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3 days ago

James Navarro recommends Jenny Graham

Never have I felt more comfortable and confident selling a house than with Jenny. Jenny was ALWAYS on point and made everything simple, exciting, and enjoyable. Great lady with a ton of class and genuinely an awesome person.
3 days ago

Kinsey Boyle recommends Jenn McGuire

Jenn did an amazing job for us with purchasing our house and our business. She will work hard for you! I couldn't have asked for a better realtor! Jenn is a friend for life!
3 days ago

Genie Monte-pelizzari recommends Jenny Graham

Jenny was wonderful, informative, and patient , she helped me with everything being thorough through the whole process. Jenny gave a 100 percent!
3 days ago

Haley Hammond recommends Jenn McGuire

I have had the pleasure of working with Jen to buy as well as sell my home-which speaks volumes. Upon meeting Jen, through a mutual friend, I was immediately greeted with a warm loving bright white smile and a very high vibrating happy energy. She asks a lot of quality questions to get to the root of your needs and then she is off to the races. When I say that my entire experience was tailored completely to me is an understatement. Jen works tirelessly to answer any and all questions and makes herself available almost to a fault. Both buying and selling were absolutely seamless and I attribute these successes to Jen’s diligence, intelligence, passion to help, humor, drive, and over all customer service experience. I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better human to have landed in my path as buying or selling a home can be an extremely stressful and painful experience. When I say that Jen does everything in her power to ensure all needs are met in a timely and professional manner, boy, do I mean it. I’m so happy to hear she is working on obtaining her license in WA state so I can work with her yet again. I don’t hesitate in recommending her in any way shape or form. Hands down one of the sweetest, most proactive, attentive, caring, and hard working women I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Thank you, Jen, for all of your help and care through the buying and selling processes. You are an absolute gem and will continue to get my business and referrals from family or friends looking into own in the ID/WA area.
3 days ago

kyle watts recommends Jenny Graham


Jenni is amazing!!!!! She actually cares about the process! She protected us from the nonsense that come with selling/buying a home. Jenni was there ever single step of the way ! We will always recommend her!!!
Aug 8, 2022

Sue Schueman recommends Jenny Graham

We first met Jenny during the purchase of our Idaho home. Hands down, one of the best real estate agents we have ever met. She assisted with the entire move from California to Idaho. Not only giving us a FaceTime walk through but even providing the numbers for our utilities so we would have power and water upon our arrival. We locked ourselves out the first day and she drove back to her office to fetch a second set of keys. She was so thoughtful and helpful that we used her a second time a few years later when we sold the home. She sold it immediately for full asking price!
Aug 8, 2022

Norm Park recommends Jenny Graham

Jenny did a fantastic job representing me in the sale of my home…she has an acute knowledge of the inventory in this area…she was able to accurately assess the market value even before it was appraised…any questions I had to call her for were always promptly answered…she knew exactly what the house needed to have done to it to get the optimal return value…every stage of the sale was completed without stress and was completed very professionally…I can confidently recommend her services to anyone.
Aug 8, 2022

Diane Phillips recommends Jenny Graham

We worked with Jenny to find and purchase our home in Bonners Ferry, ID. in 2021. If you want a professional, hardworking Realtor that follows through from the time she begins working with you to the closure of your home...Jenny is it. She listens to what you want, she is extremely honest and by the way really patient. She takes care of her clients and will work overtime to find the perfect home, answer all your questions, schedule inspections, and verifies repairs are done before closing. She is very good at working with the sellers realtor to make sure everything goes smoothly and sits with while you sign and get the keys to your home. She will always be our go to Realtor. Thank you Jenny ... you are one in a million!
Aug 8, 2022

Jeffrey Phillips recommends Jenny Graham

Jenny was supportive, patient and professional, and her advice was invaluable at finding and landing our dream home in Bonners Ferry Idaho. I absolutely recommend her services.
Aug 8, 2022

Sandra Hawkins recommends Jenny Graham

Jenny spent a lot of time with us before we looked for a home, she made sure she got to know us personally our likes are dislikes our wants our needs so that she was better able to find a home that was suitable for us. She found the perfect house for us I can't compliment Jenny enough on her professionalism her warmth the fact that she actually listened to our wants and needs and made sure the home she showed us met those wants and needs. I recommend Jenny Graham highly if you're looking for a home she's the right person to help you find your dream home.
Aug 8, 2022

carol smith recommends Jenny Graham

Jenny sold us our home here in Bonner's Ferry just about 3 years ago. We were moving from CA and had never met her. However, she proved herself to be very professional as well as caring. She was prompt to keep in touch with us, and helped make a rather stressful situation move smoothly. We would highly recommend her 100 per cent....she's the best!
Aug 8, 2022

Kallie Mulvaney recommends Jenn McGuire

Jenn was great to work with. She worked hard to dig in and find the answers to the tough questions that came up during our sale.
Aug 8, 2022

Janna & Gregory recommend Debbie Muniz

Debbie was great! It was our first time buying a home and Debbie made sure to answer all of our questions and took the time to keep us informed every step of the way. She was very professional, honest and personable, and made us feel comfortable. Debbie was an absolute pleasure to work with! We would gladly work with her and the NextHome team again!
Aug 8, 2022

David Bernhart recommends Jenn McGuire

HVAC supervisor

Jenn was great. Easy to work with and she got the answers to questions we asked. She made our purchase very easy.
Aug 4, 2022

