check on us and answer our questions even after we closed the escrow. In our contract, we had agreed to provide the sellers a two month rent free. During this time, Priya managed to get us a tour since our parents visited us from India. Highly recommend her. We would definitely work with her in the future.
Jul 14, 2022
It was exceptional to work with Priya. The day we contacted her till the day we got the keys and even now it has been a smooth ride with her. She is knowledgable, passionate and energetic and always gives positive vibes to us as a buyer. She knows the market upside down and can rely on her heavily. I’d recommend Priya highly and definitely would like to continue working with her in any future projects.
May 27, 2022
We are first time home buyers in the US and we were introduced to Priya by a mutual friend. Priya is a cheerful and enthusiastic person. She was responsive and always prompt in following up with things. We started our search with a very vague idea and she was instrumental in bringing a shape to it. We felt she understands her buyers very well. For instance, whenever we felt we had a lot of options, she was able to shortlist a few for us (that always matched our preferences) which wouldn't have been possible without her expertise in real estate and nuanced understanding of our expectations and sentiments. Priya's professionalism and profile gave us an edge over other buyers when we had several closely competing offers on this house. It was great to work with her and we are definitely going to recommend her to our friends/potential buyers too.
Dec 23, 2021
We started our home search from October 2021 and we tried multiple realtors none of them worked well for us until we met Priya. After talking to her we felt very relaxed and confident in this process. As first time home buyers we had a lot of doubts and questions, she was very easy to work with and respond within 5 minutes at any time of the day. She worked with us in narrowing the houses based on our budget and would come to see the house with us on any day. For each house she gives us lot of information and provided us with pros and cons and let us make informed decisions. She give us every minute details on the house so that we can know about the house and what to expect when we buy that house. Within a month of working with her we were able to buy a wonderful house that we like a lot on our first offer. She was very helpful in getting this house for us by promptly sending the offer and following up with seller agent overnight. During the escrow process she will make sure that everything goes smooth and the escrow closes on the given date. She was very excited along with us in the overall process and takes up any problem as her own. Even after buying the house she is still helping us with any questions and repairs in the house. She also arranged cleaners for our home. She also suggested home design and home improvements.

Since we got the house on our first offer we think the home buying process is easy but the reality is the when you get a realtor like Priya everything can be easy! Thanks Priya for all the help! We would highly recommend Priya to any one looking to buy a home.
Nov 16, 2021
We were so delighted since the first day we hopped on a call with Priya in finding our new home. Her patience towards clients and her will to fight for every penny of her clients is commendable. We were so amazed by the accuracy of bidding stats that were provided by her. She was through in writing all the sale contracts. She is never pushy on buying a property and always prevents clients from overbidding. Thanks to Priya we were able to get our move in ready dream home in less than 2 months of search. She has some great recommendations for mortgage lender, handyman, electrician and the list just goes on. You state a problem and our wizard Priya will wave her magic wand on it. Dealing on such big decisions in a virtual world is extremely difficult and that’s why we have Priya Viswa around to make the process smooth for us. Indeed we didn’t just end up buying a new house with the best realtor in Bay Area, we found a friend whom we can trust. ?Keep up the good work!
Nov 4, 2021
We met Priya through one of our friends and we went with her as they had only great things to say about her. Since we were first time home buyers, we had very little knowledge about the market and the home buying process in general. Priya was our go-to person for every single thing. What we really liked was that she was not at all pushy. She only had our best interests in mind at all times. She hand held us through all the steps of the process including finding a lender, home insurance, handy man, painters, cleaners, etc. Priya goes above and beyond to help her clients and we were extremely lucky we got to work with her. Priya was in constant touch with us even after the closure making sure we are not over whelmed at any point in time. She also put together a very thoughtful move-in kit which had everything we needed at the time of move-in. We highly recommend Priya. The best part is when you work with Priya you don’t just get a great realtor, you get a friend for life :) <3
Nov 4, 2021
I got to know priya from my cousin when we were looking for an agent. We were first time home buyers and we had no clue on anything about buying homes in the bay area . The experience we had with Priya was nothing less than simply amazing. She is some one who is very patient and never rushes into anything .She gives honest opinions on the houses and also gives structural details on the houses which would help in deciding whether to go with it or not . She is approachable anytime be it morning or at night and answers every other question which we asked her .Also she is very flexible with her time schedule .On the whole we had a lovely time with her and finally ended on buying our dream home .
Oct 16, 2021
Priya was our agent for our first home in california, she is very professional, knowlegable and approacable whenever needed.

