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A top producer since 2011, #FASTAGENT Kenny Truong is a rookie and a vet in the top 1% of agents in number of homes sold in the East Bay. Kenny started from the bottom out of college, and has attributed his success to his hunger for knowledge in real estate buying and selling. Growing up, he had a passion for technology, and he is ecstatic that technology has finally caught up in this growing industry. With increased open data, powerful marketing tools, and efficient systems being developed by new startups, he is able to use technology to better serve his clients.

Leveraging these insights, Kenny can bring value to the table for his clients in helping them strategize to win regardless of market conditions. Kenny is one of the best real estate agents in Oakland, with a track record of over 200 homes sold in just the last 5 years. He is highly responsive, very transparent, and super #FAST! He takes a straightforward approach to deliver clients the results they deserve. Kenny lives and works in Oakland's Jack London Square out of Climb’s Jack London office, and focuses on the Jack London, Lake Merritt, Uptown Oakland, and West Oakland neighborhoods.

Kenny is dedicated to working with sellers in coming up with a marketing strategy, to deliver the highest return, in a strategic, seamless, #FAST process. His duty is to get maximum exposure for a client’s home. He offers a complete digital experience, including an extensive mobile-responsive website and social media presence. Climb Real Estate has over 100 agents in 5 different offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, benefiting clients with access to a pool of younger, cash-ready tech buyers.
Ken was great!! He was knowledgeable and everything we discussed came to fruition. I would wholly recommend him to anyone selling or buying in the bay area.
Kenny and Mayury were fantastic. Totally professional and incredibly fast sale. We handed over our property and they did everything! It was so nice to not do anything during such a big move. They kept us informed of every little detail. Would definitely recommend them to others.
Bought a Condo home in 2015 in Adams Point, Oakland, CA.
Kenny and Mayury were incredibly helpful in my efforts to find a new home in a competitive market. The transaction was difficult due to external issues but there professionalism and advocacy on my behalf helped ensure the deal made it to the finish line. Through it all, the communication was great, the energy and attitude positive, and their concern genuine and sincere.
Kenny found my dream home (for now) and just in time before the housing crisis started! Love ya Kenny!
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 in Wentworth/Holland, Oakland, CA.
Kenny has to be the hardest working realtor in the East Bay. Witty yet honest, he is an absolute pleasure to work with. We presented a bit of a challenge with our budget, but he still managed to get us the perfect home that met every item requirement on our list- three bedrooms, hardwood floors, original historic windows, vintage Wedgewood stove, etc.
I know... I'm picky. As a first time buyer, I wouldn't settle for anything less and neither will Kenny. I never expected a realtor to work as tirelessly as he did for me. He's AWESOME!!!
Kenny helped me purchase my condo in Oakland. It was my very first purchase and I wasn't sure about the process. However, Kenny was able to move fast and help me get the place. His team also help me navigate the paper works and figure out the loan. The process went smoothly thanks in big part to Kenny.
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 in Berkeley Hills, Berkeley, CA.
Kenny helped me to find/purchase my second home. I've worked with a numerous agents before and my experiences were not that positive.
Kenny pretty changed my perception on real estate agents completely with his expertise and committment. He understood exactly what I was looking for and is very honest. He is a good listener and is super reponsive. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a place in East bay/SF area. He is well networked and will work with you until you find what you are looking for!
Sold a Multi Family home in 2017 in Old City, Oakland, CA.
Working with Kenny Truong and his partner Romeena Ghaziani was an excellent experience and I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking to sell in the Bay Area. They helped us with the sale of our Oakland condo, and despite the fact that that we no longer live in the area, everything went smoothly. They were truly our eyes and ears on the ground and helped to facilitate a fast and effective sale resulting in a better-than-expected sales price. Very strong negotiators and professional businesspeople. They were very thoughtful about providing support to our existing tenants as they looked for their next rental, as well as arranging all details with our condo HOA for staging and other logistical details. Can't recommend them highly enough.
Kenny and his team helped us sell our home for more than the price that was listed! My husband and I were very happy with his skills and knowledge in the real estate market. He informed us to spend a little money to fix small areas within our home, and to repaint the walls for a more modern look because buyers are drawn to a home with fresh new paint. We are glad we spent 7k to fix the home and got more than a 3x return from it. If you are looking for someone who knows what they are doing, I highly recommend Kenny!
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 in Clinton, Oakland, CA.