Pamela May recommends Jenn McGuire

Retired Teacher

August 04, 2022
It is my great pleasure writing this recommendation for Jenn McGuire. I had the good fortune of contacting Jenn McGuire when my family was ready to move to Idaho. From our first conversation, I felt confident that Jenn would do everything possible to find a home for me - if there was one available within my price range. Jenn began searching for a home for me just as the market in Northern Idaho began to explode with activity. Not only was there a shortage of homes for sale, prices began to increase almost daily, and sold within hours of their listing.
Because I live in Northern California, Jenn would go to properties and conduct a video tour and send it to me. She was astute taking the videos, showing all the aspects, good and bad, of a home I would be writing an offer on before seeing it in person. She was also very helpful showing me the area the home was located. Because my family was planning to move also, my daughters took another road-trip to the area for perspective.
Jenn was so friendly and helpful to my daughters. She answered all their questions about the area, job opportunities, shopping and the weather. If she didn't know the answer, she directed them to the places that could help them. I was grateful for her helpfulness to them.
I recommend Jenn McGuire to anyone who is looking for an agent who is honest and will work diligently for her clients. Feel free to email me for more information. Sincerely, Pamela May (
Aug 4, 2022

Michael Dye recommends Jenn McGuire

Jenn is a great realtor, very personable and hard-working. She helped me to find my home, with the market flooded with homes she knew what I wanted and was able to find the exact home I was looking for. I would recommend her for your next home purchase or if you plan on selling your home, I am very confident in the job that she does.
Aug 4, 2022

Michele Sterley recommends Jenn McGuire


Jenn McGuire is a very talented, honest and hard working realtor. I would recommend her to anyone. She will do a great job for you.
Aug 3, 2022

Linda WARE recommends Jenn McGuire

We used Jen to sell our house in Post Falls! She was very conscientious and did a wonderful job! We couldn't have been happier having her represent us! If you want to get the job done, asked for Jen, she'll work hard for you!!! Thank you, Jen
Aug 3, 2022

Jim & Connie Sterling recommend Jenn McGuire

Jenn did a great job for us. She helped us narrow our search criteria. In the end, we ended up buying a lot, and Jenn helped us find a builder. She was very patient and accommodating. We strongly recommend her.
Aug 3, 2022

Brenda McLaughlin recommends Jenn McGuire

We came from out of state to look at property in Idaho. Jen was recommended by a friend of a friend. She went above and beyond helping us find the property of our dreams. She is passionate about her job and it shows in her work and enthusiasm. We would highly recommend her.
Aug 3, 2022

Genette Jennings recommends Jenn McGuire

To Whom It May Concern:
When I was asked if I would write a referral letter for Jenn McGuire, there was no way I could say no. I knew this was something I had to do. My husband and I first met Jenn in 2018 when she was hosting an open house for another agent. We seemed to click right away. Her personality is one that draws you in, she is very positive, pleasant, and honest. We purchased that home. When it came time for us to sell the property, we called Jenn because we had trust and faith in her abilities. We knew that she would not try and put us into something that was not a good fit for us. She listened to all our wants and desires in a home, she understood what our financial situation was and how much we could afford. She explained things to us in a very clear and consistent way.
When the housing market was going all crazy with bidding wars, we made several offers on homes and followed Jenn’s recommendations without hesitation. She never tried to lead us astray. Unfortunately, we kept getting out bid. We started looking at homes across the border in Washington State. We found one and unfortunately at the time, Jenn was not yet licensed in Washington, so she had to refer us to another agent that she knew. At this time, we had known Jenn for 3 years. We had complete and total trust in Jenn and her judgement. We put our trust in this other agent. When the agent didn’t “have our backs” and only had their interest in mind, we contacted Jenn to ask for guidance and how we should proceed. Jenn took the actions of this other agent and the treatment we received very personal. Though there was nothing she could do as she was not licensed in Washington, she still took it personally.
We have made the decision to sell out home after a year and once again reached out to Jenn for a recommendation. She has recommended a co-worker of hers and is very active in the process of selling our home. She is currently trying to get her license in the State of Washington.
After we sell our current home, we will be in the market to purchase another home in about a year, at which time we will contact Jenn to help us locate a home in the western part of the state. We trust, respect, and love her that much that we will put our complete faith in her to help us find another home in a completely different area where we will not be able to readily go see a home she has found because of the distance.
When you feel comfortable and confident in an agent to put your future into their hands that says a lot and that is how we feel about Jenn McGuire. She has our recommendation today and always.
Genette & Howard Jennings
Aug 2, 2022

Bobbi recommends Carrie Sutton

"Carrie was so amazing in assisting us with selling our home and helping us on our journey, realizing the time constraints that we were under with her expertise and knowledge she was able to get the job done! She was great in communication throughout the process and so very willing to answer any questions we had regarding the process. If you are looking for an experienced professional with knowledge and personability, she is your girl! Thank you Carrie for all that you have done for us!!"
Jul 6, 2022

John Kraynov recommends Evi Golub

Evi helped us buy a house in this crazy market and was super patient with us and the seller of the house. She did an amazing job getting us into escrow and walking us through the buying process and kept us updated.
Jul 6, 2022

Patty Ford recommends Barry Meyers

Barry and Pam are the best!! We were purchasing a house in Northern Idaho while still living in another state. We couldn’t be here for the walk through/closing, but we were so grateful and confident that Barry was able to be there in our stead to make sure all was right! Using Docusign for all the paperwork was so easy too. If you’re planning on buying or selling a house we would highly recommend Barry and Pam. Very knowledgeable, kind, patient, sweet people.
Jun 28, 2022

Jacob Hoppen recommends Jenny Graham

I had a great experience buying a home with Jenny. Her creative problem solving helped us purchase the home we wanted in this competitive North Idaho market. She was professional, kind and very accommodating. I highly recommend her!


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