Rolf Monson

President Licensed Loan Officer Clear Home Lending NMLS# 238025
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Rolf has over 20 years in the mortgage banking and real estate industries. Whether a first time home buyer or a sophisticated investor, Rolf and his Team can provide you trusted advice and exception service for all your home mortgage needs.

Rolf was nominated as Loan Officer Of The Year for 2017 and 2018 by the Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business.

Formerly a Mountaineering Guide, Rolf has climbed many of the world’s tallest mountains in Europe, South America, Russia and Africa. A resident of The Valley since 1985, you can see find Rolf climbing local rock walls on weekends.

NMLS# 1905858
Recently completed a 3rd transaction through Rolf Monson and Clear Home Lending. Rolf is quite professional and has no-nonsense approach providing crisp clear input and guidance through the mortgage process - particularly valuable during this inflation period and rising rates. Rolf has a great team to ensure the process is smooth and closing is done smoothly and on time. Will be working with Rolf again at the next opportunity.
This is our 3rd loan with Rolf. We wouldn't have done #2 or #3 if we had a tough time on #1. All three loans were flawless. Rolf told us what we needed to do and he told us what he was going to do. And just like that, #3 loan was done. Professional, transparent, a man of his word. He should change the nam of his service to "I'll get it done".
When I say that there is no other person that I would have chosen to do business with other than Rolf, I mean just that. Rolf is not only a professional in job role but also a man that take the time to understand you as a person. He will go the extra mile to get you into a home. His detailed information and hard work proves that he is in your corner and will turn every stone to get you approve. While we are not first time home buyers, we are first time buyers in the state of AZ. The steps and process was something the we were not use to and Rolf took the time and patience to walk us through each step. I will and have recommended Rolf to everyone I encounter. He is a man with a lot of love in his heart and is readily and willing to share that love. We sincerely appreciate your hard work and dedication.
We worked with Rolf to refinance our home and it was a very positive experience. Rolf was up front with us and delivered what he promised. There were no hidden costs and provided great customer service. I will recommend Rolf anyone who needs a great loan officer.
Rolf and crew were excellent to work with. Everything was up front, no hidden suprises.
Thank you all for getting us closed a week earlier than expected.
We will always do business with you
We've worked with Clear Home Lending previously. Our experience this time mirrored that of our first time. The service and communication was flawless. We received a great rate and closed in a very reasonable amount of time. We wouldn't consider using anybody but Clear Home Lending.
Great experience! Would recommend working with Rolf to anyone who asked. Our loan refinance process was amazing fast and easy! We originally tried to refinance through Wells Fargo who originally had our loan and it was a long and cumbersome process full of issues. Our loan officer at WF was great but the Bank was unable to even come close to securing the low interest rate we received with Rolf and no where near the customer service. We were overwhelmingly happy that we went with a local business that really cares!! Thanks Rolf.
“Worked with Rolf and his team and it was the easiest home buying experience I’ve ever had. In fact, it was easier than buying a car! Rolf delivered exactly what he promised… a great low rate, good communication and really professional, personalized service! Our agent Pat Redfield was also great to work with!"
Rolf was awesome ... one of the most professional individuals I have ever worked with. He treated me like I was his only customer. He constantly kept me up-to-date on the loan process, he explained things to me that I didn't understand, and much more. Rolf was also very transparent in the product I was getting which was refreshing.

How process could have been more enjoyable: I think your website could be improved. I had to load documents one at a time which is very painful when you have to provide multiple documents. I also couldn't see what was loaded so sometimes we had some confusion. The site also isn't that intuitive.

Also: An individual sent some of my personal information via email which never should have happened ... Rolf quickly jumped on the issue and prevented it from happening again.
Rolf was fabulous, intuitive and straightforward. Quick and professional. Completely will recommend.
My Realtor refereed me to Rolf and I’m so glad he did. Rolf walked me through the entire process, was available when I needed to speak with him and had the loan documents sent to closing days in advance. He was able to close within 21 days of receiving the contract! Rolf warned me that the mortgage process can be difficult so I kept waiting for it to be hard but it never happened. He made the process very easy. I strongly recommend using Rolf and his team!
Having a sales and marketing background I’d like to complement you and your staff for “Making it Happen” for us. You promised "fast" and delivered "faster" no thanks to Dodd-Frank. (Actually I’m a fan of Dodd-Frank, a lot of good people lost their dreams 2007/2008.) What a great way to keep a client base happy and referrals coming in expecting the best and getting it.

We wish You and your staff a wonderful fall helping and coaching satisfied clients achieve their dreams.

Take care of yourself,

Jean & Bob Hazen
Realtor- Coldwell Banker
I’ve been a Realtor for over 20 years so when it comes to financing my own home, rates are just as important to me as anyone else. Even though Rolf has been my Preferred Lender for the past 5 years, I still checked around with other lenders for the best rate. But Rolf had the best rates. My expectations were completely surpassed when he provided me Final Loan Approval in 14 days! Super-fast service… super-fast underwriting… and great rates!
Kevin Cassinelli
Absolutely love working with Rolf and his team. Everything was made easy!!! Wife and I invested in our second investment home sooner than we thought we would. Rolf and his team, once again made it easy as possible. No doubt in our minds that Rolf is the only lender we will ever use when purchasing homes!!
Roughly 6 months ago I sat down with Rolf and his team regarding a real estate purchase/refinance that was very complicated. After discussing it with him over the phone several times Rolf invited me into his office because he wanted to sit down face to face and map out a game plan. Not too many lenders in today’s market do that.

