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We aim to be the lender of choice for real estate professionals in all of our markets. Our strong foundation and strategic approach allow us to provide the most innovative mortgage programs available, designed to minimize speed bumps from contract to close. This streamlined process positively impacts our team members, partners and communities by helping people define and achieve their personal visions for success.


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3 days ago

Mary Anderson recommends Garrett Bowlby

Financial secretary

Gartett Bowlby and his team did an awesome job of getting my home refinance done in record breaking time. Garrett's team is so enjoyable to work with and kept me posted on where the paperwork was going next. I'm so glad that I was referred to them by a friend that does business with Amerifirst.
3 days ago

Sean M recommends Mark Paliscak

They did what Wells Fargo could not do. Highly recommend!
Jan 20, 2021

Juan Bejarano recommends Garrett Bowlby

Garrett helped me greatly from the first phone call we had! Very knowledgeable helped me achieve my goal as refinancing my house i will defenitely use garrett for any future needs.. thank you very much garrett sincerely juan bejarano
Jan 20, 2021

Luke Van Wyhe recommends Monica Traynor


I'm a Realtor, so I know a job well done when I see one! Monica is 100% on point at all times! I highly recommend her for any and all of your home financing needs!

Thank you Monica! For such a Smoothe REFI!
Jan 20, 2021

Barbara D. recommends Brayam Arguelles

Brayam truly exceeded my expectations. I refinanced my home for the first time and was nervous about the process at first. However, Brayam answered all my questions so professionally and promptly. During every step he delivered exactly as promised. If you're looking for someone who not only Is knowledgeable, ethical but also urgent to get you the best deal they can find Brayam is your guy.
Jan 20, 2021

Kait Duley recommends Rebecca Susanne Riley St. Thomas

Buying a home is stressful and Rebecca made it easy. Rebecca was amazing to work with. She is so responsive and great at what she does. 12/10 would recommend Rebecca!
Jan 20, 2021

Richard Franco recommends Scott Fenner

Scott was incredibly easy to work with and communicated with me every step of the way. He made sure my deal closed on time and I’d recommend him to anyone.
Jan 19, 2021

Paul Merrell recommends Brian Kersting, MBA


We were scheduled to close our refinance loan late November. Unfortunately my wife passed away due to COVID-19 prior to signing. Mr. Kersting and his team were able to continue with the refinance after my beloved wife’s death. I did not have to start the process over nor did I have to fill out more paperwork. Mr. Kersting handled all the paperwork so I was able to sign a new set of closing documents without any hassle. Thank you Mr. Kersting for handling all the documentation while I handled death of my beloved wife. I honestly thought we were going to start from the beginning once my wife passed away however that was not the case and Mr. Kersting handled it all and for that I’m grateful. I highly recommend AmeriFirst And Brian Kersting
Jan 19, 2021

Vanessa Owens recommends Francine Tyus

Upon initial contact Francine was very knowledgeable as well as helpful. She is also courteous and professional. Her encouragement is what got me through the process. She was able to walk me through step by step in a multitude of tasks requested of me. I truly appreciate her being there for me during the closing phase. Thank you-al so much.
Jan 19, 2021

Sanel Sahovic recommends Aladin Sabic

He did a great job as we finally got a house to live in.
Jan 19, 2021

Randall L Price recommends Tara Bianco Krieg

Business owner

It was great working with Tara and her team! I am self employed and was unable to get a loan through a friend of mine who lacked the experience and knowledge working with self employed clients, but Tara's team had the experience and knew exactly what to do to get my refinance done. I was impressed with their system of signing docs and getting docs to them. It was very easy and they were always there to answer my questions. I would recommend Tara to anyone who needed a loan.
Jan 19, 2021

Margarita Rodriguez recommends Maria Lopez

Maria did an excellent job she got my family a loan for a house. she made the process easy and always answer any questions i had.
Jan 19, 2021

Chayo jones recommends Tara Bianco Krieg

Tara and her team did an amazing job. They are very responsive when you have questions and helping you understand the answer. I will definitely refer them in the future.
Jan 19, 2021

Ekren Miller recommends Cindy Hallas

Cindy Hallas went above and beyond to procure a family property for us. She is quick to respond and anticipate everything in the process necessary. I would 100% recommend Cindy, in fact I already have, and I would work with her again. I was very blessed to work with Cindy Hallas. Thank you!
Jan 19, 2021

Calvin Kwan recommends Tara Bianco Krieg

Physician and Professor

I made the decision to move down from Seattle to Phoenix in a matter of months. Tara and her team made, what seemed like an impossible task, possible!. I was so impressed with Tara's ability to work her magic and find numerous ways my complicated situation could work. This was 2 years ago. I recently Re-Fied with Tara and again was met with the same professionalism and patience (as my inability to complete forms was my fault). Tara and Sheena (another magical creature) worked together to hear me out and help guide me through the process. Thank you Tara and Team! You guys absolutely rock!

