Jason is honest and thorough about the entire home loan process. He leaves nothing out and will tell you all sides before you make a decision. He will never pressure you and makes sure you are equipped with all the knowledge necessary for you to make a decision comfortably. He is also extremely prompt, and often answers my texts and emails within 10 minutes on a Sunday afternoon. Jason is, by far, the most trustworthy and knowledgeable person I've met in this industry so far!

Brooke Mills

Army Reservist/Mom
Nov 14, 2016

Jason E. Gordon

Sr. Mortgage Loan Officer AmeriFirst Financial, Inc. NMLS 259027

What people have to say about Jason Gordon from Jason Gordon on Vimeo.

San Diego Residential Mortgage Specialist Jason E Gordon is a proud member of the team at AmeriFirst Financial Incorporated. Jason and his Staff are committed to providing their clients with the highest quality home loans combined with some of the lowest mortgage rates available in all of California. Whether you are first time home buyer, purchasing your dream home, refinancing an existing loan, or consolidating debt, this highly experienced team of mortgage professionals can help make your dreams come true.

Oct 8, 2019
Air Traffic Manager, DOD (Retired USN)
Jason Gordon and his team at AmeriFirst Financial were referred to me while I was shopping for a VA mortgage loan. I also applied with other companies wanting to know who could offer me the best rates and terms. Of the three financial institutions, Jason offered me the lowest interest rate with a credit at closing. Another advantages that Jason’s company had was that, as a direct lender, they had underwriters review the loan application early in the process which allowed me to have better peace of mind.

However, Jason’s professional, friendly, and “transparent” approach in working with me was also very important and is what convinced to stay with AmeriFirst. He was always ready to answer any questions, explaining the loan process in detail every step of the way. I applied for a VA loan, which at times can be difficult to get through the “red tape.” During one of those occasions where there was an issue with the home’s appraisal value, Jason maintained constant communications with the VA and fought very hard on my behalf. His Mortgage Loan Coordinator, Laura Aceves, was also a pleasure to work with. She was very friendly and communicative throughout the entire loan process. I highly recommend Jason Gordon and his team to anyone looking to finance their dream home.

William V
Sep 28, 2019
Head of Operations
Jason and his team were incredible to work with. Jason helped me feel comfortable with every decision along the way. Service was fast and efficient, no wasted time at all. I strongly recommend calling Jason for your mortgage needs.
Jul 21, 2017
Jason, Christopher, and Laura from AmeriFirst Financial, INC are not only an amazing company, but are phenomenal people at its core. Being a first time homebuyer, I believe I had all the "quirks" of a newbie. I would ask the "what if" questions, the questions that had a million different scenarios, even the "really? Your asking that" questions. But from the very first time talking to Jason and his team, they never got impatient or angry. I asked questions over and over again, even rephrasing them, but yet, their professionalism never faltered. In fact, Jason and his team are such "real people" that they connected with me on a more personal basis; referencing our families interests, my personality, and my families desired objectives. Jason and his team took the time to understand who I was and what my goals were. They never judged my flaws or errors (and believe me, throughout the whole time I had anxiety over thinking how they would look at me cause of our debt/credit score/etc..). But nope, Jason and team never highlighted any of that, instead focusing on the now and what can and needs to be done. What I really love about Jason and his team? It's their ability to communicate. As mentioned above, Jason took the time to understand me as a person. In doing so, he was able to truly identify how my mind works and communicated it so perfectly that I was able to understand. He incorporated standard bar and row graphs, utilizing different colors to illustrate the different factors, and literally s-p-e-l-l-e-d it out in sentences that only I could understand. I'm sure that he conveyed this to his team, because from that point on, Ross and Laura communicated it the exact same way. I emphasize communication as Jason and team's forte, because at each and every movement, all the way up to the day, time, and hour of closing Jason and Laura always called/emailed me to inform and/or update. I cannot over emphasized how grateful I am for working with Jason and his team. They are truly in it to see that your home buying goals come to fruition. Another reason for recommendation? When speaking with Jason, there is always multiple ways to attack the situation. He provides you with options; never leaving any stone unturned. He comes at it with such optimism that I always felt supported. His team exudes that very passion. I find that the home buying experience is filled with so much anxieties and frustration. However, working with my realtor who referred me to Jason and then putting my trust into Jason and his team was one of the most significant times in my home buying journey. I remembered the day that my husband and I spoke about going forward with Jason. We felt so anxious and worrisome as we were about to trust and invite him to play a tremendous part, of not only our families hopes and dreams, but also have him see our personal and financial flaws. Our preconceived thoughts and notions were for naught, because Jason and his team never once created a negative environment. Instead Jason and team cultivated an environment of teamwork, support, positivity, and respect. I cannot over emphasized how much I would recommend Jason and his team in the home buying process. They allowed me to truly appreciate and genuinely understand MY home buying journey.
Jun 20, 2017
Director of Volunteers
Jason and his team kept us informed every step of the way during our refinance. I have bought amd sold many properties in my 40 years of adulthood and have never received such great customer service!
Jun 14, 2017
AmeriFirst Financial Customer
I recently had the honor and pleasure of working with Jason Gordon and his amazing team to complete a cash out refinance of my home. My credit score was a little less than average and I did not have a co-borrower.