Priya has very good understanding of neighbourhood and provides suggestions based on client requirements.
Sep 7, 2021
Priya was very helpful in determining what we truly need. After a more than a year of searching and getting outbid several times, we gave up mid-way through the process until a close friend recommended that we try Priya. In our first conversation, she gave us a realistic assessment of what budget is possible based on our minimum criteria for our future home. And for every prospective home we visited, she provided timely reports on crime and overall quality of living in the neighborhood. We found her advice of visiting neighborhoods at night to be very valuable in finally closing in our house. We're grateful to her for making our first home purchase happen! She was diligent yet empathetic in her approach. We definitely recommend!
Aug 14, 2021
Priya has helped us navigate the home buying and selling process over the years. She’s very professional, compassionate and always puts the interests of her clients at the forefront.

I’ve recommended her to many of my friends and they’ve had only great things to say about her. Highly recommend her services.
Aug 4, 2021
We can't speak highly enough of our experience with Priya. We were first-time homebuyers with googled knowledge on how to find the right place. Our budget was really tight and we really were in doubt about home buying with so much unpredictability with COVID.
Luckily, we met Priya!

She was extremely responsive and pro-active in scheduling home tours at the right time and guided us through the entire process .She was our biggest support in all our bidding losses, and helped us look forward to the next one, which we felt was the most important part in this entire process.

Priya's background in structural engineering was great value-add.She gave us great suggestions on structural improvements that could be done with all the houses we seriously considered, which was very helpful in our bidding decisions.

We never felt forced to make an offer and when we finally found the "one",it was within our budget and with great schools.She was prompt and helped us with all follow ups with seller agent, bank and title company.

Thanks Priya for all the help! We would 200% recommend Priya to any one looking to buy/sell home.
Aug 2, 2021
As first time homebuyers, we had very little to absolutely no idea about the housing market and how things work in real estate. Priya helped us with the whole process in a turnkey fashion. Right from helping us narrow down zip codes, to comparing the loan programs different lenders offered us, up until recommending good places to buy furniture, she was with us throughout. The best thing about Priya is that she is extremely proactive and deeply invested in her clients. She followed up with us every single day (sometimes multiple times a day) and went the extra mile to ensure that we were making constant progress - with preapprovals, home applications, reviewing and signing documents, etc; she was on top of things and made sure we were too. She provided honest feedback on homes and helped us make independent and intelligent choices about going one way or another with many potential homes. This helped us narrow down our dream home in a very short timeframe and we had our very first offer accepted! Our loan process however was a bit drawn out and complicated and Priya stepped in and coordinated with our lenders and the title company constantly to iron out all issues and made sure we closed on time. Even after closing, Priya kept in touch and recommended cleaners and handymen which made moving in to our new home a breeze. We have bombarded Priya with a LOT of first time homeowner questions and she has been nothing but extremely patient and empathetic.

With Priya, a great home buying experience is no longer a myth! Thanks so much Priya, we now not only have a great realtor but also a really good friend and a go to person. :)
Jul 2, 2021
Aarthy Gobinath
Selling a house is a very challenging process in a competitive market especially during the Covid pandemic.
Priya was very helpful in selling our house at right time. She has been very supportive throughout the process.She is great while communicating for multiple offers and have a lot of experience and knowledge from planning , staging & listing. She was very responsive and always available to answer our questions.
She did a extensive analysis of our area and came up with an apt listing price , which helped in getting multiple good offers . It was great to work with.
Jun 27, 2021
Priya got introduced through one of our friends and we are really thankful for that. Priya helped us sell our old home and buy a new home. Both the transactions went very smooth.She is extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

We are very happy and satisfied with our new home and would surely recommend Priya to all our friends.
Jun 26, 2021
Home owner
If there was one thing we did right when we decided to buy our first home, then that'd definitely be started working with Priya, she took care of everything else for us. She was such an amazing person to work with. She understands and connects well with us. She goes above and beyond to make sure we're making the right decision at every step of the way. She explains ins and out of the homes we saw, walked us thru all the finest details we should be looking for. She was not trying to sells us any home but wanted to buy the best we can get. She is very meticulous and honest when going thru documentations, contracts, sales agreement and informed us about everything there is. She was the sole reason for us to secure a great loan at a fantastic rate. She is always available for us when we needed her and updated us about the progress as and when it required. She shared her wealth of knowledge about real estate market and homes buying and owning in general which we'll need it even after the closing. We're so thankful that we met Priya and she has found a new place which we'll gladly call it our home. 10/10 would highly recommend anyone who is looking to buy or sell homes.
Jun 26, 2021
Priya just helped us close a home. Though we could not meet her in person frequently due to COVID, the entire experience could not have been smoother. She took care of all the fine details and helped us with all of the paperwork online. It has been a great experience working with her and I would highly recommend her. Thanks Priya!
Jun 6, 2021
Priya helped us to sell our townhouse in Northern San Jose. She was referred by my friend who had worked with her before. Right from day one, she was very professional, always available to discuss any questions and concerns. She referred very good contractors to do some upgrades. The staging came out very well. When we received the offers, she went the offers with us in detail and help us chose the best one. She gave all the inputs and let us take the right decision. I would recommend her to anyone who is in the process of selling homes.