Jan 19, 2021

Max Caisley recommends Rob Davis

Weld Inspector

Rob and Sara were very knowledgeable and professional throughout the entire transaction. Any issues or potential issues that arose were dealt with swiftly and with little inconvenience to me. Thank you for all your hard work Rob and Sara!
Jan 18, 2021

Thomas & Diana recommend Jason E. Gordon

Being self-employed and getting a mortgage or re-fi was only fun back in 2004/2005. With all that has occurred since the housing bust, there are two things I know... 1) Self-employment has its perks and perils; 2) People in the mortgage industry come and go.

Our family had undergone some major changes since 2015. We needed to get a new mortgage on a home through a very tricky divorce, self-employment, and a ticking time bomb.

We tried to go through the re-fi process in late 2018 and found that banks were quite restrictive on self employed and the numbers (unfortunately) did not work out. We pushed so hard. Jason was our guide. Ultimately, there was no way this loan was going to go through. We missed the mark and 2019 was a bust. We stayed the course, kept in contact with Jason, listened to his advice and prepared for a future opportunity to make this work.

As time was running out (we had to make some urgent moves), we went with our trusted advisor and jumped feet first back into the fire in mid-2020. Not only was the overall economy different, but we were now in the middle of a global pandemic. Jason offered his usual calm and cool perspective, we would get everything in order, follow all guidelines, and push forward.

What was supposed to be a quick and easy 30-45 day process was dragged out. More papers were requested, more verifications, more, more, more... Jason and his team kept focused on the goal - get this loan done. It seemed we would get our hopes up, then be met with another request.

We decided to throw our family of 7 into an RV and travel safely during COVID. Barreling along the West Coast in a mobile house on wheels was filled with surprises. Luckily we were able to provide all the final information, documents, and stay in contact regularly with Jason and his team. At this point, our hopes started to fade as we traveled back towards home. We planned how to attack this again, hoping rates would remain at these historic lows, and regroup and try again in 2021.

Our family made it back home, a little tired from travel for 25 days on the road... But we were glad to be home. Two days later we heard from Jason's team...

It was done, approved. What is really funny, we did not believe Jason. He said through his team's never-ending and never wavering effort, the deal was done. We locked in an incredible rate - still lower than anything we've seen for a 30-year mortgage.

All I can say is that Jason and his team saved our family from some potential heartache and hardship. The ability for the team to push this over the goal line was an incredible effort on their part - one that our family cannot say THANK YOU enough.

If you, or someone you know, is self-employed - Jason and his team are your first and only stop. They will work out every detail, every angle, every benefit, every perk and keep YOUR best interest at the very forefront - every step of the way.

I cannot more strongly endorse Jason Gordon and his team for any of your home financing needs. They are true professionals and customer service is unparalleled.

Thank you Jason, Laura, and everyone else who made this happen. We truly appreciate you all!
Jan 18, 2021

Jacob Meyer recommends Garrett Bowlby


Garrett did a great job. The process was quick and easy. Every question I had, was answered quickly.
Jan 18, 2021

Alexander Smith recommends Lisa E. Brown

Lisa did an incredible job. She helped us know our options and how to navigate the process. Will definitely use her again!
Jan 18, 2021

Kyle Hawkins recommends Cheryl Scheidell

Cheryl is absolutely the best. I have gone through multiple transactions through the years with Cheryl and I can't imagine working with anyone else. She has her client's best interest at heart and gives great advice throughout the entire process. She is always available to coach and talk you through options and she's there for you throughout the entire process. I am always impressed at how hard she fights for us to get the best possible outcome out of each transaction and every time I'm so grateful and thankful I chose her to work with years ago. She's amazing! I can't say enough good things about my many years and many opportunities to work with Cheryl. She's fantastic and I highly recommend her to anyone!
Jan 18, 2021

Belen Castillo recommends Lisa Brown

Lisa went above and beyond with assisting me in buying my first home! She was very responsive, professional and kind.
Jan 18, 2021

Kiki Gregoriante recommends Brian Greendahl

Brian has been absolutely wonderful in working with us! His professionalism, his kind, and patient way made this process easy and effortless. He got us the best possible rate! He is honest and extremely thorough. If you’re looking to refinance, he is the guy to call! I highly recommend Brian to all of my friends and family.

Kiki Gregoriante
Jan 18, 2021

Paul Czaplicki recommends Aladin Sabic

Aladin did an excellent job communicating with me through all stages of the loan process. He was very knowledgeable and responsive to my questions as well.
Jan 18, 2021

Derek Abbott recommends Mark Paliscak

Mark did a fantastic job of communicating and executing on my loan. He had a sense of urgency and had my loan wrapped up quickly. I appreciate his hard work and dedication to his customer. Thank you Mark!
Jan 18, 2021

Cesar Avalos recommends Clarissa Campos

Clarissa was excellent to work with answered all our questions .Helped all the way through the process highly recommend her .

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