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Reach150 is a referral management system for those in relationship businesses. We help our customers by giving them a systematic and simple way to grow their business through referrals.

Reach150's referral management system helps business professionals in three ways:

- Build their reputation by providing an easy way to collect recommendations, providing online validation of their work.
- Promote themselves to a broader audience including business partners and people in their social network
- Nurture their sphere of influencers to stay “top of mind” by delivering targeted and highly relevant messages.

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Recommendations (583)

2 days ago

Josh Thomas recommends Chris Gallagher

Real Estate Broker

Chris did an amazing job answering all my questions and explaining everything I needed to know. His customer service is top notch!
2 days ago

David Hofer recommends Chris Gallagher


Chris is on point and ready to go!
3 days ago

Angie recommends Chris Gallagher

Executive Sales

Chris did an outstanding job assisting me with an update to my reach150 account. Chris was clear and precise. Every time I needed to get ahold of Chris he responded quickly and took care of My request in a timely fashion. Thank YOU Chris!
3 days ago

Jessica Schreiner recommends Chris Gallagher

Marketing Manager

Chris was able to answer any question I had and was quick with responses. Very helpful, kind, and knowledgeable!
Sep 14, 2019

Kathleen Fusco recommends Chris Gallagher

R.E. Assistant

Chris was definitely the go to guy for his professionalism, the time he spent going over the benefits of Reach150 and answering all questions that I had.

Looking forward to working with Chris!
Aug 20, 2019

Shawn Denise Simonin recommends Chris Gallagher

Real Estate

Chris was extremely informative, professional and polite. I definitely recommend working with him!
Aug 14, 2019

Minoo Elison recommends Chris Gallagher

Principal Broker

Chris is a valuable resource! He takes the time to educate clients on the benefits of Reach 150. I am so excited to be part of the program that exponentially expands exposure for sales professionals, just by sharing awesome client reviews. Mahalo Chris for helping my business grow!
Aug 14, 2019

Evelyn Lomas recommends Chris Gallagher

Senior Energy Consultant

If you're looking to increase your business and build your brand, Chris is your guy!
He's a pleasure to work with and continues to share tools to improve.
Aug 13, 2019

Pryde Stromsodt recommends Chris Gallagher

Mortgage Loan Originator

Chris was extremely helpful in helping me to update my profile.
Aug 8, 2019

Will Paine recommends Chris Gallagher


Chris was very helpful and time accommodating right from the get go. Very easy to speak with and provided a lot of product information. Definitely knowledgable in all aspects of the product and shows a willingness to share that knowledge.
Aug 6, 2019

Carmine Simmons recommends Chris Gallagher

Broker of Record

Chris was generous with his time and knowledge, patiently helping me to understand the benefits of various SmartZip products in the context of my business goals. Over the course of several conversations, I consistently found him engaging, easy to talk to and an expert in marketing strategy. He is a pleasure to do business with.
Jul 31, 2019

Melissa recommends Chris Gallagher


Thank you Chris! I love using Reach150!
Jul 31, 2019

Ken Buchmann recommends Chris Gallagher


Chris was extremely helpful and responsive in getting me signed and set up on Reach150. He answered all of my questions and made me feel important as a customer.
Jul 29, 2019

Jacob Johnson recommends Chris Gallagher

Palm Springs Realtor

Chris has been extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and available to help with my goals!
Jul 25, 2019

Ann Hyde recommends Jhoseline Soriano

Broker Associate, Keller Williams Key Partners, the #1 office in the Kansas City Metro Area

Jhoseline Soriano has been so helpful to me that I want to express that to you so that she gets proper recognition in the company and rewarded for her excellence.
She is patient, a careful listener and then best of all SHE GIVES ME CONCRETE SUGGESTIONS:
• Words---what to say when I call
• How to phrase an email
• Timeline for what I do for respondents
• Rewriting a draft handout that I wrote about downsizing and decluttering
• Revising/tweaking a scheduled letter I drafted to go out from SmartZip
I do appreciate how Jhoseline directs our conference calls. She’s in charge. I ask questions and tell her my concerns, and then she responds IN DETAIL with authority and confidence.
I can’t remember meeting with a marketing consultant who was as helpful and made our time together so productive, AND WE ARE meeting ON THE PHONE, not in person. Amazing!
My praises to Jhoseline and to SmartZip! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I’m working hard on my follow up in an area where I’ve listed and sold real estate for over 30 years. You are giving me a fresh approach. Thank you very much.


Ann Hyde

P.S. I want you to know how I appreciate the quality of paper, envelope and printing of the letter you send out on my behalf. The paper has a weight which I think demands being opened and at least glanced at if not read. Many companies are reducing the budgeted cost of paper, including my office. THAT REDUCES THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE MAILING AND CHEAPENS THE IMPRESSION OF THE AGENT AND COMPANY. Thank you for not doing that! I want you to know I notice and appreciate your commitment to quality

Jul 24, 2019

Johnny Alvis recommends Chris Gallagher

Chattanooga, TN Realtor

Chris did a great job explaining my options in a very friendly manner. Made me feel very at ease and informed. Thanks Chris!
Jul 23, 2019

Laura Reign recommends Chris Gallagher


Chris was a wealth of information and very knowledgeable. Thanks Chris!
Jul 16, 2019

Shadia Sarrafi recommends Chris Gallagher

Global Real Estate Advisor

Chris is a professional who is very knowledgable, personable and charismatic.
I was very impressed by the level of customer service he and his team provide in short notice. I am looking forward to working with him more in the future and benefit from his marketing platform and advice.

Jul 15, 2019

Jon Baker recommends Chris Gallagher


Chris has been a great help in getting up and running with Reach150 and Smartzip. He has far exceeded my expectations by going above and beyond for me and NextHome Integrity Group. Thanks Chris!
Jul 11, 2019

Michael Zoppoth recommends Chris Gallagher

Senior Loan Officer

Chris is amazing, I have worked with him for 5 years now and he is always available and helpful. His product and marketing advise is top notch.
Jul 7, 2019

Brooks Landry recommends Chris Gallagher

President | Intero San Ramon Valley

Chris is an honest resource that we’ve trusted to help out business grow. I highly recommend him.
Jul 5, 2019

Phil Bruni recommends Chris Gallagher

Loan Oficer

As always, Chris handled my business with expertise but more importantly; he was enthusiastic which really counts in my book.
Jul 3, 2019

Mark Lomas recommends Chris Gallagher

Sales manager

I have worked with Chris over the last few year using this wonderful product to grow my own business along with my teams. I would highly recommend taking advantage of the Reach150 platform.
Jul 3, 2019

Lori Abbey recommends Chris Gallagher

Owner/Managing Broker Re/Max Urban Properties

AWESOME JOB!!! Great service and we enjoy our partnership.
Jul 1, 2019

Steve Oliver recommends Chris Gallagher

Owner/Broker Rolling Thunder Realty

Chris was very knowledgeable and patient. He answered my (many) questions and made my decision much easier.

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