Cher Rowland

Realtor Intero Real Estate Menlo Park 01338545
2 days ago
Thank you letter
Dear Cher,
It was so great to talk with you! What a joy you are!! Congratulations on your San Carlos closing!! We appreciate your business and the confidence you have placed in us.
All my best,
2 days ago
Thank you letter
Dear Cher,
Thanks so much for all your hard work - time spent that really saved us and time spent that we wouldn't have had otherwise. Also, thanks for the planter - we don't know what we'll seed, but it will be appropriate for many various things. Take care and Good Luck to you.
Jana and Jon
2 days ago
2014 Thank You Letter
Dear Cher,
Thank you for making our first home purchase successful! It's been a pleasure getting to know you and working with you. We look forward to selling with you in a few years.
Jennifer Tsau and Andrew Ging
Mar 19, 2021
HR Manager at Google
Cher is an incredible listing agent! She helped us understand the market and talked through our listing price, was very detail oriented and thoughtful with our photos, and got our place up and online within a week! Two days after it was listed we received an offer slightly over asking and then a competing offer within 24 hours. The place sold to an all cash buyer with a 14 day close and no contingencies. We are not yet ready to buy so she helped us find a nice rental where all our things will fit that is closer to where I work and where my horse lives. Thanks Cher for supporting us on our home selling adventure. We appreciate you!
Mar 16, 2021
Senior Executive Assistant
Cher's personality is light and contagious. She's knowledgeable in her market and finds local level gems at below market price.

Yet, what impressed me most was Cher's ability to drive our projects to closure in such a short time. We came up with a concept and Cher made it happen with all our laundry list items in place.

We are blessed and lucky to have found Cher and I guarantee that you will mark my words true as well.

Thank you so much for the find, Cher!

Mary Fanua
Modular Remodeling and Design

Mar 11, 2021
My wife and I are first time homebuyers and Cher has been incredibly helpful at bringing us up to speed on the buying process quickly. We feel very confident in our ability to assess the desirability of a property and how to make a strong offer thanks to Cher. We have not felt pressured to buy something that isn't exactly what we want. Cher has allowed us to come to our own conclusions and given us the space to think through what we really want. We really appreciate her going on this journey with us and know that we will find our dream home soon enough.
Feb 11, 2021

Producer of the Year

The 2020 Producer of the Year
Dec 29, 2020
CEO, Modular Remodeling and Design
I did a project for Cher and after getting to know her, found out that she sells real estate and asked her to find me a home. Within a week Cher found me an off market property, pulled me into contract for less than list price and we closed before the Holiday Season. I appreciated her contract negotiation skill, her market sense, the way that she answered all of my questions and her follow through to close of escrow. Looking forward to working with Cher again on my next purchase.
Jul 18, 2020
Managing Member ... Brandenburg Apartments, LLC
We went on the market with 3 different apartment buildings in January 2020.
The first building sold with very few problems.
Then COVID 19 struck !!!
The second building closed escrow this week but after a very long and difficult process.
This sale would not have happened without Cher's determination and strong contract negotiation skills ! We received a price that, considering the current situation, was reasonable and Cher helped us deal with a buyer who was less then helpful.
I would strongly recommend Cher to anyone who needs a real estate agent who will work hard for you and always has your best interest at heart !!

Bill Brandenburg
Nov 22, 2019
Property owner
Cher is absolutely hands on, was extremely aware of today's rates and market value. She has been very informative and helpful with selling our building here in San carlos.. was so impressed with her rolling up her sleeves helping me landscape and plant new plants... we will certainly be using her for our other buildings. I highly recommend Cher, thank you for all that you do... you're amazing.
Shad Way
Oct 12, 2019
Cher’s legal background is invaluable during the offer process and during the review of disclosures and reports as the deal progresses. Her attention to detail assures a positive outcome with no surprises. Indeed, during a recent purchase with a difficult seller and difficult listing agent, Cher’s diligence resulted in a successful purchase on my terms. As a listing agent, Cher was able to successfully sell my property at a value that my neighbors with other agents were unable to match.
May 19, 2019
The difference is in the details: on my last purchase, Cher saved me thousands when she identified and investigated a property issue involving the city that no one else caught. Every property is different, so having an agent that will go the extra mile to treat each property as individually as they are is a huge relief when buying and selling. I made 2 other purchases before working with Cher, and those agents both made errors that I had to pay for. Since having Cher's help, my transactions have been worry-free, which is priceless to me: the last thing I need is to be kept up at night concerned that my agent is missing something, and that is never a worry with Cher. Thanks again for all the help, and I can't wait to do business again soon!
Jan 22, 2019
After having been looking for a rental home for almost 5 full month on our own, Cher was able to step in and quickly identify a great off-market rental home, arrange and host a home tour, handle all landlord/property manager negotiations, and get us into a lease within just five days (thus completely exceeded our expectations)!

Cher made working with the landlord & property manager easy, running point between both parties on our behalf, while also providing us frequent and detailed updates. Her experience, expertise and passion was felt throughout the entire process, and I couldn't have been more grateful to have her help in securing our new home.
Mar 15, 2018
We appreciate all the blood, sweat & tears you put in for our cause on our first home purchase and then sale this year of our home, and that you had really good connections, charm, negotiating skills and willingly put them to good use for us.