Chickie Sirakis

Senior Mortgage Loan Officer AmeriFirst Financial, Inc. NMLS 234016, AZ Lic. 0911737
Oct 28, 2019
Wire Transfer Specialist III
It was a pleasure to work with Chickie! She went above and beyond for our family. Chickie is extremely effective and efficient.
Oct 15, 2019
Founder, Franklin Virtual Schools
Chickie simply said made things happen. I am an entrepreneur and small business owner. This almost always means there are challenges and opens many paths for data collection/reporting. Chickie was thoughtful in advising me through this process, was always available to my calls and questions, and delivered as she promised she would. I would not hesitate recommending her to any of my network.
Sep 16, 2019
It was a pretty fast process then what we had expected, she was very helpful by explaining everything to us in detail and did a great job with helping out with a very low down payment. I would recommend her to anyone.
Aug 23, 2019
Property Claims Adjuster
Chickie did an outstanding job helping me and wife refinance our home. Chickie provided constant communication and made the refinance process extremely easy. I will be providing referral to my friends and family to Chickie any chance I get.
Aug 20, 2019
In my experience in lending I have certain expectations of the loan officer assisting me, Chickie met those expectations. Chickie was very responsive, from my very first text message and through out the entire process to provide me information when I requested it. Although there are delays that occur that are not in control of the team working on your loan, I was kept apprised of it and moved along quickly after cleared up. This was my least stressful mortgage loan transaction and so thankful to have worked with Chickie. My savings on my loan is really a blessing, as a single mom every dollar counts. I highly recommend her for your next mortgage transaction.
Aug 2, 2019
Insurance Sales Advisor
Chickie Sirakis was awesome !! I have never had such a smooth transaction as I did with Chickie. Complete professional and just made this experience as easy as it could be. She made me feel at ease and confident about the whole process. Quick, efficient, knowledge, expertise. Just everything you can ask of your loan professional. Thank you Chickie !!!
Jul 23, 2019
Senior Manager of Project Development
I have bought a few homes in my 50 years and at NO TIME have I had such a painless purchasing process.
Chickie responds quickly and is very attentive to the needs of her customer (me). I would recommend Chickie 10 out of 10 days!
I have already passed her info off to others, I think Chickie is a SUPER STAR!
Jul 5, 2019
Real Estate Agent
Chickie and her Team at AmeriFirst Financial are the BEST! She is very knowledgeable, totally professional and always a pleasure to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend Chickie to all of my clients.
May 23, 2019
Couldn’t ask for a more helpful, knowledgeable, professional person. Chickie was always available by phone to answer all our questions. Five stars for sure!! I highly recommend her
Sep 26, 2018
Communication and information. These two words come to mind when describing Chickie's work ethic. She is a consummate professional at the top of her game and expects the same from the other Professionals in her field. To me there is no greater option then having her behind your back in such a complex process
Aug 27, 2018
Chickie, is extremely knowledgeable and simply the best mortgage officer, trustworthy and friendly. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy home.
Aug 1, 2018
She was on top of everything. Answered all my questions, made sure my realtor and title office had everything. Thanks..

Jul 9, 2018
When we started the process of looking for a home we were very uncertain how to proceed. With Chickie's step by step guidance the process was a whole lot less daunting She made everything so smooth and so rapid we were in our new home in no time at all . Thank you Chickie . We certainly recommend you wholeheartedly
and will do so to everyone we know.
Jun 25, 2018
Chickie,did a great job with my refinance of my home.She was very prompt to answer any of my questions and always responded very quick with my phone calls.i would recommend her over and over again,thank you Chickie.
Jun 6, 2018
Chickie is the bomb! She guides you through the process every step! She is always available to answer questions. She is very prompt and gets things done quickly.
She is very honest and reliable. I would recommend her to anyone. I would also use her again if the need arises! Her whole team is amazing!!!
May 29, 2018
President of Clean Therapy
Chickie exceeded all expectations! She is a true professional in every way. She delivers exactly what she says she will. I will refer her to all my family, friends and clients. Our experience with Chickie has been amazing!
Apr 14, 2018
This is the second time that we have had Chickie handle our loan application and process. And just as she did the first time everything was completed and done correctly and efficiently. I highly recommend her and would definitely use her again. She’s professional, competent and does the job.
Always available to answer questions and assist with anything that you have questions about. Chickie is Definitely the Best...
Feb 19, 2018
I have had several transactions with Chickie to purchase homes for myself and my children. No matter what the situation was, Chickie always found a way to make things work for us. She is very honest and up front about situations, and gives me a real sense of what to expect. She takes a lot of the guess work out so there are no surprises. Thank you Chickie!
Jan 31, 2018
County Employee
Chickie worked with me throughout my home buying process. From what I was told by others as being a tough process, it was not, Chickie made it very stress free. If someone I know starts the home buying process I would highly recommend Chickie.
Oct 30, 2017
Chickie was absolutely wonderful throughout this entire process. I needed a lot of hand holding and Chickie was always available. She was thorough , Professional and very patient and understanding. She went well above and beyond for me. I got through this process because of Chickie‘s dedication and Care. She was a knowledgeable and friendly voice. I cannot thank her enough.
Sep 6, 2017
There is no one else that i have found who could even come close to the fantastic job Chickie does, or who i would trust 100%
Jul 31, 2017
Chickie went out of her way to make the process easy for us!
Jun 20, 2017
Chickie did a fantastic job in securing a loan for me. She went above and beyond to get the job done
Jun 13, 2017
Merchandising Services Manager
I can't recommend Chickie strongly enough. I'm a city girl at heart. I've been in apartment homes since I moved out on my own. This was my first home purchase.
Not only did Chickie answer every question I had, but she switched gears seamlessly in the middle of the process.
Initially I was looking at a property with 2 homes on it. I would have been purchasing it jointly. However, when that home didn't pass inspection my co-buyer & I switched gears deciding to each look for our own homes.
This meant updating paperwork, changing the loan type, re-qualifying on my own, etc. Chickie never batted an eye. She used the documentation she could from the first application rather than make me fill out or provide redundant paperwork or documentation.
I'm the first to admit I can be high maintenance. I'm definitely a type A personality. She never once got frustrated or made me feel like my questions or concerns were invalid.
On top of all this she saved me several hundred dollars. For those not new to this process closing costs can be quite expensive. While the seller agree to pay up to a certain % I would have had to pay the rest. Not only didn't it cost me anything out of pocket to close Chickie worked hand in hand with my realtor to make sure that the extra money was used towards an upgraded home warranty rather than be given back to the seller as is typical.
Chickie is honest, patient & truly cares for her clients. I'd recommend her to anyone I know, including my own mother. This was an awesome experience!
Mar 22, 2017
real estate sales
Ms Sirakis is a 'miracle worker' She gets the job done per her commitment
of time, per buyer request and per the sellers signed agreement/ requirement
per close.
I have referred another 2 out of state buyers to Ms Sirakis for new loans, both
in the $500,000 to $600,000 price range. I am working with sending them emails
to introduce them to our market. Both buyers plan to move in a few more
months. I pass Ms Sirakis cards to prospects with much confidence in the fact that she
will 'get the job done'...!
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