Kenny and his team were fast, efficient, and effective! When we were interviewing agents last September he was the most knowledgeable and responsive. When we were finally ready to sell in April, he explained how the market had changed and that we needed to change our sales price/strategy. He was right on the money (literally). We priced it competitively, and received multiple bids over list price (most came directly from his office). We had only one small issue: Our sale involved Probate and was fairly complex, but the title company Kenny chose had trouble figuring out how to handle it. However, Kenny's team was very helpful in pushing through this issue. We closed fast, way over list price (and over what we thought we could get). Thanks Kenny! I would highly recommend him. If you are selling in his area he can't be beat!
Kenny and Mayuri are a great team that knows the Oakland market well. I recommend them if you need an agent and are looking in Oakland.
Bought a home in 2014.
I was a first time home buyer, which meant I had a ton of questions and plenty of anxiety! I clearly didn't know what I was getting myself into, buying a short sale home, which took us 4 1/2 months to close. It was definitely a roller coaster ride I will never forget. Luckily, I had Kenny and his team by my side. They were very responsive, whether if it was a text at 10pm or an email at 8am. Mayury was compassionate and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. She always kept me in the loop and her positive attitude kept me optimistic. She is still very resourceful and answers any questions that I may have until this day. I will definitely work with them again in the near future! Thanks again Kenny and Mayury!
Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Reservoir Hill, Oakland, CA.
I was in a pinch to sell my home as I needed to relocate fast - how stressful is the thought of leaving your home, leaving the state and leaving the whole sales process to agents that you have just met? Kenny and Mayury were an ABSOLUTE DREAM to work with. They took the worry out of the process. Not only did they provide suggestions to help drive the sales price, but they helped to coordinate and prep my home (while I was hundreds of miles away). Not only did Kenny and Mayury create a bidding war for my home, they found a buyer who offered 27% over asking.... all the while, I was concerned we would even get to asking. The marketing push, the open houses and the reputation of this team helped to make the unbelievable happen. To wrap a bow on it all, after the papers were signed and checks delivered, Kenny and Mayury didn't disappear - but rather they helped me with things like returning the cable box to Comcast and forwarding the mail that had made its way to my old address. You heard right - Mayury stood in line at Comcast for me saving me the airfare and hassle. I can't express how satisfied I was with the entire process. I am one of those who insists on being in control of everything as "no one can do it correctly" and to find a team who made me feel comfortable enough to hand them the keys and leave the state.... well, I am so very grateful. You will not make a mistake allowing Kenny and Mayury to represent you and your most prized possession. Seriously.
I worked with Kenny for my home purchase in Oakland. He was recommended by Redfin, which I was using to search for properties. The entire process was incredibly smooth, to the point where I kept wondering if I was missing something. My previous home purchase took months of back-and-forth, but working with Kenny and team it was much better this time around. One of the things I really appreciated was how "plugged in" Kenny is; we did most of our communication over email, and he was flexible on text messaging and calling, too. I signed almost all of my documents electronically, which I really appreciate. When the seller didn't accept our initial offer, I figured we were out of the running, but Kenny helped renegotiate a fair deal that the seller accepted. All told, we went from looking at properties to closing in just over one month which makes me a VERY happy buyer.
If you want to buy a house and find the right one call Kenny! I will never use anyone else. The Best!
Bought and sold a home in 2015.
Kenny and his partner Mayury make an excellent team. They sold my house and found me a new house in 21 days (Yes I was buying and selling at the same time). They are very professional and the team they work with is outstanding.
Bought a Single Family home in 2015 in Merriwood, Oakland, CA.
Kenny and his partner Mayury were very patient and helpful with us, even though it took us quite awhile to land on a house. He gave us good advice (which we sometimes ignored, but he was always right). I would definitely recommend Kenny and Mayury - they are top-notch!
Sold a Condo home in 2016 in Longfellow, Emeryville, CA.
I worked with Kenny and his associate Mayury. I am very please to have worked with them. They are professionals! This was my first time selling and they made the process super easy. They communicated very well and was available whenever I needed them. My loft was not an easy sell. We had a very short amount of time to sell the loft and the loft itself was also undergoing litigation with the builder. Even under these unfavorable circumstances we still sold well above the asking price and got 2 months of free rent back all that within 3 weeks on the market. What really surprised me was that Mayury kept in contact months after the sale when the rent back ended. I highly recommend them.
Sold a Single Family home in 2016 in East Peralta, Oakland, CA.
I had a great experience working with Kenny, Mayury, and Grant. I really appreciate all the hard work they put into helping me sell my home. They are very knowledgeable and guided me through the selling process. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family. Thanks again.
My husband and I worked with Kenny & Courtney to sell our first home and we had a great experience. They advised us on the minor updates we needed to make to get top dollar, and were always available for us when we were out and about selecting woods/paints/etc. We are very busy and techy people so we appreciated the fact that we were able to do 90% of this work via text message - and we would always get immediate response.

