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May 15, 2024

Nick & Olivia Andreacola recommend Candice Boller

Candice was nothing short of amazing! We were nervous as first time home buyers, but she made the whole buying process so smooth. She was so communicative and really listened to our needs and wants. We love our new home!
May 5, 2024

Brittany Kinsey recommends Candice Boller

Where to begin with Candace.. she is an amazing realtor! The moment I first met her she was very knowledgeable, professional and came out of her way to meet me. I had a short window to find a home, and Candace fit that timeframe perfectly. She understood what we were looking for, not only did she find exactly what we were looking for but she gave us multiple options that were very close. Her communication between the seller was outstanding and expects professionalism with everyone she works with. She was also knowledgeable with the appraisal process (knows what to look for, spots issues, etc). Candace was a joy to work with.
May 3, 2024

Nick Andreacola recommends Candice Boller

Youth Pastor

I can’t recommend Candice enough! She is unbelievably helpful and walked us through everything step by step. She knows a ton and was so good at finding what we wanted. She was very easy to get ahold of and quick to get back to us.
May 3, 2024

William & Mary Scott recommend Kaye Hert


Kaye was wonderful to work with.
She led us through all the home-selling processes with professionalism.
Her efficiency and sales technique sold our home in 8 days.
We will highly recommend Kaye to our friends and neighbors.
Very highly satisfied clients,
Bill & Mary Scott
Apr 26, 2024

Anne & Mike Dunnam recommend Kaye Hert


We would highly recommend Kaye…she is very professional, knowledgeable, organized & efficient. We would definitely work with her in the future.
Apr 21, 2024

Madison Forfa recommends Lisa Blair

WE LOVED LISA!! She was so reliable and personable when listing our home. We were first time home owners and selling was a bit stressful for us. She walked us through each phase step by step, all the while answering our 10000000 questions with patience and understanding. If we didn’t move across the country we would absolutely be hiring her for all our home buying/selling needs. Thank you for all your help Lisa!!
Apr 10, 2024

William Hobbs recommends Lisa Blair

Couldn't have asked for a better realtor. I contacted Lisa and told her what I wanted for the property and I wanted to move it quickly. Lisa convinced me to increase the price by $30K. I was reluctant but followed her recommendation. She was able to move the property in less than 60 days. She kept me in the loop throughout the process. Highly recommend her for your realty needs.
Mar 21, 2024

Heather Perkins recommends Candice Boller

Candice was a lifesaver when selling our old and purchasing our new home. Due to unexpected family circumstances, we needed to move out of our previous home and didn't have much time to be involved. Candice was a huge asset on getting items scheduled, creating the optimal listing, and ultimately selling our home.

So when it came time to purchase another home, we knew we could trust Candice. We decided to purchase a new build and Candice was a HUGE asset to working with a builder. She was able to keep track of deadlines, inspections, and follow ups which helped our busy lives.

We highly recommend Candice for any of your realtor needs
Mar 2, 2024

Susan januscheski recommends Lisa Blair

Lisa Blair has been so professional & accommdating. My mother had losted her home in a fire. I reached out to Lisa she was very helpful she new what we were looking for she made sure we had numerous home options to consider this way we could find the best forever home for my mother. Lisa also was so kind and thoughtful through this tough time. So I cant thank her enough, I would totally recommend her; she is such punctual and pleasent Realtor. I will be reaching out to her here in the near future.
Feb 5, 2024

Mike Henkel recommends Sarah Wilson

I recently had the pleasure of working with Sarah for the purchase of an investment home in Mesa and I must say it was an outstanding experience from start to finish. I cannot recommend her enough for her excellent, exceptional service and unwavering support throughout the entire process.

Sarah demonstrated a level of dedication and professionalism that immediately put me at ease. Sarah was available, day or night, to answer my questions or concerns. Sarah willingness to go above and beyond exceeded my expectations.

Throughout the entire purchasing process, Sarah was a constant source of support. She expertly negotiated an outstanding deal on my behalf. Sarah had my best interest at heart. She even continued support after closing on a few issues with the homebuilder and made sure they were completed to my satisfaction.

If you are in search of a real estate agent who will go above and beyond to ensure your needs are met, I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah Wilson with Platinum Living.
Feb 3, 2024

Lam Tran recommends Lisa Blair

Lisa is terrific as a person and a realtor. Let’s just say, graduate school taught me how to procrastinate to the extreme but she was always there to inform me about deadlines to make sure the house closed on a timely matter. To make things worse for her, I am non-local, so I am always late to her showings. She helped rearrange my meetings multiple times. She always responded to my emails and messages in very timely matters and sometimes after her working hours. As a first time buyer, I have a lot of obvious questions but she answered them anyway.

