Mohd. Abdul Vadud

Team Lead Reach150 Social, Inc
Team Lead with 6 years of experience in Client Success, Digital Marketing, Team handling, and People Management. Motivated to maintain Customer Satisfaction and contribute to company success. Skilled in Microsoft Word, MS-Excel, Google Adwords, Fb ads, Seo, MySQL, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Organization Skills, Time Management, Management Development, Sales & Renewals, and Customer Experience. Strong client success professional.
Nov 2, 2021
Timely response with clear and complete explanation. Helpful.
Oct 19, 2021
Prompt, helpful, responsive!
Oct 11, 2021
Abdul has always been very helpful and approachable. Thank you so much for catering to our requests in a prompt manner.
Aug 25, 2021
Mohd helped resolve my questions very quick and easy. (:
Aug 9, 2021
Mohd did an awesome job! Very prompt and responsive. Thank you!
Jul 28, 2021
Marketing Assistant
Vadud was so very helpful! He helped me with my concerns very quick. Thank you, Vadud!
Jul 1, 2021
Team Leader/Rainmaker
Prompt reply and very helpful! Great customer service!
Jun 10, 2021
Vadud was prompt in replying and solving my issue! Thank you!
Jun 8, 2021
Escrow Officer
Abdul was so fast to fix my problem and had a very friendly attitude! He is AMAZING! Thanks Abdul!
May 4, 2021
Abdul was very helpful. Thank you!
Apr 27, 2021
Real Estate Professional
Abdul did a great job answering all my questions. I wish ever customer service was this good!
Mar 31, 2021
Thank you Abdul for the quick and friendly assistance today! You made the process I was having issues with super clear, and helped me a lot!
Mar 9, 2021
Broker Owner
Abdul did a fantastic job of getting our reviews squared away quickly and easily. He’s very knowledgeable & professional!
Mar 8, 2021
Abdul was quick to respond and take care of my request. Perfectly executed! Thank you!
Feb 10, 2021
Loan Officer Assistant
Mohd was very helpful, and fast with helping with my account service. Helped very quickly, thank you!
Feb 10, 2021
He was very prompt and knowledgeable in answering my questions
Jan 22, 2021
Real Estate Agent
Mohd helped me get started on my first online and print ads and answered all of my questions with patience and competence.
Jan 14, 2021
Admin Asst
He was very helpful as we had several questions. Setting up the Online Ads the first time can be confusing, but he worked with us and made it easier for us. Thanks!
Recommendation received while at SmartZip Account Managers
Jan 11, 2021
Awesome and thank you so much. Simply changing my browser allowed me to take care of my issue. Google Chrome from here on out. Thank you!!!!
Recommendation received while at SmartZip Account Managers
Jan 8, 2021
Executive Administator.
Mohd was great. Super responsive and provided updates, assistance and links to relevant topics of information to complete my request. Thank you for your help!
Recommendation received while at SmartZip Account Managers
Dec 3, 2020
Reverse Loan Consultant
Thank you, thank you, thank you Mohd, you were so patient with me in helping me get a new video up onto my page. And you were very professional and helped me solve the problem. Thank you for your suggestion to use Google Chrome next time, instead of FireFox.
Recommendation received while at SmartZip Account Managers
Nov 30, 2020
Office Manager
Amazing Client service! My email was promptly received and after a follow-up email, Mohd quickly contacted the support team to make sure the technical issue is addressed. Within a couple of hours, the issue was fixed and I was back in business! Thanks so much!!!
Recommendation received while at SmartZip Account Managers
Nov 11, 2020
Solar Sales Advisor
Mr. Vadud was fantastic to work with, he was quick to respond and was able to accommodate my requests easily
Recommendation received while at SmartZip Account Managers
Sep 22, 2020
Mortgage Broker
Awesome job! Quickly responded to my request, exceeding expectations.
Recommendation received while at SmartZip Account Managers
Aug 25, 2020
Mohammed Was extremely helpful in setting up my account and Advertising. He helped me in detail about ads, targeting audience, marketing reports, Page optimization, and Analytics. Thank you so much
Recommendation received while at SmartZip Account Managers

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