Most importantly though, they helped sell our townhouse while it was under a very complex litigation that ultimately scared many buyers away. Regardless of the fact, we still got over asking and it closed quickly.

We highly recommend them.
Sold a Single Family home in 2016 in Oak Center, Oakland, CA.
Kenny and Mayury are the best! We listed and sold our house with them and we received offers way over the listing price. Our house sold in less than 30 days. We loved working with them. They know their market and know how to bring the right buyer to the seller.
Kenny and Mayury make a great team: they were incredibly supportive of my efforts as a buyer in a competitive market and really went the extra mile when the seller and seller's agent fell short on fulfilling their obligations. I had great transaction advice as well as sincere moral support, could not have asked for more.
Sold a Condo home in 2015 in Adams Point, Oakland, CA.
I owe Kenny one good review. I had clear idea what the initial price should be for my property I wanted to put on the market. Kenny was the only agent I contacted who agreed with my estimate. I let my apartment to Mayuri and him for a month to sell and went on vacation. They staged it and I was not happy. However staging company did very good job as the property sold for $20000 more than I was expected to fetch.

There was some loss of communication as emails I sent ended somehow in their spam boxes at the end of the process. But otherwise the process was relatively smooth although the seller requested a lot of contingencies.
Bought a Condo home in 2015 in Adams Point, Oakland, CA.
I'd recommend to Kenny to someone who knows exactly what the want and where. Kenny was very proactive in seeking me as a client and though it was my first time buying, i knew pretty much what i was doing.
Bought a Condo home in 2015 in Burbank, Hayward, CA.
It's hard to not notice #fastagent throughout social media and benches plastered with #fastagent throughout Oakland. Through curiosity, my fianc and I looked up the hashtag to see what the deal was. After working with another agent for a month and not getting any results, we contacted Kenny through his website. Immediately, he sent us an e-mail back asking if we wanted to see some open houses that we sparked interest in. Being first time buyers, we were nervous and had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Kenny was patient and always available when we had any questions. He's quite impressive, I'm not sure if he gets any sleep. He is very responsive through phone, e-mail, text, and his website. When Kenny was out of town, his partner, Mayury stepped in and showed us a hidden gem. 21 days later, the house is ours. I cannot stress what a great team Kenny and Mayury make. We wish we used them from the beginning! We will be referring everyone we know to this great team. GO #FASTAGENT!!!