She was very professional from the beginning to the end. I know what I wanted with a budget and she got it done. She simplified this extremely complicated buy process to an enjoyable one. If you are a first time buyer, don’t be afraid, reach out to Lisa and she will be able to help you out. I just moved in and love the small town vibes already with extremely fast internet.

PS: I wish Lisa was a general contractor also.
Jan 29, 2024

J&M C Family recommend Bret Ceren

Happy North Scottsdale Homeowners!

Bret was so knowledgeable in helping us locate and acquire our north Scottsdale home! After he sold our rental a few years ago, he stayed in touch with his social media and annual holiday program, so when we were ready for a move we reached out to him. He would always try to take our call during the process; his energy is good and he is kind and thoughtful. He got us a great deal, every time we look at other properties on market we feel validated about our purchase. We would recommend Bret to anyone!
Jan 24, 2024

Cindy Panza recommends Lisa Blair

Director, International Tax

Lisa is phenomenal! She helped me sell 2 estate properties that were not in great condition in 4 months! In both cases she was the seller's and buyer's agent. She communicated every step of the process. She was very responsive to questions. She would offer suggestions but not push in any way leaving the decision up to the seller. I'm not local so she took the lead on everything and I had all the confidence in her. I could not have asked for a better agent! Lisa is your agent (! You won't be disappointed.
Jan 12, 2024

Katherine Clayton recommends Sarah Wilson

Sarah has been wonderful to work with. She has helped me with 2 homes and made the process so easy. She was always available to answer any questions and remedy any concerns that I may have. I would highly recommend Sarah!

Jan 5, 2024

Monica Price recommends Sarah Wilson


Sarah helped my husband and I get reacquainted with the Phoenix area after being away for over 20 years. Her positive attitude, professionalism, and patience were essential in finding us our perfect place! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for their next home.
Dec 4, 2023

Terry & JoAnne McClure recommend Lisa Blair

It’s hard to find a good real estate agent. One you can trust & someone who’ll do a good job. Lisa was recommended by a friend. She did a wonderful job. Was on top of things every step of the way. I can’t recommend her highly enough. You won’t be sorry.
Dec 1, 2023

Dien and Kevin McCall recommend Lisa Blair

Lisa was terrific. She was professional, personable and integral to this purchase. She kept us informed of the various issues and resolutions while working to keep the purchase moving forward. Lisa advised us of who we should contact for various information and assistance saving us time and aggravation. Her team and Lisa were responsive to our questions and managed our expectations well. It was a pleasure to do business with her.
Nov 30, 2023

Cindy S Hill recommends Lisa Blair

Idaho Realtor

I am an Idaho Realtor. When I knew when we had found something to purchase to work with a Realtor who knew the market in the area we were searching in. I called Lisa and she did a fantastic job for us. She was very knowledgeable about the area and did a fabulous job in getting us to closing with escrow. She went the extra mile to find the resources we needed to complete our inspections. She worked with us to make sure we were satisfied with what they were doing. She was always attentive to our needs always answering the phone when we needed to ask a question. We would recommend her as a realtor and will use her again when the need arises.
Nov 27, 2023

Tom Ritzel recommends Kaye Hert

Great job, very efficient, would definitely use her help again.
Nov 20, 2023

Donna Patch recommends Kaye Hert

Kaye is a pro! She’s one of the best realtors with whom we have ever worked. She’s efficient and very knowledgeable. We’d highly recommend her!
Nov 15, 2023

Ozzie Adan recommends Lisa Blair

Lisa was very Professional,Knowledgeable and made everything real easy and was there to walk you through everything, Highly Recommended ????

