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Open Mortgage was formed 13 years ago to instill a philosophy of Where Better Is Possible in the Forward and Reverse Mortgage space. Find us in 30 States and in 90 Branches Nationwide. Let us show you a Better path towards the American Dream of home ownership.

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3 hours ago

Karen Braugher recommends David Hail

Sr. Systems Administrator

I highly recommend David Hail to anyone looking to buy a new home or to refinance. From day one, he was super friendly and highly professional. He was very responsive, he answered all of our questions, he kept my confidence levels high, and he helped make our dream of owning a new home come true! He has over 40 years of experience in the mortgage industry, and it shows. We felt very well taken care of and represented.

Hilary Smith recommends Robert Bearce

Sales Account Lead

Working with Robert is so easy. He explains the process and any questions i may have. He did my loan on my first house and now on my second home. I am so happy that we are able to work together and he always has my best interest in mind. He makes himself available which is very important when you are crunched on time to get things turned around. I would highly recommend Robert!

Loren Barclay recommends Robert Bearce


Just after a year of Robert Bearce doing everything he could to direct us through the mortgage loan process, he contacted us to refinance and again did everything he could to help us! He is always available for questions and very knowledgeable! I would definitely recommend Robert Bearce!
2 days ago

Kevin Phillips recommends Robert Bearce

Robert has helped us twice now with our home financing needs. Four years ago he helped us finance our current home, and just recently he helped us do a refinance down to a lower rate.
Robert is very professional and attentive to our needs. He worked very hard to get our loans closed quickly, and was very thorough on all of the questions that we had along the way.
We highly recommend Robert and will certainly be contacting him for any of our future home loan needs! Oh, and he happens to also be a great singer!
Jul 4, 2020

Norene Bailey recommends Linda Pellerano Weilert

Retired RN

Linda is phenomenal! I started inquiring about the reverse mortgage process a year before I finally took the plunge. She was so patient with me while I took time to make my decision. She was never pushy or overbearing and was always available to answer all my questions as they came up. She would check in with me from time to time to see if I was ready to move forward. She is very professional, personable and knowledgeable about the entire process. She went over and above the call of duty to be helpful. I am so grateful to her for her help, support and patience with me throughout this process and I have a new sense of freedom from the financial burdens I was experiencing. Bless you, Linda, and thank you!!
Jul 4, 2020

Tara Stewart recommends Amanda Majette


I don’t even know where to begin...this was my first time purchasing a home and Amanda was amazing through this whole process. I had a million and one questions and Amanda was right there to answer them all. She went above and beyond to explain everything to me and got back to me right away. This was a smooth transitions for our family and it was from the help of Amanda.
Jul 4, 2020

Florence M Weinberg recommends Melinda Hipp

Melinda and Cynthia make the complex process seem easy. They are friendly, relaxed, helpful, and available for questions and advice at any moment. Most of all, they are efficient and speedy. I had an excellent experience with Open Mortgage, and recommend it in the highest terms to anyone seeking a reverse mortgage.
Jul 4, 2020

Ted Pyrtek recommends Sally Wade

Sally was the best mortgage broker that I have ever worked with. She helped with every step of a process that is always changing.
Every question that I had was answered promptly, and there were many.
All of her paperwork was submitted as quickly as I brought it in. She made The process seamless and I would highly recommend her.
Thank you Sally.
Jul 4, 2020

Andreas Roessler recommends Crystal Whitten


I would like to express my gratitude to Crystal and Leah for an excellent job on helping me and my family with the entire refinance process. It went more then just smooth, I always felt well informed and in case I had a question both were always able to help me with the answer right away. Thank you so much for making this a great experience. I already recommended your team to our friends when they ask who we used to refinance.
Jul 3, 2020

Jason Foster recommends Gene Dupuis

Due to COVID-19 and the economic impact of said pandemic the interests rates had dropped drastically so Everyone was trying to refinance and or purchase a home within a short period of time and we were one of the many doing so. That being said I’ve got to be honest, I did start to get a little concerned and or stressed because the date of closing was suddenly upon us & I hadn’t heard from anyone if it was definitely going through or not by the day before. So I got in Touch with Gene to let him know my concerns. He immediately addressed the issue and personally came to the closing to which lasted WAY longer then it should have but Gene was there guiding and informing us of everything the notary wasn’t able to explain and then some till the very end to make sure it was done by that day.
That meant allot to us so and I definitely recommend
Jul 3, 2020

Margaret Bielski recommends Linda Pellerano Weilert

Daughter/Power of Attorney for Father

Our family has had two wonderful experiences with Linda. We worked with
Linda initially about ten years ago to help our Dad with a Reverse Mortgage.
We had a very positive experience, and were able to help him through some
difficult financial years.