My refinance posed many challenges due to the fact that it had to be completed by a specified date, which was a stipulated judgement to finalize my divorce. Throughout the process, Jason and his team were extremely professional and maintained consistent communication. I greatly appreciated the time they took to make sure I understood the process and the verbage within the various documents. They made me feel like a valued customer and definitely kept in mind the emotions that may occur when finalizing a divorce. Even when we experienced unforeseen challenges, the team was very solution oriented and immediately took the necessary steps to expedite the process.

I am very happy to say that my refinance was completed in a timely manner and I am now able to begin a new chapter in my life! Without hesitation or reservation, I highly recommend Jason Gordon and the AmeriFirst Financial team! Job well done!
May 18, 2017
Jason and his whole team were outstanding total professionalism they listen they answered every question with no hidden agendas they were very patient with me and I will recommend everybody to them that's looking to do mortgage or a refi thank you AmeriFirst you guys are awesome
Apr 10, 2017
Director IT
Jason and his team made our home-buying process completely painless. They took time to explain the process we would be going through clearly, and even provided advice on the usual "gotcha's" people often run into in order to help us plan appropriately. Our process was so seamless that we were able to close 10 days earlier than originally planned. We also worked with a realtor who Jason recommended, and she turned out to be a blessing. This was overall a great experience for our family.
Feb 21, 2017
Systems Engineer
Jason Gordon was absolutely phenomenal to work with when obtaining my home loan. Here are a few reasons why he is a top performer:
- Provides detailed explanations about how the loan process works
- Shares insight and guidance to help tailor the lending process to your needs
- Invests his time to ensure all questions are answered
- Responds to questions and calls promptly
- Leverages an amazing support team to make sure the job gets done
- Exemplifies professionalism while also being friendly
- Possess an all-star list of references for other home buying needs (insurance, title, etc)

As a first time homebuyer, Jason was the key factor in ensuring I successfully closed a 30 day escrow. I highly recommend contacting him today if you are in the market.
Jan 19, 2017
Jason and his staff were nothing short of exceptional throughout our re-fi journey. Anyone who has had to re-finance can relate to the voluminous documentation that is required to be submitted. Jason and his 'team', through their clear understanding of the process, made it almost seemless for us. They were always accessible to address any questions or concerns, even after hours!