The transaction involved the sale of 2 properties, a 1031 exchange, the purchase of 5 new properties, a hard money loan and a refinance. I needed Rolf and his team for the refinance of 4 properties that were bought via a private lender. The most complicated part was the refinance had a tight timeline for a payoff and the market was pretty scarce when it came to comparables in the area.
Rolf and his client manager Michelle hit the ground running when they had the green light. There was A LOT of moving parts with this deal. Rolf, Michelle and the rest of the team didn’t flinch one time. They knew exactly what to and when to do it. Even when we had a relatively big hurdle with one of the appraisals, Rolf had a plan B if plan A was to go south. They were overly prepared ready to fund. That being said, due to Rolf’s amazing networking skills and the respect his associates and peers have for him and his team they were able to fix the issue with zero headaches.

After an uphill battle for nearly 2 months Rolf, Michelle and the Home Bridge team closed the deal over a week early. I can’t thank them enough! Thoroughly impressed and truly blessed to have them representing me!
I was living in South America temporarily and attempting to buy a home in Phoenix. Not an easy thing to do! Our first lender ( from previous history), was not willing to communicate via "WhatsApp", which made phone/texting very prohibitive. We asked our realtor in Phoenix for a recommendation for financing our home loan and he directed us to Rolf Monson. Not only was Rolf willing to download the APP, he also is highly respected in the loan/financial industry. He and his staff went above and beyond to make every effort to accommodate the challenges of us being out of the country. He was patient, understanding and scheduled several calls to explain and review the entire process. Not being in the States, we didn't have access to all of our financial documents but he was able to work around many of those requirements. Being retired and "out of the loop" (technologically) speaking, we needed to trust the right lender and Rolf was simply wonderful to work to work with. He put our minds at ease, allowing us to focus on the details of an international move. Just give Rolf a call and ask him all the questions you need to and I promise you will sense that you are working with someone who knows his business very well.
As an out-of-state buyer, my Agent recommended an Arizona based lender and I'm so glad he did. After the first call I had with Rolf, I knew he was going to be able to make buying our dream home a reality. He knew exactly how to navigate the complex Fannie Mae rules, provided regulate updates and his staff helped me gather all the documents needed for underwriting. Work with Rolf if you can... you'll be glad you did.
Rolf is a true professional. I’ve completed two loans for me over the past few years... both fantastic experiences. He kept the paperwork down to a minimum and didn’t overwhelm me with emails and phone calls. He’s got a good team and they all made the process pretty stress free.
Home Owner
Rolf is always quick and ready for any question you may have, regardless of weekends or holidays. He was quick and helpful when I needed to collect all the required information. Always providing every update by phone in time.
"I've done two loans with Rolf and his team in the past few years. He provides outstanding advice, clear thinking and truly understands Real Estate Investing. A few months ago he called me to say he was watching rates and said he could lower my payment... I can't think of any other business that has called me up to tell me they can save me money. Definitely call Rolf when you need a loan!"
As a Realtor, it's difficult to find a loan officer that you can count on to deliver an on-time closing which allows me to focus on my business rather than worrying about theirs. I've been working with Rolf and his team for almost 7 years and he's been fantastic. Gets the loan closed, gets it done on-time and my clients are always happy!
Recently I began a search for a mortgage on a rental property out of state. I had made a purchase some months before on a separate property in the same area and was extremely disappointed in the performance of the mortgage agent I had chosen. The process at that time was complicated and confusing. I was asked several times for the same documentation, my inquires were poorly handled and the support staff ineffective. This time, I decided to check with various mortgage agents hoping to find someone who I felt confident in before I began the process. I interviewed several agents and came upon Rolf Monson at the recommendation of a real estate agent friend. I called Rolf, we talked for close to an hour. He explained the entire process that I would experience through him, detailing all options available to me regarding financing and a step by step walk through of the process ahead. I knew after that call that Rolf was my guy. Right from the very beginning Rolf and his support team headed by Michelle were terrific. I provided the paperwork requested and all along the process I was repeatedly contacted by Rolf to make sure I understood exactly where we were in the process. On one occasion I contacted Rolf in the evening and on another a Sunday afternoon. On both occasions, he responded in less than 10 minutes. Rolf is a true professional.
My wife and I are 1st time investors from out of state and Rolf provided us so much assistance with the correct investment strategies. He was truly interested in seeing us succeed, he gave us all the forms, lease agreements etc. needed to be a successful landlord in Arizona. The loan and closing costs were just as expected. Rolf was always willing to spend as much time with us as needed to understand the complex process. My wife and I definitely plan on doing business with Rolf again in the near future.
Rolf was referred to me by my Realtor, Van Robinson. Van said Rolf was an outstanding Lender... Van was right. About 18 months after I met Rolf, I reached out to have him handle my refi. I knew my file was going to be challenging given the ridged guidelines from Fannie Mae. But Rolf requested an exception to the guidelines and got it approved. The savings is just about $1,000 per month... a true financial game changer. The process was far easier than I expected and his Team was great to work with. Thanks Rolf!
Partner/Realtor- The Hunter Jenkins Group @ Platinum Living Realty
“I’ve been working with Rolf and his Team going on 8 years. What I value most in a lender (and Rolf) is two things.... One: if Rolf says he can get it done, it gets done. Two: Rolf always tells me and the clients the truth... no matter what the situation. I work with a lot of high net-worth clients and Rolf understands the “high touch” service levels that the client’s needs and expects. I truly appreciate his commitment and professionalism to me and my clients.”