Amy Day

Real Estate Professional NextHome GO30 Realty
8433 South Avenue, 1-4
Poland, OH 44514
OH License #2018001860
Aug 17, 2020
Amy was great! She listened to our wants and needs for our home! She kept in mind our budget when picking houses for us to look at. She made the house search process enjoyable (which I cannot say for the loan agency she recommended, but that's a different review!) She picked us up and drove us to each location and was interested in our opinions for each house we looked at. She gave insight to things that may not pass an inspection. I would definitely recommend her to my friends in the area! Thank you Amy!
Apr 29, 2020
Amy has been wonderful! She always has a smile, I think even when I call I feel she is smiling when she answers and that has made me feel she cares and wants to give the best of herself.

I would not hesitate to recommend Amy to anyone I meet that is looking to sell or buy, she truly goes the extra mile for her clients always looking out for their best interests, her professionalism is top notch.

Apr 28, 2020
DevOps Engineer
Amy was very patient and was there with us for every step of the process in purchasing a home. We looked around for about 2 months, constantly searching for new homes weekly, and she always showed up and made all the appointments that we needed. I would greatly recommend her to anyone that is looking to buy a home. She is patient, knowledgeable, helpful, and very down to earth. If you are looking for an agent that can make the home purchasing process easier and enjoyable, Amy Day should be your-go-to.
Apr 28, 2020
Amy was absolutely amazing throughout every step of the home buying process. She went above and beyond to make sure we were kept in the loop and made the process as simple and painless as possible.

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