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Dec 16, 2019

Monica Ma recommends Amy Kong

Aroma Therapist

Amy is a very responsible lady with great taste.
She helped us refurbish our house with a very reasonable budget, then, helped us sell the house in a very good price.
I'm really grateful and I appreciate her professionalism .
Dec 11, 2019

Anonymous recommends Tina Wong


She helped us to find the good one and has a lot of patience. Thanks Tina!
Oct 28, 2019

Carlos Enrique Wu recommends Tina Wong


I was introduced to Tina Wong by my commercial real estate contacts that are veterans in the industry. And after a couple of meetings, I could see why out all residential real estate brokers, I was specifically introduced to her. Tina does not just want to close a deal, but she has spent time and effort to understand my situation and my wife's situation before she gave us her opinion and her suggestions. Once me and my wife figured what type of property to purchase, Tina was immensely helpful at browsing for options, giving through insight opinion on property characteristics, and educating me and my wife on every step of a real estate transaction. I finally had a chance to close on the purchase of my property, and I am very happy with all the help that Tina has been able provide through this process, and I would definitely ask for her help on my future real estate transactions.
Oct 22, 2019

Kathleen C. recommends Tina Wong

Tina is very knowledgeable of the market and the processes involved in home-buying, selling, and leasing. It was a long process of finding a home which Tina patiently and diligently worked through with us, and once we finally entered into contract, she helped negotiate a good price.

Tina is responsive and does not dismiss any of your concerns but addresses each and every one of them, even if they might be of the nervous-home-buyer variety.

I would work again with Tina and would recommend her to my friends
Oct 5, 2019

Warren Deng recommends Randy Quan

Warren Deng

Highly recommended, gave full explanation and work with me the entire time,5 stars!
Sep 29, 2019

Felix C Chen recommends Amy Kong


Amy helped me find and exchanged a property into Mt Vw 6 years ago and managed for me since then. I found her not only professional but also friendly, always think from your point of view and find ways to accommodate or explain why not. She always present in a way that is natural, pleasant that every logically person cannot refuse.

Recently, I decided to exchange into Seattle Area, she flew up to help me selected the final properties and explained why, again immensely pleasant and helpful. Totally go out of her way to help. We end up not just a broker/customer relationship but a life time friend!

Amy also helped my Bay Area friends out by pointing out the correct investment strategy forward in property. She is not to get financial reward but care about doing the right thing. In conclusion, I give 100% thumbs up in recommending her.
Jul 26, 2019

simon zhu recommends Randy Quan


I highly recommend Randy to anyone looking to purchase a home. I had absolutely no experience with the purchasing process and he guided me through every step. he went above and beyond to find me my absolute dream home, he has tons of connections and even got the neighbors to help recommend me! There is no way I would have been able to get such a great place without he .

It can be really intimidating trying to enter the Bay Area housing market because there's so much competition but if you have Randy on your side, you're already way ahead of everyone else. he was really attentive and patient and answered every question I had right away. he never seemed annoyed at my constant e-mails about different places, which was very reassuring! Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better agent.

thank you Randy
Jul 25, 2019

Edwin Feng recommends Tina Wong

Managing Director of Private Bank

Being a professional in the financial industry for last 20 years, I have a high expectation for those helping me. And Tina definitely raised the bar in this complex sell/buy transaction. Knowledgeable, detail oriented, flexible in meeting client needs/wants, and ability to deliver were just few highlights of her expertise. Beyond resolving all the complexities and issues arisen from the real estate side of the transaction, Tina also played an effective, critical role in our financing. I am sure one can always find a real estate agent claiming to complete the transaction with cheaper cost; however, if you want to have the job done right, Tina is your answer.
Jul 1, 2019

Heng Gu recommends Amy Kong

Amy is a very resourceful and experienced agent
Jun 26, 2019

Larry Ngan recommends Tina Wong

My wife and I can't fully describe how terrificTina had been in making sure we found and secured our dream home. She was a true gem helping and guiding us through the whole process of the house purchase. Showing prospective orioerties, pointing out the pros and cons and value, or lack of, of each. She made sure she understood our needs and wants and worked tirelessly on finding the right place for us.
You can't go wrong with Tina working with you.