Oct 24, 2023

Sarah Chambers recommends Lisa Blair


Lisa was absolutely the best with handling the sale of my dad’s home. She took care of everything and answered all my questions. I had a very complicated case and she was very patient, understanding and compassionate. I highly recommend her as realtor and will be using her to sell our home in a few weeks. She is great! I could only give 5 stars but she’s worth 10! ??????
Oct 23, 2023

Charles L Hull recommends Lisa Blair

Lisa went above and beyond in finding buyers in a very thin market for river front property. Her diligent use of various websites was impressive. In addition, her ability to navigate the sometimes trying administrative web needing to approve our sale was extremely tiring. Good job Lisa! Our many thanks.
Oct 18, 2023

Megan Suarez recommends Lisa Blair


I would recommend Lisa for buying or selling! She was so supportive in all aspects of our home purchase. She was professional, attentive, helpful, and went above and beyond in her communication and follow through! Thanks Lisa!!
Oct 16, 2023

Rick & Carol Brash recommend Bret Ceren

Two self-employed, VERY Happy Home Sellers


At the outset, we really want everyone reading this who may be getting ready to sell a home in the GREATER PHOENIX area to know that Bret Ceren with North Valley Agents from Platinum Living Realty is absolutely an incredible, consummate professional Real Estate agent, his skillset, communication, and marketing set the bar in the Phoenix, Az market. We could not be happier, he sold our home for MORE than asking our asking price. His professionalism was a HUGE and refreshing contrast to the frustrating and disappointing situation we found ourselves in after initially choosing a supposed group of experts for Canadians selling a second home in Phoenix. The difference is massive, the results speak for themselves. If you’re planning to sell, get Bret involved, you’ll be happy with him, his processes, his team, his skills. Stellar marketing at all levels, his social media presence, his guaranteed sale offer he makes, he was even willing to stand tall and buy a buyers home if the buyer needed to sell FIRST in order to close on ours. Yes, BRET SAID HE WOULD GO AND BUY IT TO GET OURS SOLD fast and for the most amount of money possible!!

Looking back, I REALLY WISH we had initially STARTED the project of selling with Bret, his approach to success was head and shoulders ABOVE the first group we worked with, Bret got it done with ease, GREAT communication, weekly discussions, daily texts, showing updates, feedback from other Realtors, market reports for our area and so much more. We could NOT have had a better experience than the one we had with Bret, my only regret is NOT working with him initially.

Our situation began early in 2023 when my wife and I made the decision to sell our home in Goodyear, Az. at Estrella Mountain Ranch. We were sad to sell our Winter home in Arizona, but the truth is, as Canadians, we had run short of patience with the US/CDN dollar exchange rate. At one point this year it went over 38% and that’s just ridiculous. So, selling was our decision and we began the process.

Quickly we experienced the reality check sellers go through when selling… All too often we end up at the mercy of the Real Estate professional chosen to get the sale handled. We, like any other seller, simply wanted a hassle-free experience. Frankly, the agent and company we chose created the worst experience for us. Much anguish, much frustration, nothing but unkept promises, it was a terrible experience. A hard, tough lesson was learned - there’s a WORLD of difference between Realtors. Many make promises of all sorts and kinds, they promise the world, they want you to believe they’re skilled and capable and have all the answers fall painfully short on delivering. Ultimately, we sellers just want to know what’s going on, we’d like reliable and regular communication, and an eventual sale with the least amount of hassle. This Canadian/American specialist real estate group, who make the claim “all we need is a key”, took ZERO responsibility in the process of our home. Larry, the agent they sent to get us sold, reassured us that they were a good company, that they were specialists for Canadians selling in Arizona and we didn’t have to worry about anything. Yet they did NO MARKETING of my home at all, in the entire time we were listed with them, they didn’t show our house once, they never brought in a perspective buyer once, they don’t even have a system for finding buyers…

The result? It was a complete gong show type experience right from the start. We NEVER got notice of showings, never a phone call, I had requested that people remove their shoes before going upstairs (light coloured carpet) but it seldom happened, doors were left open, kids were running around uncontrolled, locks weren’t locked, lights were left on all over the house, at one point our backyard lights were turned on and left on for days, they left our hot tub cover up, they left our A/C on WAY lower than it should be, at one point my next door neighbour called me at home in Canada from INSIDE our Goodyear home telling me the front door had been left open and was banging in the wind. I do have a concierge that looks after our home when we weren’t there, she was back and forth numerous times at $50.00 per visit. When I asked Larry about handling these things, as he had promised he would, he just shrugged it off, told us it was normal. Even the owner of the company told us in an e-mail that it basically is what it is when you’re trying to sell. A disaster in the customer service department from every angle.

We were so glad to get rid of them and get Bret hired for the job. It was a COMPLETE reversal of what we had experienced thus far, getting Bret on the project was like a breath of fresh air. He got it done, with ZERO issues, ZERO hassle, ZERO frustration. We could NOT have been happier with Bret’s service and his system for selling. If you haven’t yet, call Bret today, get him involved as soon as you can, you’ll be as happy as we are.

Thanks Bret!!
-Rick & Carol Brash


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