Adrian Castillo

Realtor Intero Real Estate Santa Clara 02072215
Aug 17, 2020
Adrian represented us during the purchase of our first house. He was extremely responsive, not pushy, accommodating to multiple requests and continued to provide support after the purchase. We enjoyed working with him.
Jul 29, 2020
New Homeowner
Adrian helped me purchase my first home, guiding me through multiple offers and going to many showings with me over a period of several months. The house I finally purchased involved many rounds of counter offers with the seller and Adrian always made sure to firmly represent the bounds that I set during the negotiation process.
Apr 12, 2020
Adrian represented me as a buyer and also as a seller. He listened to us from the very beginning and had been attentive to our wants to eventually write up a successful offer. He was optimistic and proactive and ultimately brought about a win-win outcome for all of us.
Mar 19, 2020
Electrical Engineer
Adrian helped us to buy our first home in Rivermark, Santa Clara. It was great working with him and he is very approachable. Adrian answered our all the questions we had during the whole process. We had amazing experience working with him and would definitely would like to work with him in future for any real estate needs. He and his team took care of the complete process end to end.
Feb 21, 2020
New Homeowner
Myself and my wife reached out to the Genesis Team for assisting us in the sale of our current home and the search for a new home in the Bay Area. Adrian was the Realtor assigned to assist us in our new home search. He was able to accommodate our schedule and meet with us pretty much at the crack of dawn on a Saturday to take notes on what our interests were, an action which speaks volumes for itself.

We immediately began receiving email recommendations from him regarding houses in the area, and had questions here and there which he answered as quickly as we asked. Ultimately, we actually ended up finding a listing through a referral from a family member for new construction in the Santa Clara area. The specific listing we found was a little out of our price range, but being that it was a new construction site we wanted to go on site to see what other options they had available. It is very important to note that at this point pretty much all of our family (who own multiple properties each throughout the Bay Area) were telling us to "ditch the Realtor", but boy are we glad we didn't.

On extremely short notice, Adrian met us at the new construction site to walk through some of the properties. He had many insights regarding new construction sites like this to share as we walked, including the excellent reputation of this particular Builder. Most of the units at the site were still under construction, but they were selling pretty much as soon as construction was completed. On the build site we found our dream home, which was not the home from the original listing, but a smaller model two doors down which was already finished (and even staged for viewing). This home was on the perimeter of the property, and we knew it would likely sell quickly, so we worked with Adrian to see if we could actually land this purchase contingent on the sale of our current home. These types of sites (or anywhere in the Bay Area, really) do NOT accept contingent sales in this day and age. However, Adrian was able to work with the sales office to make it happen, landing us our dream home contingent on the sale of our current home. Not only that, he was also able to somehow talk them DOWN on the price AND procure us a new Washer and Dryer.

We're so glad we had Adrian on our team. We truly do believe that if we were to "ditch the Realtor" as our family had suggested, we would not have even been able to secure the purchase of the new home, let alone negotiate the price down and ask for more on top of it.
Jan 3, 2020
Attorney at Law
Adrian recently represented me in a home purchase. He helped me fully understand the pros and cons of the terms of my initial offer, allowed me to make up my own mind about the strength of my offer, and skillfully worked with me on a counteroffer that I was comfortable submitting and which was ultimately accepted. Thereafter, Adrian's representation was invaluable in keeping the deal afloat when I encountered difficulty in obtaining a loan and needed more time to close. Without Adrian's tireless efforts, the deal may have gone sideways and I would have lost out on a new home for me and my family. I am aware that I am not an ideal client. Despite making what may be perceived as unreasonable demands and encountering the aforementioned financing difficulty, Adrian at all times remained a true professional who was at all times available to respond to my queries in person, on the telephone, and via email. Adrian receives my highest praise and recommendation for a job well done.
Jan 3, 2020
Loan Consultant
It was a pleasure to work with Adrian to close a condo purchase for some very happy buyers. Adrian was accessible, quick to respond, and a consummate pro while navigating through unforeseen bumps in the road. He maintained his cool throughout the process and guided our buyers smoothly to their close. He'll take care of you from beginning to end.
Dec 27, 2019
Adrian is a very good realtor. We had a very good transaction. I had the listing and he had the buyer and it closed on time with great communication. Thanks Adrian!
Dec 27, 2019
Home Mortgage Consultant
Worked with Adrian on a mutual Buyer who was purchasing their first home. He successfully negotiated a great price on their home purchase, and was always available to provide anything needed for a timely closing.
Oct 2, 2019
Adrian found us the perfect townhome and made it all happen very fast and without any headaches. He is thorough and made sure all aspects of the home buying process was explained to us along the way. I would highly recommend Adrian for his dedication to finding you a perfect home as well.