Lela Ashkarian

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As a Real Estate Consultant for Coldwell Banker Schmitt Real Estate, a primer real estate company of the Florida Keys area. With over 19+ years of experience in the industry, Lela is highly regarded by co-workers and clients for her professionalism and keen industry knowledge. On a daily basis, she is primarily engaged advertising ocean and beach front properties, screening potential buyers, setting up appointments, and researching competitive market prices.

That's what this business is all about for Lela Ashkarian, PA, ABR CRS, GRI, e-PRO here at the Key Colony Beach, Duck Key and Marathon Florida Keys. She built her reputation on giving information with clear interpretation, insight that protects, inspiration that encourages, evaluation rooted in experience, meaning behind each decision, relationships with service, and conscious guidance based on integrity. Together with her Team, WE are:
- COMMITTED: We never give up and face challenges with optimism.
- COMMUNICATION: We practice clear, open and honest communication.
- RESPECT: We respect the thoughts and time of those around us.
- EXCELLENCE: We always choose to do the right thing.
- LOYALTY: We seek to motivate and inspire those around us.
- HUMBLE: We are thankful and check our ego's at the door.
- OWN IT: We are accountable and take responsibility for our actions.
- WELL BALANCED: With our commitments and our temperaments.
- PROACTIVE: We innovate and constantly improve.
- UNITY: We have fun and celebrate the journey TOGETHER!
Pinned Recommendation
Apr 10, 2019
Lela is the ultimate real estate agent in the Florida Keys! Perfect in every way...Hard working, compassionate, great communicator and listener. From our first conversation I knew that something great would happen. We were not from the area so we put our wants and needs in Lela's hands. She sent us many properties to look at and over time decided on our dream home. Lela has shared her extensive expertise and advice to make our property purchase a wonderful and memorable experience!
If you are considering buying or selling your home in the Florida Keys...please call Lela, She can make it happen!
Jul 4, 2019
Lela has been our broker since 2012, and has helped us with several transactions. Her professionalism and knowledge make her joy to work with. Not to mention her tireless efforts, she’s a hard worker.
Apr 5, 2019
Lela has a great personality, fast thinking,
Very professional on her job, I would say , she is the best Realtor in Florida Keys.
She sold our house within month.
I am so happy having Realtor like Lela Ashkarian.
Thank you Lela.
Mar 30, 2019
Director of Merchandising
I highly recommend Lela as as real estate agent. I can’t think of a better or more qualified real estate agent to work with on your home purchase. I cannot say enough about Lela’s professionalism, true caring nature and extensive knowledge of the Florida Keys. We bought our property from Lela because she took the time to work with us and understand our needs. She did not stop until she knew we were statisfied . Lela does not forget about you once the deal is done. We have called her and met with her for recomandations of builders, architects and landscapers . She has always come through with excellent and well thoght out recommendations.Till this day she makes me feel that helping me is her highest priority. My husband Tom and I consider Lela a dear friend . She is bar none the best in the industry
Mar 30, 2019
Lela is fantastic! If you are looking for a serious realtor, one that is a go getter, ready to do the best job that a realtor can. Than you need look no further!

Lela has a work ethic like no other, with the absolute intentions of being the best realtor there is! Which is exactly what you are looking for. You want to have someone that has been in the business for many years, and that isn't trying to learn the ropes on your dime and using your time!

She has been working in the keys for decades and knows the market like no one else in town. A true local working non-stop to make your real estate transaction one of the best experiences you have ever had.

We could not have been happier with Lela's service, it was amazing and we were able to effortlessly purchase the exact home we wanted as well as get the best advice we could find in getting our other home sold.

