Robyn Lewis

Realtor Verani Realty
Mar 8, 2019
Robyn Lewis did a great job selling my home. She was always ready with answers to my questions.I was so happy with her ability to get things done that had her assistance when when buying my new home.. Thanks Robyn
Jan 25, 2019
doctor of psychology
Mrs. Lewis was beyond just being a good realtor. She was a mentor, support, and a strong voice throughout the entire process. She walked me through the process (as a first time buyer) and answered every question i had, as silly as they may have been. She not only made me feel comfortable, but made me feel like this dream was possible. Robyn not only helped me get to the closing date, but has been available for followup questions and also checks in from time to time to make sure the process has continued to be smooth for me. She is knowledgeable, efficient, kind, and respectable. I would thoroughly recommend her, as she is the whole package and gets things done in a timely and smooth manner.