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Reach150 is a referral management system for those in relationship businesses. We help our customers by giving them a systematic and simple way to grow their business through referrals.

Reach150's referral management system helps business professionals in three ways:

- Build their reputation by providing an easy way to collect recommendations, providing online validation of their work.
- Promote themselves to a broader audience including business partners and people in their social network
- Nurture their sphere of influencers to stay “top of mind” by delivering targeted and highly relevant messages.

If you want to see your referrals grow check out Reach150 today!


Recommendations (702)


Mary Kenny recommends Mohd. Abdul Vadud

Admin Asst

He was very helpful as we had several questions. Setting up the Online Ads the first time can be confusing, but he worked with us and made it easier for us. Thanks!
3 days ago

Gabriella Navick recommends Omer Hassam


Omer was excellent! Walked me through my troubles, very patience and polite. He was great to work with!
Jan 11, 2021

Mike Del Duca recommends Omer Hassam

Omer was all around great. On time and knowledgeable. He understood the issue and went right to it and stuck with it until it was resolved!! Thanks,
Jan 11, 2021

Josee Plant recommends Mohd. Abdul Vadud


Awesome and thank you so much. Simply changing my browser allowed me to take care of my issue. Google Chrome from here on out. Thank you!!!!
Jan 8, 2021

Eve Evans recommends Khawaja Hashim


Khawaja's response time is unreal. I barely pressed send before not only had they responded, but the request was completed. I don't know anyone this responsive, but I'm incredibly grateful. Customer service is everything and can make or break a company. I'm so grateful that Reach150 prioritizes service. A great service I've been using for years now. I love how easy it is to collect customer feedback and share it across my social medial platforms.
Jan 8, 2021

Jason Nevaril recommends Mohd. Abdul Vadud

Executive Administator.

Mohd was great. Super responsive and provided updates, assistance and links to relevant topics of information to complete my request. Thank you for your help!
Jan 7, 2021

Kaelei Trontel recommends Khawaja Hashim


Khawaja was quick, friendly, and responsive!! My issue was solved in under 30 minutes!! Thank you!
Jan 4, 2021

Jana Weaver recommends Oneeb Hassan


Oneeb was courteous, efficient, prompt and professional. Enjoyed communicating with him.
Jan 4, 2021

Alex Khodadad recommends Oneeb Hassan


Oneeb went above and beyond. Thank you.
Dec 30, 2020

Maria Caldarone recommends Oneeb Hassan

Very responsive to our questions with quick solutions!
Dec 30, 2020

Mary Colyer recommends Oneeb Hassan

Team Assistant

Responded quickly and solved my issue. 5 stars
Dec 22, 2020

Annette Gore recommends Omer Hassam

Designated Executive Broker

Omer answered all my questions and is looking into some additional questions about the beginning of my service in May 2020. It is so nice to have a pleasant understanding customer service person! Thanks so Much!
Dec 18, 2020

Josee Plant recommends Chris Gallagher


Chris really took the time to go through the program with me in a very personable and thorough way so that I would have a good understanding of it.

One of the most important thing that I look for is excellent customer service and honesty. Do what you say and do it well.

Thank you Chris for the support afterwards. I know I could call on you if I needed anything.

Dec 18, 2020

Sharon Webb recommends Chris Gallagher


Chris was very helpful, knowledgeable and available to answer all of my questions! I have already recommended him to one of my teammates who will be using SmartZip as well this year! Thanks for your insight Chris
Dec 18, 2020

Will Kennish recommends Chris Gallagher


Chris was low pressure and an excellent guide in the decision process. Good work.
Dec 14, 2020

Colleen Kimmel recommends Chris Gallagher


Chris wasted no time explaining all the great benefits of SmartZip and add on applications like REACH 150 to grow our real estate partnership. He was quick to respond when I had some follow up questions as well.
Dec 11, 2020

Nellie Bell recommends Chris Gallagher

Real Estate Professional

Did a great job in reviewing this platform and very patient. Easy to work with.
Thank you Chris!
Dec 11, 2020

Troy Watson recommends Chris Gallagher

Loan Consultant

Chris was great to work with on setting me up with Reach 150. Will definitely recommend this product and Chris to others.
Dec 10, 2020

Teresa Ryan recommends Omer Hassam

Team Leader

Omer did a fantastic job of explaining my account and the new Smart Zip system. Showed all the features and how we can better use Smart Zip to attract and connect with sellers.
Dec 10, 2020

Wendy Matthews recommends Omer Hassam

Director of Marketing

Omer was very clear and informative, he helped us understand a complicated billing issue, and proceeded to answer all our questions involving our mailers, databases, etc. Omer was courteous, patient, and helpful. 5 stars!
Dec 7, 2020

Mike Perry recommends Chris Gallagher


Chris has really helped set my business up for success as I launch into 2021. The SmartTargeting program is already up and running for me with invaluable data about potential future clients. His knowledge of the system was very good. I look forward to working with him and his team as I move forward with my marketing campaigns. Thanks Chris...5 STARS.
Dec 4, 2020

Realtor Nellie Bell recommends Khawaja Hashim


Good job as a new member. Still working on the sphere management when I have more time.
Thank you
Dec 3, 2020

Ashley Butler recommends Oneeb Hassan

Manager, Marketing & Sales Support

Oneeb is awesome! Any request or question I send his way is responded to quickly, and efficiently. Highly recommend!
Dec 3, 2020

Lorraine Jones recommends Mohd. Abdul Vadud

Reverse Loan Consultant

Thank you, thank you, thank you Mohd, you were so patient with me in helping me get a new video up onto my page. And you were very professional and helped me solve the problem. Thank you for your suggestion to use Google Chrome next time, instead of FireFox.
Dec 3, 2020

Christina Pope recommends Omer Hassam


Very good job! give him more money!

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