Tessa M. Drury

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As a Realtor®, Tessa Drury’s goal is to provide a Real Estate experience that is second to none, to each and every client she works with. Her excellent service has demonstrated time and time again why the vast majority of her business comes from her past clients’ personal referrals, family, friends, neighbors and coworkers.

Having the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines by consistently communicating on behalf of her clients throughout the entire escrow process, has earned Tessa a strong reputation of being her clients best advocate.

“I give exceptional service to my clients through constant communication, and am and able to conform to your specific needs, understanding that every client and situation is unique and deserves a personalized real estate plan!”

Tessa’s experience in Real Estate has allowed her to create the most efficient team of lenders, contractors, stagers and inspectors, which is key to ensuring the smoothest and best outcome for her clients. Being able to educate both buyers and sellers on all aspects of the home buying and selling process helps alleviate stress from her clients. This is something that she takes on with tremendous pride and is what makes the level of service she provides so exceptional.

Volunteering in her community is something Tessa always makes time for. Helping those in need is one of her passions, whether it be lending a hand in preparing for Thanksgiving dinner at her local church or community center, or her weekly route delivering for Meals On Wheels...but her greatest joy is helping to pair families with their perfect home. Her goal of reaching the outcome of seeing her clients happy and knowing that she was a key element in the process is why she is such an outstanding Real Estate agent.

“I look forward to being your local resource in Real Estate!”
Jun 14, 2018
Have a minute? Pull up a chair and let me tell you one heck of a story!

Almost a year ago I embarked on the journey of wanting to be a first time home owner. Because this was a whole new world to me, I had no idea what to expect and what makes a real estate agent a "good" one or not. I spent tons of time looking for properties, calling my agent and asking for details on them, etc. I made an offer on one, came to her office, signed MOUNDS of paperwork to submit the offer. We worked with a broker in the same building whom she knew well. I was outbid..I continued my search. A few months go on and I'm feeling like this is just too much work! I talk over my frustrations with some family about me doing all the searching, my agent and broker never returning calls or emails...I was ready to throw in the towel! Dad says..hey, I have a friend in the real estate world, let me talk to him.

Fast-forward a day. Dad's friend gets my number and calls me, tells me he has this amazing agent whom he'd worked with before, he wants to share my info with her. Within hours, BOOM, intro email from the one and only Tessa Drury! We set up a time to speak, went over things I was looking for, what price range, etc so she can start pulling things together. CONFUSION! She was going to pull properties for me?! I was so excited, being I had been the only one really pulling any properties with the previous agent! Next day, BAM! Several property MLS sheets in my email asking my opinion to help narrow down and get a feel for what I was looking for!

Within days, we set up a time for us to go view some properties together. Now, Tessa is out of the Hayward area. I live on the Peninsula currently...but she never complained...even when the bridge traffic made me late to meet her! We would literally spent HOURS driving as far as Pleasant Hill all the way down to Hayward. She would map the route, I would meet her, she provided me copies of the MLS to make notes on and would send me an email after our outing with additional details for the properties we saw and liked.

Fast forward some more. Broker I had was no good...so I released him and the previous agent..being now there was NO turning back after I found Tessa! I started working with a new broker from my bank...also NO GOOD. Tessa was along for the ride, but always remained positive and patient. She backed every decision I made, provided her opinion when I asked and offered her knowledge when needed. She knew how frustrated I was with the whole process but said she had a broker in mind, and if I wanted to, I could try him...entirely my decision. We had written now, no exaggeration, at least 10 offers together. We would find a place I liked, she would send electronic copies of paperwork and text they were in my email. It was quick for me, seamless..dare I say...easy! However, it became so taxing for me. I had been at this for close to 10 months by now, 8 with poor Tessa meeting me all over the bay area to view properties and writing offers. I agreed to call the guy...if it was meant to be, it would happen.