Thank you Priya for your professional service and keeping the selling process very smooth.
Oct 16, 2020
Sweet Home Owners
Priya is an awesome realtor. She is filled with energy and excitement always! She is very knowledgeable in the real estate business and is always on top of everything. She considered all the factors important for us like school district, commute, area, price range, property appreciation. She guided us through the entire process and answered all the questions that we had at every stage. Being first time home buyers we were confused about a lot of things but she made it easy for us. She continues to remind us about things that we should be taking care of even after moving in which is extremely sweet of her. She was always available for us making time from her busy schedule and she does that even today. She thoroughly reviewed all the documents related to the loan and home purchase and kept us informed of all the procedures. She acted as a liaison for property buying, escrow, loan closure and property handoff . She accompanied us in every step and helped us throughout. She prepared an awesome moving kit for us and reminded us about the things to be done for a smooth move. She goes above and beyond and dedicates a lot of personal attention. She is not just our agent but has become a really good friend. We highly recommend Priya.
Jun 30, 2020
First time home buyer
We’re first time home buyers and were trying to look for houses with a previous agent who didn’t provide enough information about the crimes happening around the place when our friends recommended Priya to us. We moved to having Priya as our agent because she was able to give us information about crimes, schools, supermarkets and a bunch of other stuff near the homes we were looking for. The main plus that we found with Priya was that she was always available when we had questions to ask for, so there was good communication and availability all the time. She helped us finalize and close our home. As first time home buyers we didn’t have a lot information about real estate purchase, but Priya has been guiding us through what’s good/bad right from writing an offer, negotiating the offer, finding mortgage lenders and until close of Escrow. She’s been great to work with and I’d definitely recommend her to anyone who’s looking for a home to buy. On top of all this, we found a good friend in our agent :)
May 28, 2020
Software engineer
It has been a pleasure working with Priya!! She was directed to us by our lending agent and while we were talking to our friends for an agent, we simply called Priya to see how we feel. I must say we felt extremely comfortable talking to her as though we got in right hands, she is so knowledgeable with all the aspects of home search.
She helped us with all the questions we had and always suggested the best house we could go for..
First time home buyers have always more things in mind and working with with Priya was best thing happened to us. We are very happy in our new home.
We highly recommend her to our friends and everyone we meet who is looking to buy a home.

Thank you Priya
Apr 15, 2020
Happy Home Owners
Buying a house for first time buyers like us is overwhelming and full of new experiences.
We are really happy that our friends referred Priya to us. She helped us out in each and every aspect starting from what all things we should look for in a house till closing. She guided us all through our search process which evolved over time. We literally looked at all types of houses from Single Family to Condo/TownHouses. Priya was very patient in this entire process and always guided us with all the pros and cons of each type of properties that helped us to take the best decision. She always gave an honest opinion about the price of a property that gave us a fare understanding of the market value.
We will happily recommend her to anyone who is looking forward to fulfill their dream of owning a house.
Thank You Priya for being a part of our Home search journey and bringing smile on our faces!!
Jan 30, 2020
Happy Home Owner
Like everybody says “our situation is unique”, we were no exception. We are the most pickiest buyers where everything needs to match. We need to have a great house, great yard, great schools , vaasthu matching our requirements and a great price point. Priya has been very patient and has been working has been working with us for more than six months to find us a home which checks everything that we asked for. She has been nothing but wonderful in making sure that we we received a curated set of houses every week so that we can go take a look at it. she has spent a lot of time Outside of the business hours to to show us the house explain all the disclosures and make sure that we are really comfortable with our purchase. At no point in time did we feel that she pushed us into writing Offers that we were not comfortable with. I will recommend Priya to anyone as my first choice realtor.

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