In summary, when so many other lenders told us 'no', or gave us false hopes, Jason and his wonderful team guided us toward a positive outcome. We are immensely grateful. Thank you, Jason and your team.
Jan 19, 2017
Data Analyst
Dude. Could I love Jason more than I do? That answer is no. He really is a fantastic guy and incredibly good at what he does. He took the time to really explain the whole process of getting a loan, what was going to happen when, how to improve my credit score and is just so approachable and down to earth about it. I truly will be recommending this loan wizard to anyone I know who is looking into buying a place. Jason Gordon - you rock the casbah.
Dec 19, 2016
New Homeowner
I am so thankful to Jason and his team for helping me with the home buying process. The team was so great to work with and truly made my needs a priority. Most loan companies and banks treat you like "just another file on their desk," but Jason did everything possible to get my loan done quickly and answer all of my concerns. I am in my condo today becasue of Jason and his team and I highly recommed their services.
Dec 5, 2016
Mechanical Engineer
Jason helped my fiancee and I finance our first home. He was incredibly helpful in explaining the process and laying out all our options. We especially appreciated that he was willing to schedule an in-person meeting with us outside of typical business hours so that my fiancee could attend. I would definitely recommend my family and friends to Jason when they are in the market for a new home.
Nov 21, 2016
Jason took great care of me from beginning to end. I have no complaints and give him an unqualified recommendation. My son use to be in the mortgage business. He told me this is the guy you want to deal with.
Nov 21, 2016
Jason helped my wife and I refinance and got us a great rate. We are going to use Jason in the near future for a pre-approval and loan on a retirement home!
Nov 21, 2016
Jason is the consummate professional. Honest. Thorough. Knowledgeable. And most of all, hard working. These qualities, all combined, make it a smooth process all the way around. You are the best Jason!!! Eric
Nov 20, 2016
Systems Engineer, General Atomics, Morning Star Ranch Owner and Operator
We found working with Jason on refinancing all of our rental properties a positive experience. Jason was very up front with the costs and options with this transaction so the process proceeded well with no surprises. His process is a combination of working on-line for approvals and document uploads and with follow-ups with his staff to make sure everything was progressing in an timely and efficient manner. At the end of the process I was very satisfied that we made the right decision in both refinancing and with working with Jason and his staff to achieve this objective. we would, and have, recommended Jason to my friends and family.
Nov 18, 2016
Kristen Diaz
Jason was referred to us by a family member and we are so lucky to have found someone who is sincere, professional and personable. We can now say we have a "loan guy"! We have referred Jason to our family and friends because he is someone we can trust.
Nov 18, 2016
VP Of Sales
Jason did an amazing job for us, we wanted to close escrow in 30 days with a VA loan. My realtor was skeptical and doubted that it could be done as he had never seen a VA Loan go that fast, but Jason not only did it, they were ready a couple of days before! He was always a Professional and I have recommended him top friends as well.
Jesse Elliott
Nov 18, 2016
Professor of Music
Jordan was Super Helpful and made the process of getting a mortgage as easy as possible. He has a positive attitude and I have recommended him to numerous people.
Nov 18, 2016
Realtor, Brokered by Big Block Realty
Jason is my go to lender; he's my Rock Star. Jason and his team are essentially the first impression people have of my business, since they the first step on the purchasing pathway. I trust Jason and his team, to not only to make that great first impression, but also to get my buyers ready to purchase property. Jason makes my job easier, because the buyers come back to me educated, more confident and having had great service, they typically are fired up to get started. I don't always send him easy clients, but he gives everyone I send him, his best efforts and full attention and respect. I'm a fan of the man and his team, he's a professional and he's a great guy! ~ TJ Nelson
Nov 14, 2016
RN case Manager
Jason is very knowledgeable and was very helpful when I re-financed my home. He took the time to meet me at the hospital and go over all the paper work. His efforts were very much appreciated and it was good to know I could trust his judgment. and expertise. He is passionate about what he does and thinks about the client and their needs.
Nov 14, 2016
Jason helped us refinance our home. And, nobody ever had more knowledge of his field and nobody ever worked harder for a customer than Jason. Simply the best
Nov 14, 2016
Executive Admin. Assistant
Jason is trustworthy and dependable. If he says he is going to provide a service, he comes through, this is said from experience. He has helped my family with a purchase of a home and a subsequent refinance. I have already and will continue to recommend his services to family and friends.

Thank you Jason!!
Nov 14, 2016
Jason was instrumental in securing our loan for the purchase of our home in Oceanside. He's work ethic shines through with all the work he did for us. I was never lost in the process. Jason was exceptional is keeping informed throughout the process of our loan. I would say Jason was exceptional in his finance knowledge. I would recommend Jason to anyone who wants to feel secure, informed and taken care of in the crazy world of finances.
Nov 14, 2016
Army Reservist/Mom
Jason is honest and thorough about the entire home loan process. He leaves nothing out and will tell you all sides before you make a decision. He will never pressure you and makes sure you are equipped with all the knowledge necessary for you to make a decision comfortably. He is also extremely prompt, and often answers my texts and emails within 10 minutes on a Sunday afternoon. Jason is, by far, the most trustworthy and knowledgeable person I've met in this industry so far!

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