Within ONE DAY, her referral called me back, gathered my info and had a preapproval for me! I forgot to mention that I fired the 2nd broker WHILE Tessa and I were in contract on a property..that's how bad it was! Tessa was amazing through this! She and I would email and text all hours, she worked tirelessly for me. We spoke literally, every day! Any and every hurdle I came across, we jumped them together, as a team.

Fast forward to today, 1 agent, 2 brokers, 9 months, and 10 offers later and I am SO happy to say, we closed on my new home! I know this is a long review, and trust me I could go even longer, but I want to sum it up with this...

Tessa Drury is simply amazing. She is patient, accommodating, professional, punctual, timely and genuinely invested. For months, I never felt like I was taking a back seat to her other clients, never felt like I was not important to her. She is entirely invested in helping find the perfect home for you. After all of this time, I can hardly believe I am actually a home owner now...I know without a doubt however, I owe it all to Tessa! Thank you Tessa for always being there, always being positive, always working with urgency and always being my light at the end of a REALLLLY long tunnel! So blessed to end with not only the perfect home, but also an amazing friendship!

HIRE TESSA is the moral of my story! :)
Jun 14, 2018
Escrow Officer
I always look forward to working with Tessa! Her knowledge and experience as a Realtor is highly apparent: her transactions close smoothly and her clients are always happy! I highly recommend Tessa if you are looking for a realtor who is willing go the extra mile!
Jun 13, 2018
Business Development Manager
Tessa is the definition of a professional. She is responsive, respectful and a wealth of knowledge. She always puts her clients needs first and makes them feel like they're her only clients. I would highly recommend Tessa to anyone looking for an amazing agent.
Jun 12, 2018
Vice President/Sales Manager
Tessa Drury is an amazing Realtor. She provides personal customer service and works extremely hard for her clients. She is dedicated to give her buyers and sellers the best outcome. You will have a strong advocate on your side, she has a great support team and will provide whatever resources necessary. I highly recommend Tessa as your realtor.
Jun 12, 2018
In case you don't like reading a bunch - let me bottom line this for you: Tessa Drury is what every Real Estate Agent should aspire to be. She's friendly while remaining professional. She's driven and on the ball but NEVER makes you feel pressured. The only thing you feel working with Tessa is that she wants you to get what you want and what you need. If you actually want to buy a home and you have even one conversation with Tessa, you'll know I'm not being hyperbolic. She sets you at ease. She digs to find what's important to you. She then does everything in her power to make it as easy as possible for you to get through the process.

So last year around this time, my wife and I set some goals and discussed trying to shop and buy for a home early this year (2017) with a final goal to be in our new home by Summer 2017.
Come January and for some reason my wife was just really hesitant and stressed about the whole thing. We had done the prep work we needed to do but the process was very intimidating to her and the prospect of having a Real Estate Agent have to take you through everything scared her, I think. In her mind at the time it was like having an aggressive sales person with you standing over your shoulder as you try to make the most difficult decision in your life (next to getting married and having kids of course;).

Fortunately for us, a good friend of mine introduced me to Tessa Drury. I met her and had a quick casual conversation which was good enough for me, but the real test was gonna be my wife and her personal comfort - if I could even get them in the same room to begin with. Well, my wife finally agreed to meet with Tessa; we would do a lunch in a semi-interview/get-to-know-you type meeting.

First of all, Tessa made herself available based on our schedule (which continued throughout the process BTW). Then, she was charming and inquisitive and easy to talk to for both of us. It was clear she was only interested in what we wanted and how best to help us achieve our own goals. She passed the lunch. My wife agreed to go with Tessa to the next step and based on what we wanted, that meant talking to a bank and getting that sorted out before we looked at any houses. Tessa had a wonderful recommendation in Monica Jones at RPM Mortgage. So - side note check them out too... but back to Tessa.

Tessa was completely hands one when and where we needed to be and hands off where we needed that as well. We could call, email or text her about a listing morning, noon or night and she'd get on the phone with the listing agent to get us the details we needed. We'd pick properties and she'd figure out a schedule for viewings. Despite the fact that she was also servicing other clients she did things in such a way that we always felt that we had determined the timing for everything. She never made us feel pressure around anything we weren't comfortable with. She reassured us through the process when things got tough (it's a competitive time to buy people) and always had a suggestion ready if we needed one.

