Caitlin Patterson

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114 W. Main Avenue, Suite C
Bismarck, ND 58501
ND License #9528
Nov 25, 2019
Manager of The Ups Store
Love this lady! We looked at quite a few homes before she found me the perfect one! She did an awesome job. Worked around my work schedule. Anytime I found something new, she found a couple more that day for me. Highly recommended her for your housing needs! 5 stars for Caitlin!
Nov 18, 2019
Professional Land Sueveyor
Caitlin did a GREAT job finding the home for me, and was very accommodating to my hectic schedule!
Nov 18, 2019
Home Owner
My wife and I were very happy with the job that Caitlin did selling our house. She was knowledgeable, professional, timely and willing to think outside of the box.

Thanks Caitlin!!

Nov 16, 2019
Owner and Operators
Caitlin assisted us in purchasing a rental property and went way above what we expected. The communication was impeccable. She definitely got a quick feel of what we were looking for and set up several showings in one morning since we had a drive time. Her negotiation skills were on point and she did an awesome job explaining the closing process of the town. She continues to check in on us. We 100% recommend giving her a chance with your home search.
Nov 14, 2019

Caitlin was awesome! We started our home search in a rush because of an unfortunate housing situation that meant we needed to move asap. My wife is disabled, uses a wheelchair, has energy production issues, has severe allergies, and has some other chronic diseases that make it impossible for her to participate in a house search in person. They also make it very difficult to find a safe and accessible living environment that is also comfortable and feels like a home instead of a hospital.

Caitlin handled all of this with respect, appreciating the fact that my wife’s health was on the line and her energy was extremely limited, so we couldn’t waste it on seeing homes that wouldn’t work or wouldn’t be safe for her. She understood we had no room to compromise because our needs were actual needs, not just wants or conveniences.

While we saw dozens of homes, Caitlin was excellent at helping me narrow down to what really met our needs using her detailed knowledge of the local housing market. She also was wonderful about scheduling showings around my very fluctuating schedule and keeping in touch with both myself and my wife using communication methods that worked best for us. She was very responsive to all inquiries and kept us up to date on her own schedule so we would know if she was going to be busy, when that was happening and who we could contact as back up if we had an urgent need.

At each location we did find potentially suitable, she took the extra time after already having toured it with me, to video call my wife and give her a video tour on top of the time already spent, in order to confirm not only that it really did meet our needs but also just that my wife liked the space and would feel at home there.

She made sure to take all of our unique needs into account, and worked hard to keep my wife as much a part of the process as she could possibly be given our circumstances.

Then, even when several “perfect” houses fell through in a row and our time crunch was getting tighter, and we were starting to get discouraged and think we would have no choice but to compromise our needs, she did not give up and she did not ask us to “compromise” on anything. Instead Caitlin helped us figure out every different way we could possibly meet our requirements that we maybe hadn’t thought of yet, and she doubled down her efforts and looked even harder.

When we finally found our home, (and it was even more perfect than the other places), she had plenty of knowledge to share about various different lenders she had worked with and was able to help us find a lender who could get us the best possible loan available to us for the type of place we were buying (and who also uses a process to help you close more quickly because she knew how serious our time crunch was.)

In the end, we have a spotless beautiful home that feels and looks brand new and meets my wife’s accessibility needs well. We are full to the brim with happiness in finding a place that will allow us to have stability and safety and comfort! And Caitlin was just as overjoyed for us as we are for ourselves! She truly cares about her clients and making sure she gets them what they really need in a home.

If you need a caring, thoughtful, respectful, and knowledgeable realtor in Dickinson, who is responsive and communicates well, Caitlin is your person!