I was able to track Linda down again (many changes in the interim) -- and
our second experience was absolutely flawless . It was a much more
complicated loan than the first, and took several months to complete - but Linda was there at every turn and every roadblock we (my brother and I) stumbled through. She guided us through "legalese" that was incomprehensible to us -
all with a light-heartedness and charming laugh that always put us at ease.
Most importantly - she was ALWAYS available, and always returned messages and phone calls. This latter part of our relationship (availability and accessibility)
are unfortunately not always present in today's business dealings - and we greatly appreciated Linda's time.

In summary - I cannot give Linda high enough marks -- she got us through this
IN A PANDEMIC with professionalism, humor, and a very personal, human touch.

Kudos and thank you, Linda!!!
Jul 2, 2020

Adam Skinner recommends Sol Nicoletti

Independent Contractor

My wife and I have been fortunate enough to have Sol Nicoletti on our team twice Once while purchasing our first home, and then when refinancing that home 4 years later. She was able to make things work for us when other brokers said that what we wanted wasn't possible. She was very knowledgeable about programs and options that not only helped my family get what we needed, but what we actually wanted. 4 years ago she got us our first home, and today thanks to her, we are able to make the upgrades and renovations we have been dreaming of since we moved in. I'm so grateful for her expertise and I will always recommend her to my friends and family.
Jul 2, 2020

Dawn Evans recommends Michael Gonzales

Field Office Director

Michael Gonzales and his team done an outstanding job with getting my house refinanced! The best professional and customer service!
Jul 2, 2020

Christine Valadez recommends Melinda Hipp

Melinda and Cynthia were helpful through out the process of my home buying experience. As a first-time home buyer, I had tons of questions, and they held my hand and taught me without frustration. I would recommend to any friends and family! Very grateful for them!
Jul 1, 2020

Andrew L Beachy recommends Randy Hamilton's Team at Open Mortgage


They did a great job
Jul 1, 2020

Amber Witt recommends Randy Hamilton's Team at Open Mortgage


My husband and I are very pleased with Randy and his team! When we had questions we they answered them quickly and thoroughly. Even with Covid-19 going on they were still willing to go above and beyond to help us. Thank you for all your help!
Jun 30, 2020

Virginia Barr recommends Greg Hacker

Retired Homeowner

On a scale of 1 to 10, my experience negotiating a reverse mortgage through Greg Hacker would have to rate a 15! Greg was knowledgeable, thorough, personable, persistent, calm, and kind. And he was patience personified! He identified what information I needed to document, what information was really important and what less important. He spent an amazing amount of time explaining acronyms, interpreting charts, and reducing governmental gobbledygook to understandable phrases until I felt I had a more than adequate understanding of this (for me) momentous financial decision. While I frantically searched through piles of financial papers, he calmly held my hand (figuratively) and reminded me of deadlines. I am so grateful to Greg. My financial future is so much more secure now and I have Greg to thank for that. He more than proved he was worthy of my trust.
Jun 30, 2020

Sean Stadter recommends Crystal Whitten

Crystal was extremely helpful in the house buying process and was always very responsive to any questions I had at any time
Jun 26, 2020

Clara Gotthardt recommends Eric Winzer

Eric has been incredibly helpful from the start of our loan journey to the closing of our first home! He went above and beyond to make sure our experience was seamless and completed on time.
Jun 25, 2020

Karen Malpas recommends Marilyn Brown Ross

Anything to do with money and commitment is anxiety producing for me so of course the Reverse Mortgage threw me into high gear. Marilyn always took as much time as was needed to make things clear to me. She was never impatient or shaming if i asked the same question again. She is obviously so experienced with all possible variables in people's situations that I never felt my situation was problematic or anything other than streamlined. Marilyn is warm and humane, taking extra care not because she has to but because that's who she is...she wants to. I liked and appreciated her immensely.
Jun 25, 2020

Wanda Trayler recommends Gene Dupuis

Open Mortgage got my pre approval done quick so I would be ready when I found “my home”. As an out of town buyer there was a lot of paperwork to get done for my VA lone. Gene and his staff worked hard to keep me up to date on turning in Electronic signed paperwork. I am not a techie! When it was time to close on my new home Gene was there to walk me through any questions I had. Great service and great people.
Jun 25, 2020

Micah Effinger recommends David Hail

Project manager

Always available to answer any questions. Responded immediately.
Jun 24, 2020

Jessica Pittman recommends James Shytle

1st time home buyer

James Shytle was so wonderful to work with. This was our first loan and first time buying a house. He was patient and explained everything so that we would know what to do and expect. We highly recommend James to anyone interested in getting a loan!
Jun 24, 2020

Frank recommends Alix Pinzon

Thanks Alix for all your help.i Believe we wouldn’t make it with all your knowledge and professionalisms.
Thanks again,
Frank Sobalvarro
Jun 24, 2020

Doug Hodgens recommends Steven Michels


Steven was amazing to work with and worked really hard to meet all deadlines. He was quick to respond and a blessing to my family. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or refinance. You won't find a better, hard working person to help you through the process.


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