We thank here so much and we hope that this recommendation will be used to help you make your real estate experience the best it can be by choosing Lela to be your agent!
Mar 29, 2019
It is easy to make a big mistake in the Florida Keys when it comes to real estate but Lila takes you by the hand and make sure that you don't make those mistakes. Those mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars in buying real estate. Lila will help you in getting the property that you want and keep you're best interests in mind while doing it. One thing l can tell you for certain from my experience with her is she will always be my real estate agent for the Florida Keys.
Mar 29, 2019
The best real state agent and person in the Florida Keys
Mar 29, 2019
Ceo retired
it only takes one word Awesome!
Mar 25, 2019
Lela was great in taking on a complex property and got the job done! She is professional and stayed on top of things.
Mar 25, 2019
Managing Partner at the Haggard Law Firm
I would recommend Lela to my friends and family as her professionalism and expertise is simply unmatched! Lela is dependable, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable as a Real Estate Consultant.
Mar 24, 2019
To say that Lela Ashkarian is a treasure is a gross understatement. From the first day we met, Lela has given "you are my only customer" attention to our needs and concerns. She goes above and beyond what is required, and she makes a personal bond that is surprising today. She and Natalie Ardis work beautifully together. We couldn't be more pleased. Not only have we met a most competent realtor, but also have we developed a trusting personal relationship!
Dr. Paula G. Pettorini
Mar 22, 2019
Lela is a hardworking realtor who will get your property sold. She helped me buy a house many years ago and still keeps in touch with me providing insight into the ever changing reality market in Marathon,
Mar 21, 2019
We purchased a home in the Keys and Lela was our seller's agent (not ours) but she left a positive impression on us! We would not hesitate to use her in the future. She was very personable and even gave us a very generous gift at our closing which was pleasantly unexpected!!
Mar 21, 2019
Lela is highly educated enthusiastic and motivated realtor. I would recommend her for sales or purchase of property or homes.
Mar 21, 2019
Our family has bought and sold a property with Lela. She is extremely knowledgeable about the area. She always goes above and beyond for her clients. Unfortunately, we no longer own in the Keys but we still make trips down to visit our now friend, Lela.
Mar 20, 2019
She answered many questions about my house and the housing market without being my realtor. She is extremely knowledgeable and a very nice and honest person.
Mar 15, 2019
I have known Lela for many years as an honest, creditable individual whom I consider to be a top Real Estate Expert. Lela is totally committed to satisfying her clients real estate needs to the fullest. Her professional abilities, organizational skills, coupled with a warm and caring personality, place Lela at the very top of her profession. If you are interested in either selling or purchasing real estate, Lela Ashkarian must be your first choice.
Mar 1, 2019
Lela is very responsive and knowledgeable. She always answers her phone and follows through on what she says she will do. I would recommend Lela any time. Great to work with!
Feb 20, 2019
I have worked with Lela for quite some time now and what I learned many years ago still holds true. If you want that someone to take care of you along the whole buying or selling process, you can count on Lela. She knows the market and her follow through is fantastic. Trust me, this is hard to find. Lela, is the best.
Feb 14, 2019
Lela is the best at what she does! On a business and personal level. Answered all questions. Asked if I needed help with anything I needed. I found my first friend in Marathon. Thank you for making this easy!!!
Jan 29, 2019
Buyers Cooperating Agent To Lela Ashkarian Hello Brian, I recently had the opportunity to have a closing with Lela Ashkarian in which I represented the Buyer I have never had an agent pursue me like that after a deal was dead. I have learned from this deal and I have to recommend Lela for her continual correspondence with me, she was an integral part of making this deal come together. She was also very accommodating in helping to close the deal. I just wanted to let you know. I think she is a super agent and it was my pleasure to work with her.
Jan 12, 2019
Lela is the best! Very knowledgeable about the local Keys market. Very attentive to detail before, during and after the sale! Lela showed us many houses until we found the one!
Jan 3, 2019
Lela, Words cannot express the depth of gratitude that you have given us in taking on the impossible task of listing our condo and selling it in record time. The circumstances at Casa Clara Condominium, as you are well aware, are utterly impossible. You were able to professionally and coolly communicate with them to get the information you needed. They will give no one, owners, tenants, especially Realtor 5 minutes of their time, yet you sacrificed hours with Margie in order to get the correct information and to review it until you understood all of the details regarding the multitude of assessments. Your patience and professionalism exceeded anything we could expect from a Realtor. Professionally, there is nothing you left undone. You listed our condo,we changed our mind on the short sale route, you relisted/updated to reflect a price that it would sell and to our surprise it actually sold and had several offers within 3 days!!All of this, after communicating with us over the past year, as we trudged through this nightmare Casa Clara has become and tried to digest our gruesome circumstance. That is commendable to say the least ! In past experiences with Realtors in Florida and New Jersey, we expect to do a lot of the leg work. If not, closings get canceled or pushed back among other negative circumstances because the Realtor didn't do all of their job. You were on top of this transaction every step of the way, impeccable! You are aggressive in every thing you do and it shows, by you leading us down a very dark path into the light. We didn't always want to hear the cold, hard truth, but your patience, experience and knowledge shone through as you held our hand through this awful experience. Your listening skills and true empathy to our horrific financial situation over the last year amaze us to this day. In having an open mind, you tried to find solutions that: would put our interests and well being before your own. Commission and sales came second and we came first, just writing that brings us utter joy and disbelief. Honesty, integrity and genuine human kindness are only a few adjectives to describe our experience with you. We will recommend your services to everyone we know.
Dec 11, 2018
Lela was there to assist us in this transaction an excellent job! Clone Lela
Dec 5, 2018
Lela takes her time to read, takes consideration of the big picture, understands the customer's/ clients needs and considers their preferences and practices. She makes the efforts to educate agents and buyers and help them understand the REO/Short sale process when trying to purchase and REO or Short Sale property. She is available, timely and responsive. Great Agent and she is proud of it. Works hard and is willing to do the hard work.