When it came time to close she was on the ball and between she and her also-a-rockstar mortgage partner we were able to close 8 days early. Relief, joy and gratitude don't go far enough to describe our feelings about buying the home and Tessa's part in it.

I can't recommend her enough. She always thought of us first. Our happiness was her priority.
Jun 12, 2018

Tessa Drury is what all real estate agents should aspire to be - AMAZING! It was the best decision I ever made to choose Tessa as my listing agent. Tessa made me feel like I was her ONLY client though I knew she had multiple listings and buyers. Tessa was on point on every part of the process, from listing through to signing docs and funding.
She also Tessa has a fabulously positive attitude, she is extremely professional, but more than that she is a friendly, genuine person who goes above and beyond to ensure her clients have the perfect outcome!

Call Tessa - she is truly the very best!
Jun 12, 2018
Tessa Drury is an amazing Realtor. She provides personal customer service and works extremely hard for her clients. She is dedicated to give her buyers and sellers the best outcome. You will have a strong advocate on your side, she has a great support team and will provide whatever resources necessary. I highly recommend Tessa as your realtor.
Jun 12, 2018
I met with three other agents before choosing to work with Tessa and I couldn't be happier with my choice. I closed on my first property yesterday and she made sure the entire process was easy and stress-free from start to finish. Tessa worked tirelessly seven days a week to answer all my questions and get me all the information I need and I'm 100% happy with my purchase and with Tessa's service.
Jun 12, 2018
My Wife and I just bought our home in Alameda, the process couldn't have been any easier. Tessa made our complete process seamless from start to finish. Even now a month later she is super helpful in referring us to other branches of service that we may need like acquiring excellent relationships for insurance companies and even our home protection services. She seems to be one of the most knowledgeable and connected people around the bay area in her field. My father recently moved to the United States from Vietnam and wanted to look into purchasing a home in the area, the first thing we did was set up our meeting with Tessa, she has been extremely patient and over-the-top amazing with the service she is providing to our family. Thank you Tessa for all your hard work and dedication to everybody that you work with. You are truly one-of-a-kind.
Jun 12, 2018
I just want to thank Tessa for being such an amazing person. She was always so dedicated, oersistent, reassuring and positive. We spoke every day, via email text or phone call. She was on top of it. She remained invested in me and my search and never once did I feel unimportant. She made this happen for me and I am so extremely blessed and fortunate to now be able to call her a friend!
Jun 12, 2018
Mortgage Broker
Working with Tessa has been a delight. She is one of the most outstanding realtors that I've had the pleasure of working with. Our project of helping a couple who were first time home buyers could not have gone more smoothly. Her pain- staking attention to detail and regular updates made getting my buyers' sale closed easily and early! I highly recommend Tessa Drury as an agent.
Jun 12, 2018
Tessa is a motivated agent who will make things happen! ALWAYS prompt and helpful, she has an energy to serve, and works to help achieve your dream home, with a smooth experience. I'll always patronize her skills and heartfelt approach; find out for yourself!
Jun 12, 2018
Tessa is always professional, quick to reply, and very helpful. I will always recommend her for Real Estate referrals!
Jun 12, 2018
I have known Tessa for a decade and I have seen her grow into a professional, intellectual real estate agent. As a friend, I'm incredibly proud and as a future client,I look forward to putting my trust in her unequivocally. If your looking for a friendly, trustworthy agent who genuinely cares about helping you find a home, give Tessa a call.
Jun 12, 2018
Tessa has a great talent of making you feel at ease. I have known Tessa since 2010 and she's a joy to be around. This is the perfect career for Tessa for she's a real people person and will bend over backwards to make sure everyone's happy. Tessa rocks and if you choose her as your real estate agent you will find that out yourself.
Jun 12, 2018
I've known Tessa since 2004. She is bright, thoughtful and on top of her game!