May 24, 2019

Christine Lam recommends Tina Wong

Tina was really easy to work with. She was very knowledgeable and professional, and guided us through the entire process. She was very thorough when explaining things to us and always made sure we were comfortable and understood all the details. Tina was also extremely responsive! She was always available to answer all of our questions, and would even meet us last minute to tour a house. We would absolutely recommend her and would definitely be using her again in the future!
Apr 16, 2019

Nick Ball recommends Amy Kong

Lead Data Scientist

My wife worked with Amy when she bought her previous condo in San Bruno and we worked with her again to purchase our current condo in Millbrae. Amy is great to work with because she combines detailed knowledge of the market and neighborhoods on the peninsula with always quick responsiveness. So when activities are time-critical like purchasing a condo, you have someone on your side who will help you get everything done.
Apr 10, 2019

David Copperman recommends Amy Kong

Senior Project Manager

After interviewing half a dozen brokers, I felt that Amy knew the North Beach / Chinatown market, had a feel for the pulse of the neighborhood and the demographics who might want to live there. My condo being set back from the street yet in a lively neighborhood offered positives and negatives to selling and I needed an agent who exuded confidence she could sell, not just quoting me statistics for other easier sales. Her personality is no BS, straight to the point, honest to a fault. I respected her bluntness, and she gave me what I consider correct advice the whole way. When I asked her to push she pushed and when she told me to adjust, I listened. I would recommend Amy 100%. Thank you!
Mar 13, 2019

Keval Nguyen recommends Amy Kong

IT Professional

Amy is a fantastic and professional Realtor who really put your needs on top of the list. From pre listing to listing to closing, Amy offered sound advice and was there to help resolve every issues that came up. Amy took on a lot of tasks so that I didn't have to handle myself. I feel that Amy truly represented me as the Seller and is always looking out for my benefits. I don't think it could have gone better than it did. The condo was sold in 45 days after first contact. Thanks to Amy! I highly recommend Amy for anyone needing representation in a Real Estate transaction.
Mar 11, 2019

Kevin Ma recommends Wayne Ho

Wayne is an amazing realtor. He always puts the client first and makes sure they're happy at every stage. He has an incredible wealth of real estate knowledge and moves swiftly to get you what you need and when. He's proactive and you know you can always rely on him. Thank you Wayne!
Dec 26, 2018

Kanthima Sripinyo recommends Tina Wong

Tina Wong is a fantastic agent! She was very patient, kind, and knowledgeable. We were so happy with her services. Thanks for everything !!!
Nov 23, 2018

Xavier Tsang recommends Tina Wong

Home Seller

Tina Wong and her associates at Realty World Advanced Group have been our number choice over the years. Tina has helped my family and I to buy and sell multiple properties, and we are very satisfied each and every single time. Tina is very detail oriented, professional, and gets things done. She is highly recommended.
Nov 7, 2018

Cecilia santiago recommends Amy Kong


Great real estate broker. Highly recommended for her expertise in real estate businer
Nov 4, 2018

P. Hung recommends Randy Quan

Business owner

Randy is very professional and knowledgeable, always listen to what we need and provide us with a good choice, I would definitely refer him to my family and friends.
Oct 26, 2018

Ada Hoi Ki Ho recommends Amy Kong

She finds comparable price around so you can decide how much to offer.
Also she helps with reading the disclosure and understanding of it. She points out any issue or problem the disclosure have on the property.
Oct 1, 2018

Calvin recommends Amy Kong


Amy is reliable and responsive during our selling process. It has met our expectation and beyond. She would be someone I would refer.
Aug 17, 2018

Alex Kwan recommends Sadie Wong

Business Owner

Thank you for all of your time and effort at making the sale a little easier. Your knowledge, encouragement, patience, understanding and kind words helped in this trying time. You are an asset to this trade and shows that you love your job...really appreciate everything you did.
Jul 30, 2018

Elvia Olvera recommends Amy Kong


Hi my name is Elvia Olvera in she just sold the house for us everything was fast smooth we didn't have any problem and I will recommend .
Jul 24, 2018

Scott Yen recommends Jessie Xie

We are very fortunate to have Jessie help us purchasing our investment property. She's very thorough and organized throughout the process. Jessie is very proactive to communicate with the seller agent, which helped us greatly in getting our offer accepted in this competitive market. We are very pleased to get her further help in our remodeling need. We highly recommend Jessie for her professional service and dedication to clients.
Jun 30, 2018

George lee recommends Tina Wong

Tina Wong was very helpful in each step of selling the home. From obtaining various vendors in assisting with almost all aspects of getting the house ready for sale. Thank you.

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